Chapter 371: Bloodletting

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Even though I couldn’t get a clear look at what it was that Meisian threw over, I could clearly see the joy on Gaiuz’s face, like he was a pet that had just received a treat from his master. “Is this a present?”

“You could say that… it’s actually used to…”

“Thank you, little sister, I’ll treasure it forever.” Without even waiting for Meisian to finish speaking, Gaiuz had already broken out in tears of joy. “weep… my little sister is just too good to me… I’m so touched… weep

‘I’m sure she is…she treats you so well that she wants to drain your blood… for health reasons, of course.’

With regards to his overreaction, Meisian could only roll her eyes in exasperation. “Idiot, at least have a look at what it is first.”

weep As long as it’s from my little sister, I will always treasure it…”

“And I’m trying to tell you to have a look at it first. It’s for you to use, not treasure!”

Just by how shrill she sounded, I could tell that she was at wit’s end.

“For using?”

Gaiuz paused for a second, then turned his eyes towards the object that Meisian tossed over. It was a needle attached to a cylindrical instrument. Just based on that, he could roughly tell what his little sister had in mind when she threw that to him.

Gaiuz scratched his head in confusion then asked, “Little sister, this seems to be an instrument for bloodletting.”

“That’s right, it’s to drain your blood.” Meisian rolled her eyes once more in disdain then turned over to Masrow. “Well, what are you waiting for?!”

“Do it!” Masrow was the first one to act. Like an arrow, he rushed up to Gaiuz’s Elemental Segregation Platform, then with a firm paw, held Gaiuz down.

Gaiuz had brought over a number of his own guardcats for this trip. Other than a dozen or so Four-stars and Five-stars, he even had two Six-star elder cats with him. Unfortunately, there were just too many elders on Masrow’s side. Under normal circumstances, there was no way they would ever stand a chance. In the blink of a cat’s eye, his entourage was subdued.

“Little sister… what’s the meaning of this? Don’t tell me you wish to force me to marry you?” Despite being restrained, Gaiuz’s brain seemed to be just as lively as ever with its delusions. “If my little sister wants to marry me, she just has to ask, I definitely won’t resist…”

“Shut it!” Meisian leaped down onto Gaiuz’s Elemental Segregation Platform. Then with a long wind up of her cat paws, she gave a resounding pair of slaps on his face. “Is your brain even working right?”

“That’s right. My brain isn’t working at all. If it was normal,would I ever love my little sister so much?!” As he said that, one could almost see the burning desire in his eyes. “I love you more than anything in this world…little sister, give your older brother another slap, it’s been so long since he felt your body…please, just a few more…”

“Pervert!” She furiously wiped the paw she used to slap him with on the platform, as if Gaiuz himself was a transmittable disease.

Either way, whether or not he loved her didn’t change the fact that Gaiuz was both a moron and had a screw loose in his head. Siscons truly couldn’t be treated as people.

Not Sasani, of course…not Sasani.

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“Little sister, just one more slap, don’t show mercy because I’m your older brother…”

“Die, you pervert!”

Even though Gaiuz had poured his heart out to Meisian, the truth was that she was on the verge of exploding already. She couldn’t even be bothered to give him another look, let alone smack him. With a flip of her tiny cat body, she leapt back onto her own platform then made it ascend back up. Before leaving, she left behind these words, “Masrow, go drain his blood. As long as he doesn’t die, it’s fine.”

“Understood.” Masrow dutifully accepted the command, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he happily accepted the command.

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said of the two elder cats accompanying Gaiuz. Their duty was to protect Gaiuz. Should they allow him to just be drained of blood right in front of them, they could forget about ever finding another job in this cat world.

“No…” With no choice but to watch as Meisian left him, and with a decidedly eager Masrow sharpening his needle, Gaiuz finally realised how much trouble he was in right now. He immediately started wailing like a newborn cat. “I don’t want to have my blood drained… save me… elders, save me…”

Hearing Gaiuz cry out for them like that, the two elder cats he brought over vigorously tried to break free of Meisian’s elders. However, was there any cat who understood an elder more than another elder? Upon realising that these two elder cats were about to try and mount a daring rescue of their master, he tossed a look at his other elders. Perhaps it was because of their long years together as card buddies, his elders immediately understood what he meant without saying a word. Out of nowhere, the elders under him took out a bunch of black cards and tossed them in front of Gaiuz’s two elders.

The moment those black cards hit the ground with a cling, all the cats in the hall were immediately drawn to the source of the clings, even Gaiuz who was just wailing about not wanting to have his blood drained.

“Cards…” Seeing the wobbling cards slowly fall flat on the ground, the color on Gaiuz’s face drained out of him faster than his blood ever could. Clearly, he knew what was about to happen.

“We’re just playing cards here. We don’t know what’s happening at all.” Masrow’s elder cats were the first to break the silence with what seemed like an indirect attempt at persuading them to surrender. And… it worked…

“Sure, sure. It has been more than a day already since we last played cards. I swear, any longer and I would kill myself.”

“Well, now that we have cards, you don’t have to.”

Just as expected, Gaiuz’s two elder cats promptly expressed their intention to choose cards over cat. Where did their sudden burst of bravery go? For them to be bribed by just a deck of cards…could their loyalty be any cheaper? Really, was there even anything I could say at this point?

“Mama, these kitties are just the best.” At this point, all my little baby needed was popcorn and this little comedy would be complete.

It turned out that Jeerah was just as entertained by this sight as Mo Na. As that thick needle slowly went past his thighs and up to a certain region, one thing became clear. This instrument wasn’t just an instrument to drain blood -it was an instrument to drain blood rectally. Absolutely delicious…

“Blasted Masrow… I swear once I get out of this, you’re gonna get it…oww… don’t be so rough…”

“!&*(5! You’re definitely doing this on purpose!”

“An accident… nothing but an accident. Oops, so sorry there, I think I missed again…”

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