Chapter 351: This Isn’t a Melon Competition, Thank You Very Much

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Let’s just leave the Psychic Enthrallment aside for now, shall we? In your current situation, I would say your best choice is to have a talk with us.” I paused for a second, looking straight into her eyes with a serious expression. “I do not like using force.”

Having just escaped from her psychic influence, I wasn’t feeling particularly cross about what she did. Though she could influence me with her Psychic Enthrallment, her influence wasn’t thorough. Should she try that again, I would only need an instant to break out of it.

“Alright, alright. What do you want to talk about, you genderless… Fallen Angel? Devil?” Jeerah waved her in an offhand, annoyed fashion before smiling. “Well, whoever you are, I should thank you first for saving me. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be off then.”

Having said that, Jeerah turned around and barked at the Flame Demon Child she had just stepped on. “Get up already and stop playing dead, it’s time for us to leave.”

“Yes… Mistress Jeerah.”

The Flame Demon Child hastily climbed to her feet, not even bothering to pat off the dirt on her body before she ran off towards the golems. She stuck her into the golem ring holding the rest of the low level Devils and called out. “Well, don’t just stand there you potatoes. Mistress Jeerah wants us to leave right this instant. Get moving.”

Yet the low level Devils didn’t move according to her instructions. That was because the golems had swiftly cut off any avenue of escape for them in a few booming footsteps… that included Jeerah and her Devils as well.

“Leave? Did Mo Na say you can leave? Did Mama ever say you can leave?!” Mo Na flapped her way up to my shoulders, plopping her butt down safely before peering down at a now hostile looking Jeerah. “Go on, leave then. Mo Na wants to see you try and leave. That’s if you can.”

It turned out that as Jeerah and that Flame Demon Child were busy with their little skit, Mo Na had already given orders to the golems. She knew that I wouldn’t let them off the hook so easily, thus she made the right choice in my stead.

Should the golems make a move, they would undoubtedly attract the attention of Jeerah. In practise, Mo Na had no intention of hiding their actions anyway. As long as she was quick enough, the golems could easily trap them.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Even though this was the first time Jeerah ever saw a golem, she could tell by their appearance that they were a formidable battle strength. If she was smart, she would choose prudence, avoiding any unnecessary conflict with us.

At least, that was what logically would happen. But the expression Jeerah had on right now really worried me. I could see the veins on her temple popping as she tried to restrain her anger. “You wish to finish us off then?”

“Mistress Jeerah, those golems…” Worried that Jeerah’s temper might just set off an unsalvageable fight, the Flame Demon Child hurriedly whispered in her ears about what she saw up till now.

Lest one forgot, the golems were capable of stomping on those Warhorses; that wasn’t a strength that Jeerah and her Devils could fight against. In a fight, the golems were also immune to any psychic attacks, meaning her Psychic Enthrallment was completely useless. Adding on the fact that each golem had at least the strength of Six-stars…only a single golem was enough to massacre Jeerah and her devils.

Having finished hearing that explanation, Jeerah’s entire face changed colors, going through a whole spectrum of colors that I couldn’t help but find amusing.

Honestly, she could have already guessed that I wasn’t someone to mess with based on how I scared away Warwraith. It was just that I didn’t show any sign of hostility at first, and even brought her Flame Demon Child to her. I was her savior, not that Flame Demon Child. Yet, I was immediately greeted with a terribly rude gift.

She had probably done that out of habit, to disastrous effect. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that she had made a move against me first. In that case, it was only rightful that she be prepared for my counterattack.

“What are you trying to achieve here?” She asked in a last ditch attempt at negotiation. She knew that there was now no escape from the golems.

“Be my subordinates.”

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My terms were simple, I wanted her under my command, and I had every intention of employing her for important tasks. Naturally, all that was predicated on her truly swearing loyalty to me.

“Alright.” Without even thinking, she immediately agreed to my demands.


Her straightforward acceptance threw me off-guard for a moment. I initially thought that she would hesitate for a while more. Still, since she was willing, she had to show me some sincerity. “Give me a portion of your soul.”

“A soul pact?”

This time, it was Jeerah’s turn to be stunned. She probably never expected that I would ask for her soul in such a direct manner.

“That’s right, a soul pact. Some consider it a slave pact as well. Call it what you want, my demand is simple, give me a portion of your soul.”

“Impossible!” Jeerah glared at me. Her face turned a further beet red, even with her already pinkish skin, as she yelled. “I can become your subordinate, but I won’t enter into a soul pact with you!”

“So you won’t cooperate then? Have you considered what the consequences are for rejecting me?”

“No matter what, I will never give you a shard of my soul…”

With regards to the soul pact, Jeerah seemed a lot more resistant than I had expected.

I couldn’t help but get a little curious. “Why won’t you sign the soul pact? Even though you might lose your freedom after signing it, you should know what would happen if you refuse me. Is there any point to your freedom if you’re dead? Besides, I’m not going to make you do anything overboard, I just want a guarantee of your loyalty.”

“Why should I?” Unconvinced by my persuasion, Jeerah puffed out her well-endowed chest and sneered. “If I’m not mistaken, you’re just a Four-stars. And I’m a Five-stars. Why would I ever submit to a master weaker than me? I admit that your forces are strong, but in a one on one fight, there’s no guarantee you will win either.”

‘I think I’ve just been belittled…’

“So that’s what this is about, Mo Na thought you were trying to compare bust sizes with Mama.” Ever not on the same wavelength as me, the Mo Na F.M tuned in just to give me a slightly shocked look before staring back at the decidedly lethal melons hanging on Jeerah’s chest. Mo Na shook her head, pursed her lips, then in a voice that only the two of us could hear, said, “If it’s a battle of bust size, Mama is definitely going to lose.”

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