Chapter 350: Jeerah’s Scent

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Having sent away Warwraith, I was about to greet Jeerah when the Flame Demon Child I had just rescued unexpectedly knelt down and began grovelling to Jeerah.

“Mistress Jeerah, I brought reinforcements back… are you alright?”

The Flame Demon Child crawled her way towards Jeerah and reached out for her long, slender legs… ‘Is this the legendary greeting of shoe kissing?’

Yet my question barely lasted a second before Jeerah simply lifted up her feet and mercilessly stepped on the Flame Demon Child’s head, pinning her face to the ground.

With her subordinate still under her foot, Jeerah slightly tilted her head upwards in a queenly fashion, eyes scornfully peering down at the lowly Devil beneath her foot. One of her left fingers seductively caressed her lips as she asked, “If you’re that worried about me, why did you wait that long to come help me just now? You even hid over there till everything was over. Do you think I’m blind?”

From then on, no matter how that Flame Demon Child tried to explain herself, Jeerah simply continued trampling on her till she finally realised that her savior, me, was still standing there…

“Oh, I had almost forgotten. You did bring some reinforcements, didn’t you? I don’t know where you found them but they do seem rather powerful.” Jeerah smiled thinly before actually stepping over that Flame Demon Child’s back and onto the ground. But what really had me riled was that I actually found her sway rather elegant, almost beautiful…

“Be careful, little brother, that girl is about to activate her enthrallment, even though your sister can help you, she still hopes that you can break out of it by yourself.” Ferti’nier reminded me kindly. Yet just as I was stunned by her sudden change of heart, her words regained their usual barbs. “Oh right, your sister almost forgot to mention this but, creatures without a gender have a very strong resistance to enthrallment. So even if she doesn’t do anything, our little brother should be fine.”

‘You’re the one without a gender! Your whole family has no gender!’

Like a pest constantly hiding out in my body, she always knew exactly what to do to anger me half to death.

After that little fit, Ferti’nier suddenly turned serious once more. “That girl’s enthrallment hasn’t been refined yet, else that Flame Demon Child would have already rushed into battle just now, instead of holding back her subordinates and watching from the sidelines.”

Back then, there was in fact a period where we were quite far away from Jeerah. Had the Warhorses chosen to throw all caution to the winds and charge at her, she had a very real chance of dying. This tiny sliver of chance was enough for that Flame Demon Child to begin resisting her enthrallment. Should she be away from Jeerah any longer, she would have actually been able to break free from her control.

Psychic Enthrallment drew its strength from the strength of the caster and the tier of the enthrallment. Naturally, one had to factor in the target’s own resistance.

As an example, one merely had to look at the self-serving actions of that Flame Demon Child. Even though she still saw Jeerah as her master, and even brought reinforcements to help her, her actions at the battlefield proved that she wasn’t truly loyal to Jeerah. If I had to explain why, it would probably be that the Flame Demon Child was only restricted by Jeerah’s enthrallment, having no choice but to serve Jeerah’s interests. Yet there always existed the possibility of that Flame Demon Child suddenly turning on Jeerah. After all, Devils were the very incarnation of chaos and betrayal. Even under enthrallment, they still held the seed of betrayal within them.

Furthermore, this Flame Demon Child had a very simple reason as to why she was resistant -that’s because she was a she… And also, if she were to ever be lucky enough to evolve, she would most likely be awarded the Original Sin blessing of Lust.

As I was mulling over the matter of that Flame Demon Child’s betrayal, Jeerah began to slowly walk closer to me, along with a strong but pleasant smell that only grew stronger. It was the kind of scent that any male would find intoxicating. Even if I was in a genderless state right now, I was still a bonafide male in the end. Thus, I didn’t have much resistance against that scent.

“Fallen Angel?” Jeerah carefully observed me. Her eyes had a hint of sneering pride in them while her mouth curved into a smile. Her voice drew me in with every syllable she enunciated, as if I was being slowly wrapped in a warm embrace.

“Hi…there…” Whether I realised it or not, my words started to stutter, as if I had just fallen in love for the first time ever. Let alone speak, I didn’t even know where to keep my hands or feet. The signature brimstone scent of Purgatory started to smell refreshing. Even the scorching heat of the air began to seem like a cozy radiator, as if all the discomfort in this world was starting to leave me.

I definitely felt that I was under her spell, but why would I ever give up on such a beautiful creature…perhaps I should even propose to her…if she didn’t agree…perhaps I could just force her? Would she be hurt if I did that?

“Get away from my mama!” Mo Na almost immediately sensed my abnormality. She hurriedly flew in between me and Jeerah, arms spread wide open like a mother hen protecting her chick. “You shameless tramp, get away from Mo Na’s mama right this instant!”

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“Mama?” Still in the midst of her enthrallment, Jeerah couldn’t help but be stunned by that. She broke into a sneering grin soon after, fingers pointed directly at me as if I was the source of some joke she just heard. “I actually can’t tell if this esteemed Fallen Angel is a male or female.”

“Of course I’m a male.”

If there was one thing I would never barge on, that was my gender.

After that brief argument between Mo Na and Jeerah, I was awakened from her enthrallment. However, it had to be said that Psychic Enthrallment wasn’t just something that could be used on males. If it was used well, even females would be mesmerised. After all, there existed certain creatures known as oysters, and they were made for slurping!

Jeerah’s enthrallment certainly was powerful, else it wouldn’t have been able to cause the death of over ten Warhorses with the help of her low level Devils.

Based on what I just saw, her medium of enthrallment was her scent. And while it wasn’t at the level of Master Psychic Enthrallment, the fact that she could use her scent in such a way meant that it was only a matter of time before she reached that tier.

“Oh, you actually woke up so fast.”

As the spellcaster, she could clearly tell that I had broken free from her enthrallment and was shocked by the speed at which I did so. At the same time, I was both shocked and alarmed at the fact that she could enthrall me.

‘She’s definitely not just some backbencher…’

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