Chapter 343: The Opening Phase of Conquest

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

‘Hold on a second…since Ferti’nier actually bothered to tell me what the materials are, it meant I actually had the ability to acquire these materials, not merely some cat’s blood. Speaking of ability, wasn’t my ambition to conquer the entire Sable Radiance anyway? Why shouldn’t I just take this chance to clean up any rebel element lurking around?’

With that in mind, we were now back at square one. In order to conquer Sable Radiance, more soldiers were necessary. According to Lucifer’s clone, those of the Devil Overlord level wouldn’t interfere in my conquest, meaning that as long as that held true, all I had to worry about was the number of Eight-stars on the other side. As for my side, the only Eight-stars I could command was that Fallen Angel Golem hidden away in the Gem of Authority.

In other words, that golem was all I had against an unknown number of Eight-stars enemies… I fingered the gem on my necklace, unsure as to whether I should feel happy about owning the gem or not.

To be perfectly honest, even I did not know how strong the Fallen Angel Golem actually was. Neither had I ever seen an Eight-stars fight, so judging how terrifying their destructive ability could be wasn’t possible.

‘Still, if that clone only placed restrictions on Devil Overlords, I can safely assume that whatever I have on hand is enough to conquer Sable Radiance, right?! Logically speaking, the whole reason I’m even worrying about producing golems is to allow the plan after conquering Sable Radiance to proceed smoothly. To do that, I will need a repaired array. To repair that array, I need to gather materials. To gather those materials, I will need to interact with the other races, really, it’s just challenging them at this point…’

‘There’s no way they will ever quietly hand over the materials, especially not the Purgatory Warhorses with whom I had some unpleasant dealings with in the past. So fighting is the only logical option once they reject my request… those Nightmare Steeds are their leaders after all…’

Skipping a material or two wasn’t an option either. Like Gokuh collecting the Seven Dragon Spherical Objects, missing that single spherical object just wasn’t an option, otherwise it would be impossible to summon the Mystical Dragon of Wish Granting. Our array was basically the same, missing a material would spell failure immediately. Yet in spite of all that, Ferti’nier still told me about the materials…1

‘Ferti’nier…Big Sis…do you really think that I have the ability to declare war on the Purgatory Warhorses as I am right now?’

“If it’s just those horses, there’s definitely no problem at all, none at all.” Unexpectedly, her reply was unambiguous, to say the least. “If you’re worried about the Nightmare Steeds and their horses, let me tell you that our forces completely counter theirs.”


“That’s right, completely!” Before that last bit even registered in my mind, Ferti’nier’s enthusiasm came bursting forth. “Just let your Big Sis handle those Nightmare whatevers!’

I was stunned…

‘But if I’m not mistaken, our dear Big Sis can’t even leave my body right now. And even if I let you take control of my body temporarily, you will just end up in another coma due to the mana expenditure…’

“Don’t be so sure. As long as preparations are made beforehand, preventing a Nightmare Steed from drawing you into a dream is all we need to do.” She then launched into a spirited explanation. “A Nightmare Steed’s attacks can be split into four types. The first is their psychic magicks which directly affects a person’s soul. Next, they have their darkness and fire elemental magicks. Lastly, they have their impressive physical prowess. Discounting their physical prowess for now, their strongest attack is their psychic magicks. Yet this strong suit of theirs is nothing before your sister, hee hee…”

Putting aside all her other nonsense, I could tell that she was highly dismissive of a Nightmare’s Steed psychic ability. Wasn’t a Lust Demon’s strong suit also in psychic, fire and darkness magicks? No matter how much Ferti’nier had fallen, she was still a Devil King of the Lust Demon branch…former anyway… With her in my soul, a Nightmare Steed’s strongest attack was basically nullified, so all that was left was…

“All that’s left is to let that golem hanging on our little brother’s neck handle the situation! Come, how about your dear sister let you in on another secret as well… that golem hanging around your neck right now… it has a dimensional gemstone in its chest. Anyone who has the Gem of Authority can simply take shelter inside that space during battle.”

‘Dimensional gemstone? Shelter?! Are you serious?’

‘Are you telling me what’s hiding in my Gem of Authority is not actually a Fallen Angel Golem, but rather an alternate universe’s Gundamn?’

‘Gold! I’ve struck gold! As long as I hide in that golem, I have this feeling that even if their entire race comes charging at me, I will still be safe. Even if I can’t win, I can just run away in the worst case scenario.’

‘So what’s the storage space like in the golem? If it’s big enough, maybe I can bring Mo Na along with me when I go material hunting. Honestly speaking, I’m not too comfortable with leaving Mo Na behind in the palace alone. Even if that’s the safest place, I just can’t settle down unless I have her in my sights. I guess that’s how all parents feel about their kids…’

“Don’t worry, the space inside is huge, you can even bring those two stupid dogs with you if you want, let alone your daughter.”

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‘What do you mean “stupid dogs”? Sinmosa and Sasani are my precious comrades!’

“Hah, comrades. What kind of status do you think they even possess? Do they even have the qualifications to be treated as equals? They are just lowly Hellhounds -their bloodlines aren’t even on the same level as that half-breed white dog that used to follow you around all the time. Their daughter, however, isn’t that bad. Although close kin marriages tend to produce some oddities at times, there are also times when a child of purer bloodlines is produced. Simply put, that little puppy is worth grooming.”

With that said, she added one last comment. “Naturally, that fake daughter of yours isn’t bad either. Even though she’s not up to your level, she has a lot of potential.”

While the way Ferti’nier dismissed my friends simply because of their bloodlines left a bitter taste in my mouth, what caught my attention more was the word “potential”. Rather, what kind of potential was she even referring to? Sometimes, I really wondered how Ferti’nier viewed this daughter of mine…

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  1. Shortened the previous three paragraphs a little since they were basically repeating the first few paragraphs.
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