Chapter 341: Chewing on the Scraps of My Bones

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Mo Na triumphantly pointed her bone club at the Devil pop idols, scaring them into silent submission once more. Most likely satisfied with what she saw, she did a sweeping motion with her club before proudly proclaiming, “All you weaklings, you don’t even fight back when you are hit. If you don’t even have the guts to do that, what makes you think you can win over Mama. Stupid. Mama belongs to Mo Na, it’s one thing if you don’t know that, but it’s another that you do not know how the word death is written. Based on the looks on your faces, I would guess not. How about Mo Na teach you illiterates how to write, huh?!”

The pop idols all had the word “wronged” plastered on their faces. I was sure that every one of them was thinking this: it was because we knew how to write the word death that we didn’t try to fight back… little missy, your parent is just standing right behind you…

Mo Na, on the other hand, couldn’t be prouder as she thumped her bone club against the floor like a practised hoodlum. Still, what the heck did she mean by win over Mama?

“Mo Na!”

“Coming.” My little baby turned around and quickly hid her bone club behind her back before tossing me an innocent smile. “You called, Mama?”

“That clubbing just now wasn’t bad.”

“Is that so? Mo Na thinks so as well.” She raised her head higher at that. “Next time, Mo Na will club an even better clubbing for Mama to see.”

“Alright, but that’s for another time.” I beckoned for Mo Na with a smile. “Come here, Daddy has some words to teach you.”

“Oh? If it’s Devil speak, Mo Na already knows them.” Though she said that, she still obediently cancelled her bone club and flew over into my embrace, pecking me on the face a few times for good measure. “So what is Mama going to teach Mo Na?”

I grabbed her waist with my left hand, and had her back face upwards. Right hand raised up high, I grinned, “ It’s called “overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer”.”

With that said, I gave her tiny butt a tight slap.

With my punishment of Mo Na done, the whole Devil matchmaking incident came to a close. As for those Devils who were beaten to a pulp…I let them stay in the end, for no other reason than to add more population to the capital.

The palace was a huge complex, but because there was hardly anyone living in it now, it was rather desolate. Adding on its rather unique backstory and goth-inspired decor, it almost felt haunted… even though being a Devil myself, there was no way I would ever be afraid of ghosts. Still, I’m not the kind of ruler who liked to be alone. After all, I was already past my middle school lone star phase.

I handed over the pop idols to Big 4 for allocation. Whether it was patrolling or just manual labor, I had no intention of letting them be idle. At the same time, I had Big 4 send a messenger to No.6. Its contents were simple, “Do your job properly.”

With everything settled, I led a troupe out of the capital once more. This time, our aim was to search the east, hopefully we would stumble upon another teleportation zone there.

As usual, I picked out ten Abyssal Winged Golems as bodyguards while bringing along Cinderel and Mo Na. We headed east 150 kilometers from the eastern citygate. There was not much worth writing home about along the way, barring the odd Black Blood Ant nest here and there.

That didn’t deter me however, as I widened our search range… to no avail, except for a few battered golem additions.

Since there were no signs of a teleportation zone nearby, our trip ended up being an exploratory one, with some ant hunting thrown in the mix. While their ant souls were all well and good, soul acquisition wasn’t the only problem we faced in golem production. Another key factor was the internal exoskeleton. No matter what, that required a large enough skeleton, and there clearly weren’t that many, and if at all any, giants in Sable Radiance. While Mo Na did mention that it was possible to create an internal exoskeleton by refining a large number of skeletons together, that required a massive amount of mana to accomplish.

That in itself posed another problem. If one didn’t possess the requisite amount of mana to finish the refining in one sitting, the only other option would be to consume souls as a mana replenishment source. Meaning our soul problem just got doubled…

Such a large amount of souls was nothing to sniff at, regardless of where we were, especially not when we were in a place like Sable Radiance…truly not the best place for souls. So what other method could we employ to replenish our mana? Other than souls, there really wasn’t another method we had on hand that could replenish such a huge amount of mana fast.

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‘Souls… souls… my kingdom for souls… hold on, I think I got something interesting here… just not sure if it will work.’

‘Ferti’nier, Ferti’nier… I have something urgent I need to consult you about.’ I called out in my head several times but there was no response. At least, that was so till I used the magic words of Big Sis.

“My adorable little brother, how can your big sister help you today?”

‘Sigh… I just knew she wouldn’t let go of that matter so easily, at least not till she’s done chewing on the scraps of my bones. This she-devil here is definitely not someone I should ever marry, ever, otherwise I can kiss any hopes of being on top goodbye.’

“Hohohoho, when did our little brother start liking his big sis. What an unexpected surprise, your sister over here had no idea, even though she had always been in your soul all this while. All this sudden talk of marriage…your sister still isn’t ready yet.”

‘Hey, that’s enough out of you, blasted she-devil, as if anyone would be mad enough to propose to you!?’

“Huh? What was that just now then?” She continued teasing me. “Why were you thinking about being dominated by your sister for life then? Don’t tell me you plan on skipping town after all you’ve done? Who knew that our little brother was such an irresponsible Devil… so that was just a fling, nothing more? What about the word responsibility? And besides, I’m pretty sure our little brother doesn’t even have a pee pee to have a fling with!”

‘Curses…how did my pee pee get dragged into this again? Also, don’t tell me my pee pee is forever going to be my sore spot… let me tell you, if I ever grow it back, the first thing I’ll do is reform your body, then pounce on you, and bleep whatever SM bleep. No matter what, I’m going to be the one on top!’

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