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Chapter 839: Matters of the Territory (12)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Ansom’s barbed words were finally taking effect on the blonde noble. His smile stiffened, and his cheeks flushed red, as if a surge of emotions were trying to rush out of him like a volcano but couldn’t.

Unfortunately, there was no volcanic catharsis to be had here. He knew he couldn’t offend me, not even my adjutant. Because he was the emissary of a defeated kingdom.

In just a few seconds alone, his face went through the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

“Very well, I shall take my leave. But, my lord, I hope you will at least have a look at this.” Crondo handed over a rectangular red chest to Ansom before leaving. “I will await your reply in the meantime; I’ve been instructed not to leave till my lord has given me an answer.”

Ansom did not immediately take the chest. Instead, he turned around and looked in my direction. Only after seeing me nod that he took the chest from the noble. “Now, would you be so kind as to leave?”

“Indeed.” This time, he well and truly left the room, though, his stubbornness was an eye-opener. For a noble to stoop this low -he was an interesting fellow, for sure.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that this was the true aim of his delegation, not peace. Anywho, let’s have a look at that chest.

“Hand me the chest.”


Ansom carefully handed over the chest with both hands.

I casually flicked open the latch, and immediately I was assaulted by a faint fragrance of flowers.

The chest contained a neatly rolled up sheepskin scroll. At the sides were piles of red flower petals -the source of that fragrance.

It had been two months since the delegate team came to Andassis. Normal plants wouldn’t be able to survive that long without wilting; the petals even seemed like they had just been plucked off their stalks.

Clearly, this wasn’t any old box. It had to be an expensive luxury good that could retain freshness.

And are those… rose petals?

Suddenly, I could feel a cold wind blow across the room; I definitely should not let anyone else other than me see the scroll.

Right this very moment, Ansom was already on the tips of his toes, craning his neck to have a peek at what was inside. I needed to act, and quickly.

“Ansom, get me some snacks, I wish to take a break.”

“I… Understood.” He clearly didn’t wish to leave, but he did so anyway. He was probably thinking how this should be done by a maidservant instead, but he still complied.

It was only after I heard the door close behind him that I could finally take a deep breath. And with trepidation in my heart, I opened up the scroll.

“My fair Lady Mo Na, I am the king of Ertalon, Ertalon the Ninth. Perhaps what I have to say may leave you in a difficult spot, but I fear I am no longer able to control the thunderous beating of my heart. Ever since I laid eyes on the fair portrait of Lady Mo Na… Scarcely a day has not gone by that I did not spend hours standing before your heavenly visagely, staring into your alluring eyes. Every second spent without you is like a knife to my heart…”


I scrunched up the offending piece of sheepskin, lighting it up with fire.

To think it was a marriage proposal… that’s even worse than those guys who just asked for a date…

“Ohohoho, what a fine partner you’ve found as well. Our little brother’s charm is truly in a class of its own.”

Ferti’nier, isn’t this your face to begin with? And can we talk about something else…

Just shameful… and it’s the enemy’s king as well…

“That’s just how powerful your charm is.”

Watch it!

“Fine, fine. Your big sis won’t bully you any longer. But it wasn’t just flower petals and a scroll hiding in that box. If your big sis isn’t wrong, the scroll was going to mention a dowry of seven or eight epic-grade items. We could always accept the proposal, and just renege on it once they send the items over.”

I’m sorry, I value my dignity more than those treasures.

“As if a person pretending to be his daughter has any dignity left to speak of. How about you just accept reality, you have nothing left to lose anyway!”

Hey. The situation was dire back then, and that was the first name that came to mind.

“And this is what? The second time you’ve used Mo Na in the human realm?”


By the time Ansom returned with a stray full of sweetmeats and tea, he found a very depressed-looking lord behind his desk.

“Commander?” He asked out of concern for the aura of defeat radiating visibly from my body. Immediately, his brain went into overdrive thinking what manner of disaster was inflicted upon me while he was gone.

“Are you all right? You seem under the weather…”

“I’m fine…” I waved my hands somewhat listlessly. However, the next I spoke up, it was with force. “Tell those delegates this, get out. That’s my answer”


In the end, I couldn’t tell if Ansom passed my words verbatim, or if he told them in a more diplomatic manner. Regardless, they left within the hour.

—— Royal Capital of Seeth ——

Andassis the Seventh was currently enjoying the flowers in his garden with his personal maidservant, Missiger. He had originally wanted to spend some time with Redleaf, but without Mo Ke in the capital, the she-elf was less than happy to meet him. In her own words, she did not want to meet with the culprit for Nana’s absence.

Thus the king could only tour the gardens with his maidservant… Even so, he was in good spirits; he had already expected to be rejected anyway…

Ever since Mo Ke showed his prowess by slaying those three overlords, and repelling the enemy forces in the process, his mood couldn’t be any better… at least till a minute ago when Missiger received a message through her communication crystal…

“Your Majesty, the Ertalonese delegates have been spotted staying in Lady Mo Na’s estate for three days. They’ve declared that they won’t leave unless she meets with them… However, Lady Mo Na chased them away shortly after meeting with their leader…”

Missiger dutifully reported the contents of the message to her employer.

“So that Ertalon fellow finally can’t control himself?”

No one answered him. Missiger merely lowered her head in response.

“Seems like that little lesson wasn’t enough…” His eyes sparkled with the dangerous glint of a predator.


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