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Chapter 835: Matters of the Territory (8)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Oh. Nana is still awake, I see. Working is important, but too much work is bad for your health as well -do take some rest.”

Meister Belud raised his log-like arm and waved at me. Overly casual as usual, his mannerisms couldn’t help but elicit a wry smile from me. “Meister, don’t tell me you’re back again for a movie?”

“Yup. This old beard over here was thinking just that… Fine, fine. The main reason is young Amori has something to discuss, the movie is just an afterthought.” Belud pointed at the human meister beside him. “How about you two have your discussion while I watch my movie, split the workload, and all that.”

“Belud, setting up our new base of operations is important, we need your input as well. Don’t go wandering off on your own, especially not for trivial matters…”

“Fine, fine. Work first, play later; I get it. Now, stop nagging, my ears aren’t getting younger.”

Amori practically beamed at the dwarf when he heard that his admonishment actually worked, much to the chagrin of the dwarf, who stamped his feet quietly in frustration. “Well, everyone’s listening now, don’t waste Nana’s time!”

“Ahem. Lady Mo Na, I just contacted His Majesty via a communication crystal…”

Amori quickly recapped the situation before getting into the details.

According to him, in the time that I was meeting with Otto, Amori had explained the lack of facilities in my territory, with regards to our magitek research. Surprisingly enough, the King wasn’t put off by the delay in development of the second generation of magitek knights. Instead, he eagerly offered more investment to develop manufacturing facilities for us.

With that simple explanation out of the way, Amori suggested I pick an empty location for the future research and manufacturing of the magitek knights.

An easy task, really. I simply threw one of my many empty plots of land on the outskirts of the city to Meister Amori. Any further work would be handled by the man himself. His Majesty promised to send the resources needed post haste.

Finally, I sent the two meisters on their way, one significantly happier than the other; it was the short one who was unhappy, clearly. But looking back at the conversation we just had, I couldn’t help but profess my absolute shock at this turn of events

Did His Majesty even understand the implication of what he just did? Has the stress finally gotten to him? By investing so much into my territory, wouldn’t that mean my territory would be the future hub of all magitek-related matters? My territory. Not his. Barring the usual tax collecting, he really has no say over the matters of my territory. If I wanted to, the benefits I could pocket were huge -is the King really all right in his head?

“Of course, he is. He is brilliant, in fact.”

Ferti’nier’s voice suddenly rang in the void of my mind.

Sis, what’s your take on this?

“Little brother, have you forgotten about your identity?”


“Other than being the lord of Kesek and the main architect of the magitek knights, you are also the Knight-commander of the kingdom’s magitek knight corps. This knight corp would obviously become a unit under the control of the king once the war is over, and sooner or later, you would have to take up your post back in the capital. That human king mentioned this when he gave you this territory.”

I think you’re right…

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“Once you take up your post, the territory would naturally pass onto someone else to govern. At that point, your power over this land would be close to zero.”

So whatever I’m doing now is pointless.

“Not entirely, at least, little brother, you’re leaving behind a good name for yourself. This will be beneficial when you have to rule the humans in the future.”

Wait. What? I never said I wanted that.

“Other than that, having the site of the magitek production in Kesek would allow for a much easier invasion into Ertalon when the time is right. Resources wouldn’t have to be wasted transporting those armors to the frontlines if they were already on the frontlines.”

Couldn’t they just teleport the armors over.

“Please, have you ever considered how much money would be spent trying to accomplish that?”

And moving it physically?

“Would take too long. The chances of discovery would increase significantly.”

I… So what you’re saying is that my territory is basically the bridgehead for his future invasion?

“That’s absolutely right.”

Just based on the fact that he placed the manufacturing here?

“And other factors, like those supplies you received.”


“You’ve been receiving non-stop shipments of rations for these past two days. Even taking into account the rate of refugees coming into your territory, the food should last three months.”

That’s right. My warehouses already have enough food to solve the refugee crisis, but Andassis the Seventh hasn’t stopped sending me more. You would think our entire population has gone without food for days at the rate he’s sending the food.

“Yes. And any sane person would look for an avenue for revenge after being attacked like that.”

Probably. I know I would be mad if someone invaded me for no rhyme or reason. If I don’t get a satisfactory explanation, I would go get one myself.

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“As the saying goes, wherever the supplies go, the soldiers are sure to follow. That human king has already laid the groundwork and is merely waiting for an opportunity.”

So soon? Right after the entire north of his kingdom was savaged?

“Little brother, did you think he was merely trying to seek revenge? No. He wishes to invade and conquer the entire Ertalon!”

Invade? Conquer?

“What better time, when he has a sharp spear like you in his arsenal. In fact, he probably made some moves already; why else would those conniving nobles be so willing to offer up compensation and gifts to him? To the outside world, you are the king’s man. With a legitimate reason in hand, and with a powerful weapon like you that can turn the tables in an instant, there are only massive benefits to be gained.”

Huh. I guess I do look like the king’s loyal spear when you put it that way.



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