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Chapter 836: Matters of the Territory (9)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Having considered all the factors, the king’s actions seemed to make so much more sense. Andassis the Seventh could be said to be at the peak of his power right now. A single word from him, and no noble would dare defy his command. What better time than now to invade?

So the invasion is set in stone then?

“Naturally, with a casus belli as strong as his, no other kingdom would dare object should he send his army across. And if he doesn’t respond in kind, that would just make him seem weak to the other kings.”

That is true… even I would do the same in his shoes, else I can’t hold my head up high in the future.

After that quick discussion with Ferti’nier, I was beginning to understand the king’s internal machinations.

Even so, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of aversion to the idea of internal conflict amongst the humans. After all, the devils were on the verge of their invasion with the undead.

But saying all that was pointless now. We had long past the point of a peaceful resolution, and Ertalon’s surprise invasion suited my aims just fine.

Sigh, as if in-fighting ever solved anything… Troops still have to be trained; technologies have to be implemented… so many things to do before the devil invasion. Fighting a devil isn’t the same as fighting a human, so whatever experience these troops gained isn’t even relevant.

But maybe I can find some way to delay him? After all, despite all this talk of war, it is still in the planning phases. It might not happen, not yet, anyway. I can still use this opportunity to have these two kingdoms prepare for war, while delaying the actual fighting till the apocalypse happens. That way, the two of them will be the most prepared of the humans.

A short while before dinner, my young adjutant was back from sending Otto off.

The plan was proceeding accordingly, by his own report. Hearing that, I nodded my head and prepared to finish the last bit of paperwork before dinner. However, he suddenly interrupted me.

“Commander, did you forget to bring up the matter of refugee employment to Otto?”

Crap… I did not… I need to think of an excuse, quick! At the very least, I can’t let a subordinate who worships me so deeply see me falter like this. That would be the end of my image!

“Ahem.” I quickly recovered, to the point where Ansom questioned if that momentary look of shock was nothing but a figment of his imagination.

“That was all on purpose.”

“On purpose? Commander?”

I tapped my finger against the table at that point, attracting young Ansom’s attention for a split second, buying me precious time to spin another tale. And also to make it seem more mysterious.

“Oh! Commander, do you mean to test his loyalty?”

“You could say that, but not entirely.” I stopped tapping the table. “I was testing Otto. To see if he demonstrates any level of initiative. A spy would undoubtedly be very eager about proving his worth and earning my trust. Would they not?”

“So Mr. Otto is a spy sent to infiltrate us?”

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“Probably not, but he still requires more observation.”

“I see… Commander. You’ve once again opened my eyes with your wisdom!”

“Enough! Rather than flattery, you should be spending your time on work!” I chided the boy, but honestly, I was just so embarrassed by his praise for my utter nonsense.

“Yes, Commander!”

Phew… at least that crisis is averted. Still. If Otto doesn’t fix that problem, I need to remind him.

Maybe, not today… but definitely the next time we meet.

Also, I hope Ansom doesn’t develop some strange bias against Otto… Whelp, we will have to see when they next meet. Either way, it’s not my fault!

——-The Next Day———–

As luck would have it, Otto proved himself a capable subordinate once more. On the morning of the next day, he came knocking on my door.

When I received him, he handed me a document named, the Refugee Employment Plan. It contained a contract for employing the refugees. On it were terms that I help them with employment, providing housing and food in exchange.

In order to fulfill these pledges, Otto planned on hiring mages who specialized in Earth magicks to construct these buildings.

Those who chose to stay in these accommodations would pay a low, subsidized rate. Plus they would be afforded a job to work in. After a year of working and paying rent, they would be awarded that house automatically.

Honestly, that’s a pretty sweet deal…

In Otto’s own words, this would demonstrate the lord’s generosity.

Generosity aside, a stable life would incentivise them to stay in Kesek permanently, and make these refugees easier to govern. There was nothing a hungry man wouldn’t do to feed his stomach… Although… a fed man often wasn’t a working man… Just terrible. Honestly, these humans. Technically, I’m one of them too…

After sending off Otto, Old Adam came to me with a surprising bit of news.

The Ertalonese had sent a delegation, claiming to be a diplomatic mission. They wished to borrow my teleportation gate to the capital.

I contacted the capital for confirmation and found that they were expected. I let the delegation pass without meeting them.

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It wasn’t surprising that the Ertalonese would send a delegation now. Wars were national matters, and if one couldn’t win, then they had to negotiate. Yet it was a different matter whether or not the victor would accept this surrender, however.



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