Chapter 822: Epilogue (16)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The first year of our glorious cult. The Goddess Ke Ke Cult was founded by the five great cardinals. The head cardinal, the esteemed First Cardinal Duanmu Xinqing. The second cardinal, Second Cardinal Qiaoqiao. The third cardinal, Third Cardinal Duanmu Bitong. The fourth cardinal, Fourth Cardinal Youqin Lixiang. And the last and youngest cardinal, Fifth Cardinal Qiao Jiaojiao.

The hierarchy of the cult was simple. The five cardinals managed the entirety of the cult. Below that were the cities that had at least a single cathedral dedicated to the Goddess. The ones in charge of these cathedrals were the bishops, and beneath them were the executives, the lowest managerial rank in the cult, and in charge of the daily work that went into running a cult.

Beneath the executives were the attendants -basically the priests in a fantasy world church. The daily sermons were handled by these attendants. They are the initiate tier of the Goddess Ke Ke Cult.

Beneath them are the faithful, though everyone in the cult is a faithful, even the cardinals. Yet even the faithful have their own rankings. There were those known commonly as the fanatics, these were the faithful who had chosen to devote their entire life to the Goddess.

Amongst the fanatics, the rate of awakening is the highest. Those who awaken an ability through their faith were known as the Divine Awakened.

—- The History of the Cult of Goddess Ke Ke.

“Ahh… this new game is done as well.” Jeerah reached out and grabbed the juice, then in her velvety voice, muttered in a low whisper that was clearly meant for those present to hear. “So boring… if only there was a man nearby to entertain me…”


“Borriinggg. You can at least play along, I might just say yes, you know.” Jeerah winked at her dead-eyed slave, to no avail.

“I’m sorry, but I do not wish to be whipped for three days and three nights… besides…” At that point, his fish eyes suddenly turned alive as he pointed fervently at the anime girl on his T-shirt. “My mind and body have already been promised to the Goddess. No matter how you may tempt me, I will never betray the Goddess! My life and my purity are Hers alone!”

“…” Jeerah was left speechless. Whenever the topic turned to Mo Ke, Shentu Buping turned unusually animated.

“Master, you should convert to serving the Goddess as well!”

“No.” Jeerah rolled her eyes at the blatant evangelizing. “It’s not like my master lacks supplicants, you guys can go on believing in whomever you wish.”

“Speaking of masters… Master, I was truly surprised when I learned that you were a servant of the Goddess herself.” Buping grinned from ear to ear. “I could barely sleep for a few days from the sheer excitement.”

“Oh? And?” Jeerah raised an eyebrow at the man who seemed to be insinuating something.

However, Buping didn’t say a word, merely staring at her flawless feet with a burning passion.

If there was ever a way to make disgust manifest, this would be it. His gaze alone gave Jeerah the goosebumps. She hurriedly hid her feet, straightened her posture, and with a flick of her wrist, pulled a blanket out of thin air, which she swiftly wrapped her feet in. It was only after she was certain not a single inch of white skin was exposed that she returned to glaring at Buping.

Even for a lust demon, the look he gave her was just too much. It wasn’t like she was a low level lust demon who had to rely on her body to find protection. In fact, she was planning to guard her purity for long as needed.

Displeased with her servant’s traitorous display, her voice turned sharp. “What do you think you’re doing? Using that disgusting look on me.”

Unbeknownst to Jeerah, Shentu Buping was now in the midst of his own fanatic mode. “Master, have you ever been stepped on by the Goddess?”

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“Huh?! What does that even mean? Why must I be stepped on by my master?!”

Jeerah practically exploded when she heard that question. Only the most cruel of torture methods ran through her head right now, as she swore to keep Buping alive throughout, just so she could torment him further.

However, that was only the beginning. He stared wistfully at the ceiling, as if he could see through the ceiling to the stars above.

“If you, master, as the servant of the Goddess have been blessed by her stomp, then wouldn’t I have been stomped on by her, if I were to be stomped by you, master.”



“Kill yourself!” She slapped him.

“Oooo… maybe the Goddess has even slapped you before… no response is an affirmative… Perfect, just great! So I’m one of the lucky ones to have been graced by her touch… I… I can die satisfied now…”

After that inane rant, Buping thumped his chest and yelled at the top of his lungs in the most disgusting way possible, face flushed like a tomato.

“A discount on Floorboard Simulator? Absurd! I’m in!” By now, Jeerah was completely ignoring the masochistic little Bupig. Opening up a holographic shopping site, she began happily browsing.

It was only an hour later that Jeerah finally came back to her senses. By then, she had 23 games stacked in her stacking cart, all of them the expensive kind.

Shentu Buping came back to his senses at the same time. He peeked over her shoulder to have a look himself, just in time to see the total bill on her cart.

He immediately yelled, but in horror. Like his mother and father had just died. “My money! That was the donation money I was preparing to offer to the cult… Master, how could you be so cruel… My faith…”

“Hmph. That donation money is just something your cult uses to fool mortals. As if you can serve your gods by offering money… Hah.” She snorted derisively. “Just take it as payment for the slap.”

“So, master, you were slapped by the Goddess in the past?”


“Master, how could you lie to me…”

“You’re the one that wanted to be slapped. Now, don’t ever make such a disgusting request ever again.”

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Buping held his tongue, but he still furrowed his brows at Jeerah.

A moment of deathly silence ensued…

Finally unable to withstand his withering gaze, she lightly coughed. “Speaking of which, has there been any news of that missing master of mine?”

The moment the topic turned to Mo Ke, Buping’s anger immediately disappeared, as he answered with utmost earnesty. “No, the five cardinals have said that, in order to welcome the Goddess back to our world, the power of faith is absolutely necessary. Our faith isn’t sufficient yet to welcome Her back.”

“So I have more time for games then?” she half-asked.

“Master, did you say something?”

“No, nothing at all. Shouldn’t you be going to that church of yours, listening to those crazy sermons?”

“Ahhh… I’m going to be late… today is sermon day as well… It’s Cardinal Qiaoqiao too… No, no… there’s not enough time…” Looking at the time, he jumped to his feet, like a cat who had his tail stomped on. He dashed to the door, ordering his AI as he did so. “Flag a hover car for me… Crap, that’s still not enough time. Maybe if I jump out the window, and have the car catch me, I can save a minute and a half…”

Hearing that, Jeerah’s smile went stiff, “but this is the eighth floor… Just give up, you’re just a mortal.” She began muttering out loud at that point, “Although… that crazy ******* should be close to awakening already, maybe he won’t die…”

She sighed to herself in a bemused fashion, then slumped back into her sofa. “To think some randomly created cult can reach such heights in such a short time… Are the humans of this world so foolish? Or is my master just that capable… or beautiful… He didn’t exactly subjugate them by force.”

Just as she entered contemplation mode, an ear-piercing scream echoed through the streets of the city.

“More undead? Sounds near, too… A pity that my master’s arrival inadvertently set this planet on a path of no return… Well, I can’t return on my own. So before I locate my master, I should just continue pretending to be a normal human. But this… “money”… is really useful, but I can’t work. Or start a business. Sigh… I can only rely on that dunce’s wallet for now… But what am I even doing wasting time when there are games to be played?!”



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