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Chapter 821 Epilogue (15)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

This cult with a comical name had actually grown into a behemoth in only the span of just six months. The main reason would be that, while the normal awakening rate for humans was one in a million, the members of the cult displayed an awakening rate of one in ten thousand.

In fact, the rate of becoming an Awakened increased the more fervent one was. The greater their faith, the greater chance of becoming an Awakened, with some even saying the rate was one in a thousand for the most fervent of believers…

While the numbers hadn’t even crossed a single percentage point, this rate was miles better than one in a million.

Thanks to that phenomenon, the amount of believers exploded, going so far as to enter the upper echelons of the Federation itself.

This outcome was a result of the seeds sown by Ferti’nier. The clone she left on Gaia was able to gather faith and increase the rate at which she could attain godhood.

Before Mo Ke’s arrival, this world did not even have anyone that could remotely be considered immortal. It was a fully scientific world. A veritable treasure trove for Ferti’nier to reap the faith power of the masses.

This so-called clone of Ferti’nier was the “Magical Girl Harem Grooming System”. While looking after Mo Ke, it also researched the laws of the planet.

Being a former Devil King, she was uniquely equipped for this task. Trapped in the Chaos Crystal, she had all the time in the world to unravel the mysteries of this world. Even a treasure trove can be emptied with enough time and tenacity. Especially when there was no one to compete with.

However, the large-scale invasion of the undead messed up her plans. With no better options available, she had to leave behind that clone while Mo Ke and her were sent back to the Western Human Realms.

Before Karlston’s untimely self-destruction, she was more than ready to squat in this planet till she attained godhood.

But Karlstone blew himself up, and she was thrown into a dimensional rift…

Being a spirit trapped in a Demigod-tier dimensional artifact, the Chaos Crystal, she was well-versed in dimensional arts. A fortunate happenstance that allowed her to bring Mo Ke safely back.

The cult was currently expanding well on Gaia, while on the other hand, back in Purgatory, Mo Na had received a revelation of her own.

Dressed in the typical gothic-loli dress, our little she-devil had grown into a fine young she-devil. Her innate intelligence and devious nature allowed her to take to the Hells like fish in water.

Because Ferti’nier had shown herself using Mo Ke’s body in front of the other overlords, they had all been enthralled by her beauty then. Meaning, they were Mo Na’s thralls as well… After all, she could very well be their stepdaughter…

Despite Mo Ke’s countless protestations, his bloodlines of the Origin Angels meant that he could be a male or a female…

This little feature had caused him no small deal of consternation and trouble. And while Ferti’nier was kind enough to give him his little brother for a while, it was now on holiday again…

A man was only as great as his little brother, and all that…

Mo Na was currently seated in the middle of a black garden, playing around with Cinderel, the resident puppy mascot of the group, who hadn’t grown an inch since Mo Ke’s disappearance. With her slender fingers, she would dangle a piece of meat before the little puppy, and when the puppy could no longer hold herself back, she would pull back the meat.

Cinderel would grumble in her little barks, but Mo Na would only smile mischievously back.

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Without Mo Ke around, she had only grown more mischievous.

Amidst their tomfoolery, the barrier surrounding Sable Radiance quietly dissipated.

Nearly all the overlords in the region felt that change the moment it happened. After all, the bane of their existence for countless years was finally gone!

Other than those old codgers, Mo Na, with her genius-level of talent, had also noticed this change.

“So it’s gone… Is the Apocalypse that Papa mentioned finally going to start…” Mo Na muttered to herself. Closing off her physical senses, she actually extended her psychic senses to where Mo Ke was at: the Western Human Realms!

“Was Papa gone all this time because the barrier was blocking him from teleporting back from the Western Human Realms?”

Now hugging Cinderel, she gently ruffled the puppy’s soft fur, to which Cinderel stuck out her little tongue and licked her hand appreciatively.

Because of her mother’s innate talent, Cinderel wasn’t born defective, despite her less-than-ideal genepool. Her natural talents afforded her an intelligence far above the average hellhound. She could tell that Mo Na was very happy right now, and was trying her best to get an extra pat or two while she could.

Amidst her rubbing, a distinctively irksome voice came knocking in her head unannounced.

“Oh? Isn’t this our little brat? Still remember your big sis? Although “mum” wouldn’t be bad either.”

“So you finally show yourself, Ferti’nier! You shameless woman, where have you been hiding Mo Na’s mama?” Mo Na said to the voice in her head. To outsiders, it probably looked like she was talking to herself.

“Kidnapped? That was an accident. But we’re back now, and the disappearance of the barrier means the Apocalypse is about to start.”

“Is mama over there now? The Western Human Realms. What happened back then? Mo Na even shoved that annoying Jeerah into a dimensional hole, but there’s been no news since. Maybe she’s dead?”

“Jeerah, huh… let’s not talk about that idiot, gets my blood boiling for no reason…”

For some reason or another, Ferti’nier’s tone immediately took a nose dive when the topic turned to Jeerah. Any hint of levity was instantly wiped off her, as if it had never existed in the first place.

“Yes, she is quite annoying… but isn’t ‘idiot’ a little…”

In Mo Na’s eyes, the lust demon known as Jeerah was a thorn at her side, but she was capable enough, else she wouldn’t have pushed the lust demon into that dimensional hole in the first place; she needed her to locate Mo Ke.

As for what she did when she arrived on Gaia…

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“Let’s not talk about that idiot for now. How are your preparations? As I said, the Apocalypse is near, and even if my little brother hasn’t come to terms with his own position yet, you should still prepare as soon as possible. Wouldn’t you want him to see your capable side when we meet in the near future?”

“Hmph, as if Mo Na needs you to say that, Mo Na is super capable! In all sorts of ways! More than a she-devil who has no body! So no one but Mo Na can have mama!”

“Heh, our little girl is getting all jealous… How cute. Anyway, your big sis is just here to send her greetings.”

“Then scram, Mo Na doesn’t want to talk to you for long either.”

With that said, Mo Na shut off the link on her side.

“Cinderel, send word for all the overlords to gather, I have some important matters to hand down.”

“Woof!” The little puppy scampered off Mo Na’s lap with glee, then sped out of the garden.

“Mama… we will see each other soon…”

——–Jeerah’s Location——–

In a certain room, shut off from the warm embrace of the sun, behind multiple shut curtains and closed windows, was a certain woman lounging comfortably on a sofa, chest bursting at seams in her casual blouse, thighs on full view thanks to her shorts. Right now, Jeerah was disguised as a normal human, playing a game set in the medieval era.

Tapping on the holographic keyboard before her, her fingers flew at the speed that could only be described as monstrous, as she destroyed the boss before her without taking a single point of damage.

“Is there anything more boring than a hero-beats-up-the-demon-king story? Shentu Buping, get me some juice!” Jeerah lazily sunk into the soft cushions of the sofa, limbs stretched as she called out in her seductive voice.

Had this been any normal male, they would have probably dropped to their knees in worship already.

But who was this Shentu Buping? Well. He could best be described as Jeerah’s servant, dressed in a T-shirt with an anime character printed on it, someone she bumped into during one of his hiking trips.

Upon hearing this command, Shentu Buping promptly pulled out the refrigerator from its wall section, then reverently handed her the bottle of juice.

“Mistress, your juice.”

However, the she-devil did not even want to pull herself up from the endless depths of the sofa; that was how far she had fallen into depravity. But she was a devil for a reason…

Yet despite her relatively light dressing, and astonishing looks, Shentu Buping didn’t seem the least bit enticed as he kept his head and eyes lowered.

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Clearly, something was off here… Unless Shentu Buping was actually Shentu Nodick…



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