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Chapter 819: Epilogue (13)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“It’s useless, your nether flames might be strong, but as long as I touch them with an energy coating, and separate myself in an instant, even that lioness of yours can’t harm me.” The golden armored man roared in triumph. At this distance, his golden armor only seemed that much more majestic, reflecting his bluish lightning, akin to a heavenly deity of some sort. “You will pay with your life!”

It’s true my lioness doesn’t have the greatest of defenses, but just because you sent her flying doesn’t mean I have nothing left to play.


The 72 plates of Heavenbreaks zoomed in to form a wall between me and the golden armored man. However, his lightning spear dove in like a snaking dragon, power focused into a single tip as it exploded. To my greatest surprise, the shield wall exploded in a shower of metal.

The plates themselves weren’t damaged, but their formation was definitely destroyed.

****, I knew he was strong, but… In that case, time for my newly acquired shield, the Shield of Gaia!

The Shield of Gaia was the name of that shield I looted off Ironshield. It had the ability to erect a defensive barrier, powered by the mana particles it automatically absorbed from the air. Every few minutes, it was able to erect a barrier that repelled magic.

Just don’t use it for physical attacks…

The familiar blue dome expanded outwards from the shield, however, barely a second later, it was torn asunder by the violently crackling spear of lightning.


The sound of glass shattering echoed in my ears, heralding the advent of his deadly spear.

I could feel the hairs on my arm tingling from the sheer concentration of Lightning element in the air. Even with Wyrm’s nine-star defenses, I could feel the pores in my body react violently to the static energies, as if to lament our weakness and impending doom. Even so, I wasn’t about to give up, not even in the eleventh hour! In fact, putting myself in a ridiculously dangerous spot and getting out of it was a speciality of mine! My home ground, so to speak!

“Pseudo-Territory Resistance!”

Just as his lightning spear was about to pierce Wyrm, I activated the strongest card Wyrm had to play. In some sense, this single skill could be said to be the greatest bane of Territories. It might have only had one purpose, but in that single field, it was unmatched!

The moment his spear came into contact with Wyrm, it seemed to dissolve, breaking up into its most primal mana particle form.


I thrust my dragonslayer greatsword into his chest without any hesitation. His eyes were wide with disbelief, even as it pierced his heart. Yet disbelieve all he wanted, this was the cruel reality he now faced.

“This is the new weapon of the age -to triumph over the supernatural with a mortal’s power.” I declared with slow confidence as I drew out the sword. A bright red flame flickered in the gaping wound I left in his chest. “The magitek armor. The first prototype of the Messianic series, Wyrm. Remember that name, even if you will soon die.”

“Wyrm… an unprecedented weapon… cough…”

The golden armored man collapsed onto the ground, hands grasping his chest as he tried to heal the wound in vain. But this was no mere sword wound I left on him. This dragonslayer greatsword of mine was bathed in the blood of a red dragon. Each wound it left contained the residual flames of that very dragon.

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Even if the golden armored man was an overlord, he did not specialize in healing itself. By now, the flames had spread to his organs, and only an overlord who was a healer could save him. Perhaps even a Demigod was needed.

“I might not have concrete proof of this, but these weapons were the reason why Ertalon invaded Andassis, were they not?”

“Yes… His Majesty had already seen the fearsome potential they held… but even he did not… This is not a matter of future potential any longer…” At this point, he was well beyond coughing out blood. The excruciating process of having your innards burnt alive also burnt up whatever blood he had to throw up. Even so, he was strangely calm about it. “Lady Mo Na… if I’m not mistaken… I’ve seen your portrait before… such beauty… if only you were on our side…”

With those last words, he was dead. Barely a second after he finished talking, his body shriveled up into burnt, black husk.

Why wasn’t I in their kingdom, he was asking with his dying breath. Honestly, who knew. It was probably Ferti’nier’s fault.But that trip back from Gaia was an arduous journey on its own, just being alive was a miracle.

I’ve slain three overlords now… That should satisfy the criteria for shocking. I doubt there would be anyone who wouldn’t have heard of my magitek armors after the news break on this battle. Goal accomplished then.

Still… where did golden man even sprout out from?

Based on what I know about their deployments, that stone giant and the old mesmer were the only two planned for this ambush.

Yet just as I was pondering that question, I spotted a figure dashing in from the same direction the golden armored man arrived from.

He was clad in a breastplate of equally golden hue. With a red cape flowing in the wind behind him, he cut a striking figure in this desolate battlefield. He looked to be about 30 years of age, well-built, short, red hair, paired with the handsome face befitting a military man.

Naturally, I had some inkling as to who he was, but this was the first time I’ve seen him in person. Before I arrived in the fort, Andassis the Seventh had given me his portrait. He was General Cleoz, the officer in charge of the last fort guarding the heartlands of the kingdom.

“Lady Mo Na, I presume. Seems like you’ve taken care of the enemy.” Cleoz landed gently on the ground. He first eyed the blackened husk of the enemy, then nodded my way. He smiled, “You have personal thanks for the battle this day. Had it not been for your efforts, Lady Mo Na, I’m afraid our Impregnable Wall wouldn’t be so impregnable anymore.”

“General Cleoz? Are you sure you should be idling here?” With regards to this man’s timely appearance, I had my own views. “Is the main battle going well?”

“That’s just a small skirmish, this is the true battlefield.” Cleoz answered with another smile. “But who would have thought the enemy would send three overlords. Had it not been for Lady Mo Na…”

“A small skirmish, huh… I’m sorry, but I’m tired and wish to get some rest.” My deadpan voice echoed sonorously from within Wyrm. “Since the true battle has ended, I’ll leave the rest to you, Mr. General.”

“Very well, I’m sure Lady Mo Na must be feeling tired after having faced down three overlords, even if she’s not injured.” He replied politely. “I’ll have the best room prepared for your arrival–”

“Thanks.” I sped off without allowing him to finish. It was only when I was sure I wasn’t within his sights that I slowed down Wyrm’s flight speed.

Do you take me for a fool? Why was that golden armored man even there in the first place? And from the same direction, no less. I might be dumb, but not that dumb.

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That man was clearly fighting with the General. The fact that they weren’t in battle, meant that they were at a stalemate. The stone giant must have somehow sent out a message to him when things were looking bad. In other words, the General did not try to stop the golden armored man when he tried to rush to the stone giant’s aid.

The time we fought was more than enough time for an overlord like Cleoz to accomplish a lot. The fact he appeared after the golden armored man died was more than coincidence, as if he was waiting for something.

In a battle like this, where the only overlords were concentrated on my end, him being the only overlord was highly advantageous to him. On a more sinister note, this would have been the perfect time to arrange an untimely death for me as well.

Even I had to admit I was fast becoming a threat to the King. By placing me as the commander of this newly formed knight order, I was now part of the greater political scene.

At the end of the day, regardless of whether the King believed my otherworldly identity, I wasn’t a native Andassean. We did not know each other for long as well, nor did I have any intention of being his queen. He probably had my origins investigated thoroughly the moment I arrived, but good luck finding anything.

No king, in his right mind, would trust a person who suddenly showed up on his doorstep. Andassis was no fool, so he clearly did not trust me either. We were just using each other.

Had it not been for the Ertalonese army striking so rapidly, he wouldn’t have given me such a heavy responsibility to begin with. He needed me, who could slay an overlord using the power of Wyrm.

But he still did not trust me. Because of my origins. The fact I now had the Magitek Knight Corp under my command was unusual. This was most likely his chance at having me “removed” from that potentially dangerous position.

“Hehehe, seems like our little brother has gotten a little smarter, after all. At least those souls weren’t wasted.”

Hey. I’m a little dumb, but not dumb dumb.

“Clearly, since you’re at least aware that you’re dumb.”

Hmph. Well, my relationship with Andassis the Seventh needs some digging into, maybe I will start with General Cleoz. He’s the nearest person.

At least the age of Magitek is finally here. That’s half my goals complete.



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