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Chapter 818: Epilogue (12)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Ahhh!! This cannot be!”

Even on the verge of death, the stone giant was struggling as hard as he ever was. Bits of rubble and soil filled the air as he flailed about in a vain attempt to put out the nether flames from my lioness.

Unfortunately for him, my nether flames weren’t so easily extinguished, even for an overlord.

Like a candle before a raging flame, the stone giant began to visibly melt before my eyes. Finally, his entire outer layer was burnt off, leaving the burnt husk of a man, now at the height I was familiar with.

“To think I would meet my match here… His Majesty was right… this strange armor indeed possesses the potential to change the world… or perhaps it already has… I was still too late…” he eked out one final lamentation, seeming more affected by his failure than his own death.

Just like that, an overlord, who just moments ago was rending the earth asunder, was now dead. Nothing left behind. Nothing, except his shield which miraculously survived the burning.

I flew over in Wyrm, picking up the still-burning shield and casually flicked away the flames. Hoisting it up high, I took a good look at the diamond-shaped shield.

“Ironshield! Blast, how dare you!”

Ironshield? Was that his title? That was my first thought as a thunderous roar echoed from a distance away, bearing ever closer by the second in a streak of golden light. In just the blink of an eye, he was in front of me.

“Territory: Raging Lightning Realm!”

Countless lightning bolts snaked towards that man within a hundred meter radius. Without a doubt, he had forcefully changed the laws of this surrounding area.

Like the roar of a victorious army, the air crackled with thunder as the bolts of lightning tore through every object they could lay their hands on.

“Monster! You will pay with your life!”

Another overlord!

A bolt of lightning shot up from his palms, then like a comet, or perhaps a sword from the heavens, pierced through the sky as it crashed down towards me.

“Protect the Commander!”

A number of the magitek knights tried to deflect the bolt from me, however that idea alone frightened me even further. I knew better than anyone how strong their defenses were. At best, they could take a hit from a seven-star, definitely not from an overlord.

Unless I did something fast, they were done for…

With no other choice, I tossed out the shield that I just looted from the fallen Ironshield. Like a discus, it spun towards the sky, clashing squarely with the falling bolt of lightning!

“Boom! Rumble!”

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A blinding wave of light washed over the land. The shield I threw out was sent flying back towards me, crashing right into the three magitek knights who were bunched up together to deflect the bolt. Their mechanical bodies crumpled immediately upon impact, flying a dozen meters back, bodies silent and unresponsive.

“Go check up on them! I don’t care if they are alive or dead, but bring them back, and get out immediately!”


“No talking back!”

“… understood…”

Finally, after a stern yelling, the kids abandoned their plan of helping me, albeit unwillingly. With those three magitek knights in tow, they sent another message.

“Commander, the three of them are fine, but the magitek knights are…”

“It’s fine, those can be replaced easily. What’s more important is that you guys are alright.”


“We can talk about feelings later, we are still in a battle right now.”

“We’ve embarrassed you… Commander, here’s your shield.”

Ansom handed over the shield to me with both hands.

“Good, I want you guys to head back first. This isn’t a battle you can help out with.”

“Be careful, Commander.”


The magitek knights wasted no time in retreating from the battlefield. Unlike their opponent, this man wasn’t some lumbering giant, but an overlord wielding lightning itself. There was a possibility, with his speed, that he could even kill them all while fighting me.

That was why I chose to have the kids leave altogether, not even to observe the battle.

“They’ve left, in that case, shall we start round two?” Floating high above, wreathed in rings of lightning, the golden-armored man stared haughtily down at me. Ever since he threw out that first bolt, he hadn’t made an attempt to attack again. Clearly, he wasn’t up for a many-versus-one fight. Not that it would have mattered; they would have served as support at best, and at great cost.

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In the first place, killing them would be easy with his speed. Thus he did not try to stop them from leaving either.

“Territory Skill: Lightning Spear!”

The golden-armored man pointed at me. His rings started revolving at a blinding speed, bolt after bolt of lightning started snaking out of it, coalescing into the shape of a spear.

Nether Flame Lioness!

I commanded my nether flame lioness to leap at the man while I ducked to the side myself. Just as a precaution, I readied that shield to block an attack, even preparing Heavensbreak as well, on second thought. While I might not know the limits of this newly-looted shield, it was undoubtedly higher than my own magitek armor.

Blessed with an impressive defense, the lightning spear collided with both Heavensbreak and the shield at full force, yet it failed to leave a dent, merely causing a frightening, but otherwise harmless, boom.

“Ranged attacks won’t work? In that case… Lightning Destruction!” The golden-armored man brought his hands together and pulled them apart. As he did so, the Lightning elements in the air coalesced violently, pulled apart like a noodle, finally forming up into a three to four meter long, blue spear.

He inhaled sharply. A second later, I felt an immense pressure smash into me, as he let forth his spear with a howl, aura honed to the sharpest possible in a bid to pierce through me!

Nether Flame Lioness!

The nether flame lioness boldly charged at the man. However, he barely moved a muscle in the face of that deadly black-red flame. With a swift stab, he sent the flames flying hundreds of meters away.

At that distance, even my nether flame lioness needed a few seconds to return. But in a battle of experts, a few seconds was more than enough to finish the battle a hundred times over!

****… this guy is too strong, I need to guard, now…



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