Chapter 817: Epilogue (11)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The dragonslayer greatsword tore through the old mesmer’s barrier in an instant. As the last of his spells crumbled, it pierced even the saucer-like tool the old mesmer was using to fly…


It exploded like thunder, sending the old man flying away, violently coughing blood as he free fell to the ground.

Then, under the enthralled eyes of everyone present, Heavensbreak sliced the man into shreds.

“Mmm. Not bad, but a little old for my liking.”

Don’t be picky, at least you have something to eat!

“There’s still one more, little brother, don’t let him get away!”

Yeah. Yeah… I heard you the first time.

Now that the mesmer was dead, those brats under me started to wake up as well. The memory of having teamed up on me was still fresh in their minds. Now that they were in control once more, there was nothing to hide the guilt on their faces.


“We just…”

“Don’t dwell on it, not having an anti-enthrallment system planned was an oversight. I will take note of it for the future.” Looking at their sorrowful expressions, I didn’t have the words to comfort them, nor did I have the time to do so in the middle of a battle.

“For the time being, maintain a safe distance. There’s still one more opponent left, and he’s an overlord. Do not approach us, under any circumstances.”


The kids answered in unison before speeding off into the distance as a group. From there, they would watch the battle between me and the stone giant, who was now in a bind thanks to the death of that old mesmer.

That stone giant had clearly pretended to be on the run to lure us here. His plan was most likely to have that mesmer capture us in one go.

Based on how the Ertalonese had tried to steal Wyrm, our enemies clearly had information on us, and that would include the magitek knights. They probably knew that the pilots weren’t too strong themselves, but with their magitek knights, the potential destruction they would cause would be dangerous. In order to minimize their losses, that old mesmer was key.

Unfortunately for them, they never expected an exception to the rule like me. How could they? I had the bloodlines of the Lust Demon and Illusion Demon. Was there any person more suited to countering psychic magic than me? Maybe not in a hundred years!

Especially not when I still had a certain she-devil waiting to help me, should anything go wrong.

Thus their plan was doomed to fail from the start.

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“Old man Pala!”

The stone giant was shaken from his reverie by the death of his companion. But he wasn’t running any longer. With a great howl, he lunged at me, every step booming like a miniature explosion.

“You monster, you will pay for this?!”

“Monster?” I sneered at the charging stone giant. As I did so, countless fireballs rained down upon him. “If you guys didn’t try to invade Andassis, he wouldn’t have needed to die. You were the ones who started this war, and now I’m the monster? Shameless.”


The stone giant clearly wasn’t in the mood for a debate. He frantically swung at me with his arms, kicked at me with his legs, and even tried a couple of jumping stomps.

But all his moves were easily dodged by me, especially in his frenzied state.

“Come down here! Come down here, this instant!”

“As if, why should I listen to you?”


He yelled with a primal fury as he slammed his hands against the floor, conjuring up an earthen sphere when he pulled them up.

I immediately knew what he was up to.


He tossed the sphere at me, but I dodged it cleanly with a duck.

“Magitek Knight Corp, prepare artillery fire!”

“Yes, Commander!”

The kids obediently turned their aim towards the stone giant and carpet bombed him. Yet the stone giant did not even pay the sky-darkening barrage of flames any heed, instead howling into the heavens. “Territory: Earthen Destruction!”

The stone giant leapt high into the sky, and with a grand landing, he sent the earth itself crying in despair as the ground cracked and shook violently.

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Unable to fly for long periods of time, the magitek knights were barely able to maintain their footing in this precarious situation.

The fireballs they had sent towards him were seemingly blocked by an invisible force, igniting prematurely against each other as they were deflected.

“A gravity skill… You should have the kids retreat for now, you wouldn’t want them to get caught in this battle, little brother.”

“Everyone, retreat from the battlefield!”

Honestly, that last command wasn’t needed at all. By now, most of them knew that they were useless in this fight, especially when they saw their fireballs being deflected so easily.

Without any hesitation, they rapidly pulled back.

“If you won’t come down on your own, I’ll make you come down!”

As he said that, he charged towards the fleeing magitek knights, eyes red with murder.

Following Fortitude of Stone, the stone giant had shown two Territory skills.

“That fellow is better than I thought! Little brother, get him quick, his soul is definitely going to be a feast. Your big sis is eating well tonight!”

Quit nagging, I know what to do.

I had intended to win this battle with just Wyrm, but now that the stone giant was using the kids to get to me, I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. Now was the time to finish him off.

“Nether Flames Lioness!”

A vortex of fire materialized in front of me, expanding rapidly in the span of a few seconds to ten meters in diameter. As the flames grew, they took the shape of a gate, from which a seven to eight materials tall lioness emerged, composed entirely out of the blackest and bloodiest of flames.


It roared at the heavens before leaping at the stone giant.

The stone giant had an impressive defense, but this nether flame lioness was also my greatest spear… Let’s see who will win in this battle of the greatest spear and the greatest shield.

Fearlessly, it dove right at the stone giant. The giant did not even hesitate to backhand the incoming lioness, like it would a fly.

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However, my nether flame lioness was an elemental creature, and wasn’t about to be bullied by a mere physical attack. The instant the giant’s hand came into contact with it, its flames latched onto his hand, crawling up its shoulder and engulfing half his body in no time at all.

“This…The Nether Flames?!” Realizing that he couldn’t put out the flames, no matter how much he tried, it dawned upon the stone giant how much trouble he was in. “There’s no way you would have such an ominous power!”

“Whether or not I have it is something your body knows better than anyone else.” I coldly stated. “For daring to harm my kids, I will have you pay the ultimate price.”



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