Chapter 814: Epilogue (8)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

So he’s the one who cast that barrier… I thought it was some barrier mage hiding amongst the troops that did it.

“Don’t just stand there, keep pressing the attack, little brother. Doesn’t matter if you use those mana cannons, just don’t stop attacking!”

Her reminder immediately jolted me back to reality. Her hint made me notice that, while the dome might be covered in cracks, they were visibly mending at an appreciable rate!

****. I need to break that spell, quick.

With no time to waste, I summoned forth a 3.5 meters greatsword with a wave of my right hand.

Then like a great warrior of old, I raised the greatsword up high and brought it down on the stone giant.

Yet the stone giant was no slouch either. While it might have towered over me at ten meters tall, it wasn’t slow at all. It wasn’t fast as lightning, but it was only a smidge slower than Wyrm.

It was now or never. I had just dodged his palm strike barely and swerved to his back for a strike. Fully intending to end the fight now, I aimed right at his head!


The mending barrier immediately shattered upon impact. However, just when I thought the dragonslayer greatsword would reach him, the stone giant spun around at unbelievable speeds to strike at me with his palm.

A sonic boom exploded in the air around me, his palm strike bearing down on me with a frightful wave of air pressure. I knew I couldn’t meet that headon and quickly tried to pull back my strike with a spin and backstep.

Phew… that was too close…

“His barrier requires time to reform and he dares not take a strike from your dragonslayer greatsword, so he rushed to counterattack. Little brother, your Wyrm still isn’t sturdy enough to survive a full blow from an overlord, it would be better if you use your mana cannons instead. As long as his outer defenses are broken, Heavensbreak can finish the job in an instant.”

As always, Ferti’nier was ready with her sagely advice as my personal “grandpa mentor”. This battle was no different. I had considered summoning my lioness, seeing as it had the ability to kill an overlord as well. But this was a battle to showcase my magitek armor, thus I gave up on that plan.

Now was the time to tell the world: the age of magitek has arrived!

In a lot of ways, this shield-wielding man was a bad match for Wyrm. My strongest weapon against overlords was that I had Pseudo-Territory Resistance. However, that only worked if the Territory exerted an external influence on me. Self-enhancement Territories were not affected at all.

But that did mean I was helpless either. Battles at this level were a matter of skill, too. And I still had cards to play that weren’t tied to Wyrm.

Regardless, now was the time for action. I opened up my shoulder compartments once more and launched a barrage of fireballs.

Yet that did not deter the stone giant at all. He continued peppering me with palm strikes and stomps. From a distance, our battle looked like an oversized man trying to swat away a bird, even though that stone giant wasn’t at all slow.

As my barrage continued, Ferti’nier’s hypothesis of his defenses soon bore fruit. The magical dome from before was most likely a measure against my magical attacks. Correspondingly, it was weak to physical attacks. Without that dome to protect him, his own metallic skin wasn’t able to bear the brunt of my magical attack.

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On my end, the barrage of fireballs had taken a huge toll on my reserves. Had it not been for the fact that this entire suit was powered by an overlord dragon’s crystal core, I would have ran out of gas already.

Each fireball’s power wasn’t high, but when they constantly struck at the same spot, even the stone giant was beginning to feel the heat. There wasn’t a single spot on his skin that wasn’t scorched.

Three minutes into the battle, he was finally beginning to slow down.

But just when I was feeling confident in my kiting tactics, that blue dome sprang to life once more, blocking the dozen or so fireballs still rushing towards him.

I take it that means his cooldown is up… what a bother.

At a glance, his dome was able to fend against magical attacks. But it wasn’t very flexible. Even if the dome did not hinder himself from leaving its protective radius, re-adjusting the position of the dome wasn’t that easy. It took a whole three minutes for it to be deployed again. And as long as I could break the shield, I had three minutes to pepper him with magic.

Having realized that weakness, I ducked in with Revolution Slice, dodging his palm strike in the process. Nearby, his own troops were sent flying by the missed attack…

At the same time that I dodged his attack, I landed a heft strike against the stone giant’s blue dome. A crack swiftly snaked across its flawless exterior. Sensing the damage, the stone giant promptly tried to stomp on me.

I ducked underneath once more with Revolution Slice and landed another strike on the dome.

One after another, I spun around the massive dome, landing strikes while dodging the attacks that flew out. Each slice created a deafening crash, before finally an explosion occurred and the sound of falling glass filled the air.

Defenses destroyed, the stone giant wasted no time at all in trying to flatten me with his entire body. My surroundings immediately darkened and I could tell I had to get out right now!


A massive earthquake soon followed. The walls of the fort seemed to jump off its foundations for a second there, and the world seemed to have turned upside down.

This was the first time he had attempted a full-body attack, and it was most likely meant to be a surprise move.

Unfortunately, I was a veteran of certain video games. And every gamer knew that a stone giant always had a move like that.

Ignoring the cloud of dust and rubble around me, I quickly sent out the 72 plates of Heavensbreak for a coup de grace!



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