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Chapter 813: Epilogue (7)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Was there anything more shocking than killing an overlord? Naturally. Like killing a Demigod…

But that’s enough daydreaming for now, there’s still a battle to be fought… and some well-deserved shut-eye afterwards.

Upon slaying the no-longer hidden -and no longer alive- experts, Heavensbreak did a quick turnaround towards me. Standing with his shield raised before me, the blonde man practically jumped with fright when he noticed them flying right in his direction. He panicked and raised his shield above his head, yelling, “Territory: Guardian of Earth!”

As his Territory activated, the emerald on his shield began to emit a blinding light. A craggy layer of rock materialized out of thin air, forming a protective skin on every nook and cranny of his skin. Yet the rocky growth did not stop there. In less than three seconds, his size rapidly expanded till there was naught but a massive ten meters tall rocky giant before me…

His body was covered in a glowing orange stone, similar to magma, but there was a noticeable diamond-shaped indentation in the center with a shield embedded. The very same emerald-studded shield he raised above his head.

“Fortitude of Stone!” A sonorous voice rang out from the stone titan. The magma around him instantly turned into a silvery gray metal that could only be described as impenetrable.

It was at that instant that Heavensbreak collided into his newly fortified skin. Like a deadly chainsaw, the 72 plates sliced circles around him with such force that sparks filled the air.

In just one attack, the otherwise flawless metal layer was etched with massive cuts across its entire length.

“Little brother, your opponents seem to have employed a Territory skill with a high physical defense, we can use a magical attack to counter that.”

A Territory skill?

“That’s right, a skill which an overlord creates from his Territory. A further distortion of the world’s laws, thereby enhancing the effects of the original Territory… A natural evolution when one learns how to manipulate the laws of the world.”

So a more advanced usage of the Territory and the laws of the world.

“Exactly, the fact that this human has managed to comprehend and develop a skill means he’s an elite even amongst overlords. His soul is worth at least 500,000 mortal souls. Don’t let him escape him, your big sis is eating good tonight!”

You say that… but killing and just defeating the man are two different concepts entirely. Both would shock the world and achieve the result I need… For the sake of the Western Human Realms, and turning magitek armors into a mainstream weapon of war, you will be my sacrifice!

And given our hostile relations with his employer, there’s no reason at all to show kindness towards an enemy. Even if I am only under the King’s temporary employment.

“Little brother, leave the small fries to your big sis, just focus on the big one over there.”

With the prospect of souls to be harvested through Heavensbreak, Ferti’nier had been more than enthusiastic in her job. As of now, her results alone in remotely controlling those plates had exceeded those one hundred magitek knights. It was only in such situations that this greedy she-devil ever showed such efficiency.

I sighed inwardly then focused back on the ten meter tall giant, still adopting a defensive stance as before. “I’m sorry, but I will need you to die today.”

“Cowardly cur, the only one dying today is you!” The stone giant’s sonorous voice rang out once more. At the same time, he raised his right feet. “I will flatten you to pieces!”

The giant’s foot was large enough to cover half a magitek knight, which was already an astonishing three meters in its own right. I knew I couldn’t meet that attack head-on, so I quickly ducked to the side with Wyrm.

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Its foot immediately left a giant crater where I was mere seconds ago. Even the ground around us began to quake, causing the other ordinary troops nearby to lose their balance in the process.

I took to the skies immediately, but the stone giant seemed to have predicted this move as a pair of rapidly growing palms slammed in from the sides.


Even the air around me was shaking from the impact. Still recovering from the first shockwave, those ordinary troops were immediately buffeted by a deafening sound wave, forcing them to cup their eyes in pain.

Thankfully, my quicker reflexes allowed me to dodge his lumbering attack. I skirted around to the stone giant’s back, shoulder compartment opening with an audible click, and mana cannons blazing with magical energy.

A second later, dozens of fireballs flooded out of the cannon arrays. Wyrm’s own cannons had been modified with the Fire element, just like the other mass-produced magitek knights. It could now fire off mana shots and fireballs. Furthermore, the speed at which I could fire those attacks were incomparable to those mass-produced models. In just one second, dozens of fireballs had been fired. This withering barrage continued for fifteen seconds until the whole stone giant was covered in explosions and residual smoke.

Within those fifteen seconds, troops from both sides had tacitly agreed to back away, lest they were caught in our apocalyptic battle.

Firing off those fireballs non-stop was going to be a huge burden on mana, thus when I felt that enough was enough, I willed the cannons to stop. However, the smoke generated from my barrage had left a smokescreen, stopping me from assessing the aftermath of my attack.

According to Ferti’nier’s assessment, that “Fortitude of Stone” should be a physical defense skill. In other words, its magical defense shouldn’t be all that high.

Even so, I had no illusions that a round of cannon fire could kill off my opponent; he was an overlord.

Just as the explosions started to die down and I began observing the smoke, a rocky hand shot out of the smoke towards me!

The stone giant had nearly caught me off-guard again… but my impressive reflexes, coupled with the fact that I was already expecting an attack, allowed me to dodge it at the last second, barely grazing its fingers.

Having failed with that attack, the stone giant took a lumbering stride out of the smoke. But before its entire body had even left the smoke, a blue dome of magic, covered in cracks all over, materialized around him. It was the same dome that had protected the troops from my magitek knights.



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