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Chapter 812: Epilogue (6)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“With me!”

I dove from the heavens like a blazing comet, carried on the magical wings of Wyrm, striking the dome-like barrier of the Ertalonese army below me.

Already on the verge of collapse, the barrier shattered like glass upon impact. Yet Wyrm continued plunging ahead. All it took was one more second and that army would have been done for.

However, that second never happened. A meaty shield had risen to block my progress!

It was a man raising a shield in hand that stood before me and my goal. A ten meter radius around us had been blown clean from the sheer shockwave of our clash. Outside, the soldiers that were thrown away by the sheer forces generated fared only marginally better than if they had just been struck.

Towering above the blonde, short-haired man with a shield, I sized up my new opponent. He was strong, or rather, he was pure muscle, like his head itself was just an extension of his chest muscles.

His shield seemed to be of excellent make. The fact that it was still in pristine condition after our cataclysmic clash was no better proof of that.

It was diamond-shaped, and was as tall as a tower shield, being able to cover the greater part of the man. From tip to tip, it was a pure hue of yellow, lustrous like fine jade. In the center was a fist-sized emerald cut and set mimicking the shield it rested in. Even from within Wyrm I could sense the abundance of Earth energies coming off it.

Without a doubt, that shield was an Epic shield, bearing the same miraculous abilities you would expect of one.

“Such a marvelous construct, never would I have expected that someone would be able to stand up to me thanks to mere armor.” The blonde man spoke up first. His stance was relaxed, as if I wasn’t even an enemy worth mentioning.

Likewise, I wasn’t one to put much stock into the words of an enemy, especially since the kids were already charging behind me in their magitek knights.

“Hold the breach, leave this guy to me!” I barked curtly before rushing at the man.

Yet just as I took off, the metallic plates of Heavensbreak burst forth in a fan. And like a knife in the dark, the enemies the kids were rushing towards were already beheaded by a scarlet rhombohedron.

Eh? What’s going on with Heavensbreak?

It was at that point that a bunch of higher-starred warriors of the Ertalonese army rushed out from their hiding spots and attacked the magitek knights.

Just from their abundant aura, I could tell that these were at least six-stars, with some even being eight-stars!

****… those aren’t opponents the kids can handle right now. Let alone handling, they will just get slaughtered in an instant! Crap!

I should have realized earlier that if our enemy even has an Epic shield-wielding warrior on their side, they must have higher-starred warriors in their ranks as well!

But just as I started to panic, another miracle happened.

The 72 metallic plates of Heavensbreak did a roundabout turn and flew at every one of those warriors, and under the disbelieving eyes of that arrogant blonde warrior, his vaunted elite troops were slain by their stealthy attack…

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Just like that over thirty lifeless heads now decorated the silent battlefield with an ominous roll. Their stumps of a head spurted blood like a fountain. Each of the slices came from the back and were executed with surgical precision. Even their unfortunate victims had looks of shock on their faces when they suddenly realized they were dead.

At the last second, their body instinctively told them that their life was about to end. However, that was no use. Because Heavensbreak was too powerful!

How the tables had turned on the blonde man. What was supposed to be a slaughter by their side turned into a one-sided victory for us. Even now, his eyes were popping out of their sockets from the surprise he felt.

But he wasn’t the only one that was stunned, I was as well.

Heavensbreak had acted completely independent of me. I had no part in this slaughter, and even my special technique of remotely controlling objects simultaneously hadn’t reached such a level yet…

“Little brother, don’t just stand there, hit him.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out in my head.

“Big sis… So that was your handiwork with Heavensbreak?”

“Of course it is, who else but your big sis would help you? Your big sis over here knows your desire to protect those brats, but there’s no need to thank her, that’s just how great of a sister she is!”

Hah, you think this is the first day I’ve known you? You just want those souls.

Despite my words, I was genuinely surprised that Ferti’nier was behaving so well since the start of this war. With how many dead there were here, I had heard nary a peep from Ferti’nier about harvesting them. Souls dissipated quickly when exposed, but they were still harvestable near the time of their deaths.

In all likelihood, she was concerned about keeping my identity secret. Tampering with a human soul was a capital offense in the human realms, after all. Munching on a couple of souls in secret was one thing, openly doing so was just madness. In fact, this battle would instantly turn into two kingdoms working together to get me…

However, if she was the one to kill them with Heavensbreak, matters were different. Since her will was controlling those plates, she could harvest the souls through them as well. That way, no one would be none the wiser of her duplicity.

“Oh my, our little brother has really gotten smarter recently. But don’t worry, your big sis knows to be discreet.”

Discreet or not, I had no choice but to believe in her.

“Let’s take care of the enemies first. An overlord soul is worth a hundred thousand of these mortal souls, so start hitting him!”

Yes, yes. You don’t have to tell me twice. It’s not like I can spread the fame of our magitek armors by just being nice to him. And what else would be more shocking than slaying an overlord?


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