Chapter 807: Epilogue (1)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Establishing the Magitek Knight Corp was a major move by the King of Andassis. As such, preparations were taken when choosing its commander. Even with his lack of choices, he had screened Mo Ke multiple times, verifying that he was indeed the person for the job.

Based on his interactions with Mo Ke, he came to the conclusion that he was someone who was more sentimental. Someone that would not easily betray a person.

As for his otherworldly identity, he accepted it on the surface, but he was still on the fence about it. Not that it mattered…

The “movies” he was shown, while fantastical, weren’t objects impossible to replicate with magic. As proof of that, he questioned various magical authorities who came to the conclusion that producing such works was possible but expensive. The cost of producing one might even come out to a million gold coins. And that was just the cost of equipment…

The development routes of the two countries varied so much that what might have seemed simple in one world, was a wondrous feat in the other.

Back to the topic of those movies… the estimates he received were enough to bankrupt an empire, let alone a kingdom! In that case, they were better off just buying the kingdom. Why even bother going through the hassle of scheming in his kingdom?

At that point, even a monarch, and his tendencies for paranoia, had to admit that Mo Ke’s identity was worth betting on. After all, there was no other logical explanation for those movies.

In the first place, the Three Hells and the Western Human Realms were an example of different worlds, thus the idea of an otherworldly visitor wasn’t even that unusual.

With every sign pointing in favor of Mo Ke, his otherworldly identity was basically confirmed. Along with it, his qualifications to be the new commander of the Magitek Knight Corp.

And while the King had his own reasons for involving Mo Ke, Mo Ke himself had his own reasons for accepting. Thus an accord was formed. Granted… the King was already scheming how to take back this authority, even in spite of the war being at its height.

One couldn’t just trust a person that fell from the sky, after all. Not a king, anyway.

Now that he was done with the ceremony, the King did not return to his quarters right away via a teleportation gate. Instead, he had his carriage take him on a leisure drive.

But even in this state, Misseger was still able to contact the outside world on his behalf.

“Your Majesty,” the dead-faced maid said as she looked at the crystal ball in her hands. “Lady Redleaf has rejected the request once more…”

“Has she…” the King sighed. “But I’m sure Lady Mo Ke should suffice for the time being.”

Another notification popped up through the crystal ball then.

Upon reading it, even the stony-faced Misseger finally broke her war on emotions. “Your Majesty! The great houses have finally begun sending over aid. 50000 elite soldiers, but they want their children back.”

Even the King was visibly pleased by that news. “Have Baroque receive command of these troops,” he stated with smiling eyes.

Baroque was the younger brother of Baku. Just like his older brother, he was completely loyal to the King. Having a trusted subordinate receive command of these troops was actually a means by which the King took back some of the authorities given to the nobles. The whole training camp was just bait for these troops. A bait which worked, and he even got to keep the bait after hooking the fish…

“But…” Misseger seemed to notice the incongruence as well.

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“Don’t worry, they can’t do much,” the King declared in a firm voice. “Tell them this, their children are fighting for the glory of our kingdom. They should be proud!”


To anyone not familiar with the magitek armors, his words were basically a death sentence for those children. Misseger was aware of this fact, thus she feared that the situation would spiral out of control. In contrast, the King and his allies had full faith in this new project. A group of five-stars and six-stars wasn’t something to laugh at, especially when they did not fatigue especially and possessed a powerful new area-of-effect weapon.

Naturally, all that was just theoretical. With just eight days of training and no actual combat data, even Misseger couldn’t fully reconcile those children with a special forces corp that each had the power of a five-star mage.

“It will work out.”

“But the great houses…”

“They won’t rebel. They aren’t fools either. At least not before the conclusion of the battle at Fort Andaria.”

“But the magitek knights…”

“Their fate is in the hands of Lady Mo Ke, as much as I’m not comfortable with the idea of fate…” The king gently grabbed onto Misseger’s hands. “Even without those elves, we will make it through this war… In fact, I can already see our bright future…”

“Mhm…” Misseger laid in his gentle embrace, no longer that stony-faced attendant she was before…



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