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Chapter 806: Magitek Knight Corps

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The day had finally arrived. This was the day I was to send the brats to war. After yesterday’s little exercise, they had learnt to work with each other, and perhaps even entrust their backs to their classmates.

However, my time with them was short. I had considered requesting an extension, but I quickly changed my mind on second thought.

The situation in the kingdom was rapidly deteriorating day by day. General Cleoz was currently holding the line at Fort Andaria, but should that fall, this kingdom would be at its death throes. The Ertalonese army would have a straight shot towards the royal capital, or anywhere else in the kingdom.

The Ertalonese army knew this as well, thus they threw their entire might at the fort. Andassis the Seventh had been desperately scrounging up men and equipment to send towards the frontline, but his efforts were miniscule compared to the 200,000 strong army he faced.

In just the eight days I spent training the kids, the king had visibly aged a few years. Deep eyebags covered a face devoid of any color, and even his hair seemed to fall limply by his sides.

After a brief discussion with Andassis the Seventh, I soon learnt why he was so desperate to send the magitek armors onto the battlefield. On top of the obvious military aims, there were political considerations as well…

These students were all picked from noble lineages. Every one of them were either scions of great houses, sole heirs, or just kids who held great potential in the future. Naturally, these great expectations were a testament to their strength, as well as a chain on them.

The fact that a hundred of such candidates were being sent to the battlefield posed a massive problem… What was a parent to do in such a situation?

The king knew that by sending these kids to the battlefield as soon as possible, he would be able to squeeze more aid out of these noble houses. After all, if the kingdom were to fall, their heirs would die a horrible death as well.

Well done on the part of the king… the moment he chose those candidates, those nobles were ensnared in his machinations.

Yet it wasn’t all smooth-sailing for the king either. The pressure on him was now two-fold, thanks to his little stunt with the nobles.

He had to send those kids now, else someone might start harboring certain ideas.

The morning that greeted us was a warm one. The camp wasn’t bustling like the past few days, but the atmosphere was immeasurably heavier.

Row after row of magitek armors lined the otherwise empty training grounds. After eight days of training, the kids were finally ready to graduate, whether they wanted to or not. Back straight and heads held high, they stood beside their future partner in war.

“Today is the day you will be sent to the battlefield. Are you scared?”


As I looked at their firm faces, I was at a loss as to how to react to their enthusiasm. Thankfully, there was no need for me to consider as the king soon arrived…

“His Majesty, Andassis the Seventh, has arrived!”

As the herald announced the king’s arrival with a clarion call, his hundreds-strong entourage parted to make way for his golden carriage.

With Misseger’s help, Andassis the Seventh gracefully descended from the steps with a smile. Beside him was his longtime bodyguard, Baku.

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“Long live His Majesty the King.”

Those who had met the king before quickly knelt down. As for those less versed in protocol, they merely followed the lead of their classmates.

I nodded at the king. “Your Majesty.” Perhaps to others he was an imposing figure, but in my eyes, he was just that, a human king.

“Lady Mo Na, are they ready?”

“They are.”

“In that case… I, Andassis the Seventh, hereby announce the formation of the Magitek Knights Corp!”

There was no fanfare. No ceremony. Nothing. It was just a proclamation by the king himself.

“Lady Mo Na, will you accept the appointment as the first commander of the Magitek Knights Corp?”

“I will.”

This had all been agreed upon beforehand. I had planned on making a big splash with my magitek armor, and Andassis the Seventh needed a competent commander, thus it didn’t take much before this mutually beneficial agreement was reached.

The king then reached forth for the jewel-encrusted sword in Baku’s hands. It was an ornately golden sword, carved with the words “Commander of the Magitek Knights Corp” -the sword that would soon represent the honor and dignity of the newly formed corp. An ornamental sword, but the symbol of authority of my new rank.

“I present to you the sword, Lady Mo Na.”

Normally, I would have to kneel at this point, but we had already agreed that I would not.

While all these actions might have seemed disrespectful to the king, my track record of having killed an overlord elevated me to the same status as one too. For the mighty, kneeling wasn’t even an issue worth mentioning.

If this was an actual knighting ceremony, it wouldn’t have been such a simple affair, but with the kingdom in danger, this would have to suffice.

With the corps officially set up, and a few words of encouragement later, Andassis the Seventh left in a hurry. The recipients of said encouragement -the students- were still in a tizzy from the quick ceremony; none of them aware of the implications of those short but heavy words.

I couldn’t blame them either – the eight days of training had left them unaware of the situation on the outside. Naturally, they had no way of knowing how bad the war was going for the kingdom.

At this point, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that these students were this kingdom’s last hope. If this newly formed corp were to suffer heavy losses, those nobles who had been tricked would gladly pay the king back in kind. Thanks to that, the safety of these students were paramount.

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For that reason alone, I had to be the commander. Ugh… He has it good, he’s not the one babysitting these kids in a battle.

A short while after the king’s departure, Meister Amori walked out of the warehouse.

“Commander Mo Na, the teleportation circle is complete, we are ready to depart once the support team is ready.”

Next to Amori was a familiar bearded figure: Meister Belud.

“Lady Mo Na, looking forward to joining you on the battlefield. I’m sure this will be an exciting trip for the both of us, if you know what I mean…”

I ignored his little tomfoolery and sternly said, “I’ll leave the supporting in your capable hands then.”

“No problem, leave it to us!”

Belud thumped his chest with confidence.

“In that case, we’re off!”

This marked the first skirmish of the magitek armors, and it certainly wasn’t going to be the last.

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