Chapter 795: No More Talking

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The Nature Elves have a command hierarchy with an elven queen, an elven king, and, finally, the Elder Council.

Their queen serves till death, with each queen said to be born from a fruit of the World Tree, possessing immense magical talents from birth.

Each elven king is chosen from the strongest of warriors, with a tournament held every decade.

The Elder Council is made up of twelve elders, each representing one of the twelve strongest clans.

Nature Elves possess a functional society, focusing on the arts, love and freedom. While they do eat meat, they value life highly, and mostly subsist on a diet of plants and fruits.

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“The logic is sound, but the children… they are innocent…”

I paused at that point and gave Andassis the Seventh a compassionate look. At this point, I didn’t need words to tell him what I wanted, unless the old man wants to go senile on me right now!

“Oh, my Nana, you’re just the kindest girl!” Redleaf suddenly chimed in, having found the time at last to stop munching on her snacks. Having done that, she threw a scornful look at Misseger for her callousness.

Even so, the maidservant wasn’t fazed as she retorted sharply, “The dignity of the royal family must not be sullied. An example must be made to remind them that such a transgression is not without a heavy price!”

Just looking at her eagerness, bordering on bloodthirsty, I could tell this was a woman that probably wouldn’t get married!

But as the king’s maid, I guess she wasn’t going to get married anyway…

“Your Majesty, what are your views?”

“Hmm… Lady Mo Na, does make a fair point.” Andassis the Seventh cleared his throat a little to relieve the pressure from my intent stare. “Misseger, I admire your loyalty, but perhaps following Lady Mo Na’s suggestion would be for the best.”

“I… understand and obey, Your Majesty.”

“In that case, once Misseger sorts out the innocent women and children, the rest will be…” a glint of murder flasthed in his eyes, “dealt the capital punishment.”

“Understood.” Misseger bowed. “With your leave, Your Majesty, I will depart to make the preparations.”

“You may go.”

With that, I had done all that I could do. The Viscount had committed a treasonous act, so regardless of my efforts, someone had to hang for his crimes.

Now that our ice queen was gone, our topic shifted to the actual results of the trial combat, and thankfully, the atmosphere was a lot less icy.

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“Even if I wasn’t able to witness it myself, after tonight’s unexpected incursion, suffice to say, the power of a magitek armor has surpassed our greatest expectations. It is now a question of mass production.” Andassis the Seventh took the lead with his statement, followed up by a poignant question of his own. “Lady Mo Na, when can this begin? And the cost…”

“The costs of constructing Wyrm was beyond my expectation, I’ll admit, but I need not impress upon Your Majesty the effectiveness of this first prototype. As for when… it can start at a moment’s notice, though, the cost will have to be determined after deliberation with Meister Amori and Belud.”

With Ferti’nier’s help, a mass-production version of the magitek armor could be made available easily, but procuring the ingredients required were not my forte.

“Mhm… a fair point… What time is it now?”

Prince Sersan took out a golden magical pocket watch. “Two hours past midnight, Father.”

“Is it that late already? Let us continue this discussion early in the morning, I do not wish to disturb Lady Mo Na’s rest any further.” Andasiss the Seventh yawned at that point. Not being a young sprightly prince anymore, he was starting to feel the fatigue of the late night, thus this opportunity to rest was a welcome one.

His son, however, wasn’t all too keen on leaving, but even that was quickly remedied by a quick glare.

Before leaving, the king nodded my way one last time. “Lady Mo Na, we’ll take our leave of you now. Have a good rest, we will catch up at noon.”

“As you wish, Your Majesty.”

With my promise in hand, the king and his entourage left.

The prince gave me a longing stare, but quickly turned around as well when he noticed the murderous look thrown his way by his father.

“Have a good rest, Lady Mo Na. Doris, I’ll leave the lady’s care to you.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Yet even after the men were gone, there was still another clingy visitor left behind.

“Aren’t you leaving, Redleaf?”

“Not tonight. I want to sleep with Nana.” She flashed me a smitten smile while she clawed the air in front of me like a hungry wolf. “Come to me, my delicious little Nana.”


Why does it feel like I’m on the losing end if we sleep on the same bed?

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In the end, Redleaf reluctantly got off my bed in exchange for more movies from my electronic AI.

The next day I awoke to the sounds of sniffling in the background. It was only when I was lucid enough to get off my bed that I discovered it was Redleaf who was crying.

“What’s the matter, Redleaf, did someone bully you?”

“No one did, but the leads of this movie are so tragic. They can’t even be together in death… Just the thought of that makes me want to cry…” She started crying again.

“Those movies aren’t real…” I reminded her in an exasperated tone.

“But I still want to cry…”

“… Fine, just cry. Once you’re done crying, you will feel better…”

“Kay.” She answered and actually began crying in earnest.

I swear… does she always have to be so affected by a movie? Is this their nature?

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