Chapter 794: More Talking

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Redleaf… you’ve really taken this as your own home, haven’t you…

Her wants didn’t go unanswered long before Doris came back with a tray of snacks of sweet creams and honeys. With a smile, Redleaf gladly dug in.

Looking at her enter “afternoon tea” mode, Misseger knew that the elf had no more questions. Turning back to her master, she continued reporting, “Two months ago, Viscount Nollens was found to have secretly transferred his assets to the Kingdom of Ertalon. Thanks to our royal mages, we managed to capture the Viscount before he managed to abscond…”

This revelation was big. There was now a high chance that the mastermind was connected to Ertalon. But why would the personal maid of the King know about how some viscount was secretly transferring his assets to another kingdom two months ago? Especially since he did so secretly.

Clearly, our dear Majesty had his intelligence forces monitoring the entire kingdom, and the person in charge of this department was most likely this mature-looking beauty in front of us!

As for why no one noticed these intruders before they proceeded to intrude… Well, I really didn’t know. Perhaps a mistake? Or perhaps on purpose? Either way, that had nothing to do with me.

But now that we had the culprit responsible for this security lapse, another problem arises. I did not know this Viscount Nollens, and even if he had seen me before, he shouldn’t have known about the progress of the lab.

The progress was a highly-guarded secret, with only the King and the Prince, and perhaps their closest confidants, having access to this information.

If such confidants were responsible for the leak… then this kingdom wasn’t that far off from its doom. In that case, the most likely people to have leaked were those working on the project!

Now, just because the brass of the lab were always fooling around and watching movies, didn’t mean they weren’t tight-lipped when it mattered. Every researcher was monitored as required. Even with his royal ties, Amori had never left the palace since starting on this project, not even once, let alone those under him.

The only way those working underneath him could sneak out this bit of information was if they had some method we weren’t aware of yet.

Some very arcane methods, brimming with fantasy…

“My apologies, a matter has appeared which requires my attention…”

Without warning, Misseger suddenly bade her farewell, having received a signal from an unknown source.

A while later, Misseger came back with news that was no less shocking than her first.

“We’ve captured the traitors. They are a disciple under Meister Belud, and one of the serving girls, along with a bunch of other accomplices who had been bribed…” Misseger began recounting her findings in detail, overturning everything I knew of this world in the process.

Arcane methods? All they needed was a piece of scrap paper an elementary kid used while passing notes…

“Because every person that enters the lab has to be checked by magical arrays; only such crude methods could work… truly, unexpected…” Sersan quipped, having finally found a window for him to squeeze himself into. “Misseger, how did you uncover all this? What admirable efficiency!”

“Just round up everyone in the lab and have their minds checked magically.”

That’s… really crude and effective…

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“I see… What about Meister Belud and Amori?” The prince clearly did not expect that answer either.

“I’m sure they will understand once we explain the situation to them.”

“Hah, humans.” Redleaf chimed as well, before returning right away to her tea, munching on a crisp basket, without a care for the annoyed look on Misseger’s face.

Ignoring that bit of derision, Misseger turned to address her own employer’s son in a tone that was neither disrespectful nor respectful, “Your Highness, is there anything else you wish to ask?”

“No. Nothing else…” His smile went crooked, clearly not comfortable with such rough methods. Unfortunately, that only earned him the disappointment of Andassis the Seventh. A fact which he only just realized.

At the end of the day, the Prince was heir to the throne, and a monarch shouldn’t shy away from such decisive methods when necessary. Leaving a loose end often resulted in greater tragedy in the future.

In fact, that last question by Misseger was probably a test, one which the Prince failed. Or at least he showed himself too soft, or average.

Unable to bear with this disappointment any longer, Andassis the Seventh turned to address me, albeit with a beaming smile on his face. “Lady Mo Na, how do you feel we should deal with the Viscount and his family?”

“Their punishment? Is there a need to ask my opinion?”

“As the victim, Lady Mo Na naturally has the right to decide their fates.”

“Oh, is that so?” I was a little taken aback by that. Something felt off, but I didn’t know what. “Right, but what was the original punishment?”


Andasiss the Seventh glanced in the direction of Misseger, who immediately got the message and picked up the conversation. “According to the law, their whole clan is to be executed.”

“All of them?”

“You mean… even the children?”

“This is a matter of the Royal Family’s honor!” Misseger answered firmly. “If we do not punish them for their misdeeds, then no one would follow the law. Especially since this matter concerns the kingdom’s secrets.”

“That’s true…”

Even if the punishment was overly harsh and devoid of human rights, it was a punishment of this time. Something minor like human lives was nothing compared to the dignity of the royal family.

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