Chapter 780: Observe and Learn Well

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Father!” Before Andassis the Seventh could get a word in, Sersan had already jumped out to make his support known. “Lady Mo Na is right, we need to get to work on those magitek armor, immediately!”

“… My dear son, would you like to share your reasoning first?” Andassis, on the other hand, was a lot more muted in his response.

“Didn’t Lady Mo Na just say that the hells are planning to invade?” Sersan almost stuttered as he opened up in an unsure tone. Then, as if the waves of inspiration were finally hitting him, he grew ever surer. “Since the Devils and Undead have already been preparing to invade the human realms since ages past, they would surely come out in full force–”

“And you are sure of that?”

“Well, Lady Mo Na just said that she was an otherworldly person…” It was at that point that Sersan finally recovered from his bout of stupidity.

That’s right… where would Lady Mo Na have obtained such information, if she was an otherworldly visitor and had been in an unconscious state since coming to the Western Human Realms? There might even be a chance that this person was actually a spy from the hells.

“So you finally understand?” Looking at his son’s moment of revelation, the king breathed a sigh of relief -at least this son of his wasn’t hopelessly dumb. “After watching that “movie”, I’ve come to the conclusion that those brutes in the hells would never have the finesse required to craft such a work of art. And neither do I doubt the veracity of Lady Mo Na’s words. But something as momentous as developing magitek armors surely isn’t as simple as that… Am I right, Lady Mo Na?”

That last bit was directed at me, and it’s underlying meaning couldn’t be clearer: how do we split the profits?

As much as Sersan was a brainless potato, his father, Andassis the Seventh, was every bit the wily fox.

A seasoned ruler like him must have seen from the movie that those military exosuits had exceptional strength. The weakest featured were at least five-star, while those massive mobile armors were at least seven-star. As for that last mobile armor which slayed that Primal beast, it was at least a nine-star.

Naturally, that was just referring to its destructive ability. An overlord’s greatest strength was his Territory. Compared to that, a mobile armor was nothing but a punching bag, barring those overlords who only specialised in support magicks.

Even so, magitek armor, being a crystallisation of the technology of two worlds, would undoubtedly grow to be Andassis’s main strength, perhaps even the entire realm’s strength.

Mass producing such an armor was a must in my plans. The whole reason why I even brought up the idea of researching was because a small quantity of magitek armors would do nothing against the might of overlords and even Demigods. At least, with sufficient armors produced, humans at the lower star levels wouldn’t be massacred so easily. Unlike cultivation which required an inordinate amount of resources to achieve a high star level, producing magitek armors would be able to raise the level of Andassis’s army by at least 70% with only material investments. At that point, their sheer numbers would be more than enough to overwhelm a more powerful foe. Probably.

Still, there was the question of how much materials… After all, the first suit hadn’t even been invented yet…

A purely technological approach to the suits wouldn’t work in a low-tech setting like the Western Human Realms. Besides, Ferti’nier was more versed in magic, which was why she brought up combining alchemy with science.

Yet even if all these armors were made for fending off the Devils, that did not mean that they should be given out for free… I actually didn’t mind all that much, to be honest. Preventing the Apocalypse was my ultimate goal anyway.

The prince clearly did not think too much into profits either, but the king wasn’t like his “foolish son”. Was there anyone who would give away such valuable knowledge for free? None. Clearly.

The king didn’t think so, and neither did I. Just because the Apocalypse was imminent didn’t mean that I should labor on their behalf for free. Absolutely not! Selfless or not, I had my terms for this impending cooperation.

“Once the research is complete, I won’t interfere in Your Majesty’s plans. What Your Majesty wishes to do with said schematics is also none of my concern, but my only condition is that this strength is shared to the greatest extent possible with the other kingdoms, at least till the realm is strong enough to fend off an invasion. In other words, I would hope that the research is ultimately shared, whether by trade or other means…”

After saying all that, I just did not want him to hoard this technology, and as a result, allow the hells to complete their mission.

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As a mission given by Lucifer Himself, who could say what such a powerful being had in mind once all was said and done.

“Fine. While I might not know where Lady Mo Na has learned of such privileged information, I am willing to place my faith in Lady Mo Na… May we have a fruitful cooperation.”


So it’s done? I guess no one with a brain would say no to such a sweet deal.

“And my dear son, Sersan, you have a lot to learn about ruling a country.”

“Yes, Father.”

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