Chapter 779: Identity Confirmation

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Lady Mo Na, is that “movie” rewatchable?” Lost in the sensory overload of a full-blown movie, a red-faced Sersan suddenly came back to his senses long enough at the end of the screening to ask of me, nay, plead, “I know this “movie” must be of immeasurable value, but perhaps… forgive my directness…”

From his burning gaze, I could tell that he had truly fallen for this new medium of entertainment. Yet the young prince wasn’t the only one who had been so thoroughly conquered, Andassis the Seventh had an equally fervent gaze as he looked towards me. As for Misseger, she was by the wall, recovering from the sheer excitement, or perhaps horror of the realistic carnage depicted within the movies.

I, however, was more than accustomed to such things. Had it not been for the movie being of such high production quality, I would have honestly written it off as trash.

“The movie can be repeated, and I have other variations of it as well. Before that… Your Majesty, can I take this as confirmation of my otherworldly identity?”

“Otherworldly?” Sersan was stunned for a second, but he quickly reacted to the term. “So Lady Mo Na is from a different world after all, no wonder you seem so different from the rest.”

“Thanks for the compliment, but we should be engaging in more meaningful activities.”

“Such as?”

Because Sersan only joined us midway, he did not know what I was referring to at all.

“Saving the world.” I declared in a steady voice.


“I know you won’t believe me without proof, so please direct your eyes to this next scene.” I had Lingling play a portion of the video footage recorded within Southern Plains. First, was the transformed cityscape, next were the transformed citizenry. Finally, the exosuit-clad soldiers fighting off hordes of undead.

If the prince was the epitome of excitement before, he was now the very picture of stillness. “Seems like this foreign world isn’t as perfect as I first thought.”

Truly, a case of “the grass seems greener on the other side.”

“Perhaps I should start with a summary of what happened on Gaia. An Undead Demigod by the name of Karlston arrived unto Gaia from this realm. He posed as an ordinary man, using his connections to produce and illegally sell an undead virus en masse, turning the entire city into sacrificial pawns for his sick plot. Because of his actions, the laws of the world around the city have begun to warp. The fortunate few who benefited from this change managed to evolve, though not all count this as a blessing…”

According to Ferti’nier’s script, I took this time to play some of the video footage of the humans who had gained special abilities. These were all survivors of the initial onslaught, not even half of the original population. This group, in particular, were the ones I had sent out of Southern Plains after rescuing them. I should thank my lucky stars that they hadn’t gone rogue from their own found powers.

Their mutations were varied. Some had a body akin to adamantite; some had gained the ability to control fire; and some had gained the ability to summon a variety of monsters to aid them.

Of the last, the most outstanding example was that tri-colored hoodlum who managed to summon a fifty meter tall skeletal giant. The same one which was later abused by Yamabe Takuma and his cheat-like ability of Vocal Psychokinesis.

It was truly a shame that these two had gone down the wrong path, and it was a misfortune on their part to have met me. Else they would have probably grown to greatness,

“These “supernatural abilities” you speak of differ from magic…” Andassis the Seventh remarked after watching the clips. “Some have produced effects similar to an Overlord’s Territory. Others seem to be on the lower end of the strength spectrum… While some have powers bordering on the precipice of altering the fabric of the world…”

“Even if some of these ability users have yet to show promise, the alchemical standards of Gaia have reached an unprecedented level of advancement! If I may so ask, Lady Mo Na, what is the average lifespan of the citizens of Gaia?”

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In a lot of ways, the lifespan of the average citizen was a good estimation of a country’s prosperity.

“Hmm… Gaia does have a few cultivators, but the world as a whole is rather special. There is no world-spanning system of cultivation, at least not before this disaster. The level of medical advances in the world is rather high, however. Practitioners of these arts are similar to those who specialise in healing and potions. Thanks to these people, the average person is able to live up to 200 years old.”


A sharp intake of breath could be heard from each of their wide-open mouths.

Compared to the average lifespan of 60 of the Western Human Realms, the lifespan of a Gaian was groundbreaking to the ears of Andassis the Seventh.

The king fell silent for a while. Finally, he spoke with deliberate slowness. “Then why has Lady Mo Na appeared in the Western Human Realms?”

There was no need to question my otherworldly identity at this point – those clips made sure of that. What he was asking was why did I happen to appear in his kingdom, and why did I happen to appear before his son… Such coincidences were… concerning…

“Gaia does not have the technology to cross worlds… the reason why I even came to this realm was… pure coincidence? Would you believe me if I were to say that?”

Well, my conscience is clear, regardless of whether or not you believe me!

Emperors and kings of the past were wont to see events in the light of “some treacherous cretin is plotting to steal my throne”, so I wouldn’t be surprised if my circumstances resembled those of a conspiracy.

“Perhaps… Or perhaps this is all the will of the divinities…” Andassis turned to look at me with a burning fervor. “Then, Lady Mo Na, would you elaborate on what you mean by saving the world? You mentioned prior that the Devils and the Undead were going to invade the Western Human Realms. I believe this news, but does Lady Mo Na have a plan of action?”

“Ahem. Exactly…” I paused for deliberate effect. “I will provide to you the craftsmanship of Gaia. In return, the manpower and resources will be provided by your kingdom, and together, we bring forth the first magitek armor in the Western Human Realms!”

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