Chapter 777: Concerning the Future

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Before the beautiful maidservant could finish speaking, the door of the apartment slowly opened. Lo and behold, Andassis the Seventh was standing there waiting for me.

Seeing her master before her, the beautiful maidservant instinctively bowed, “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

“Mhm, Lady Mo Na, you’re here. Misseger, have a pot of coffee ready, there are some matters I wish to discuss with Lady Mo Na.” Andassis the Seventh smoothly instructed the maid, then turned to smile at me. “Lady Mo Na, is now a good time for a talk? It’s regarding the future.”

“Very well, I just so happen to have something to discuss with Your Majesty as well.” I smiled. “It’s also regarding the future.”

“What a fortuitous coincidence.” The king excitedly clapped his hands together. “I knew we were meant for each other.”


“What’s the matter, Lady Mo Na? Your face is looking bad, are you perhaps feeling ill somewhere?”

Clearly, he did not realise how much that “meant for each other” disgusted me.

“I’m… fine… Your Majesty. It’s okay.” I shook my head and tried to force a smile at the man, albeit stiffly. “But I think the future we are thinking of might be… a little different.”

Relieved to learn that I wasn’t sick, he snuck a quick wink. “Oh, how so?”

If we were being perfectly honest right now, that wink wasn’t his only attempt at flirting since we entered; a behavior you would normally expect from someone probably half his age. Was he trying to tell me that he was still young at heart? Or perhaps something else?

But that wasn’t the main issue right now… this fellow was just so annoyingly brazen. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was rich, I would have slapped him across his face, of that you could be sure!

“While I might not know what this future Your Majesty speaks of might entail, the future I’m referring to concerns the entirety of the Western Human Realms.” I looked the man right in his eyes, and found that he was seriously listening for once. It was then that I began our discussion anew. “I have a piece of news of utmost importance: the Devils and the Undead have already begun preparing to invade the Western Human Realms. Their aim is to slaughter every human being… or simply put, the Apocalypse.”


Platter of coffee in hand, Misseger couldn’t help but shudder a little, spilling some of the black liquid within.

“My apologies… I will prepare two new cups.”

“An invasion by the Devils and the Undead?” Andassis the Seventh said in a half-believing manner. “Lady Mo Na, news of such gravity mustn’t be uttered in vain. Even though I truly wish to believe you on a personal basis, as the monarch, I have to exercise prudence when it concerns the fate of my own kingdom. Lady Mo Na, do you have any proof?”

“Proof… perhaps this will suffice?”

Having predicted that I wouldn’t convince the king so easily, Ferti’nier and I had already come to an agreement beforehand regarding this unique identity of mine.

I showed him the electronic implant on the back of my left hand. But before I could even explain, Andassis the Seventh had already jumped the gun. “Such intricate artwork, and on such a beautiful hand… Even the most skilled artists of the Nature Elves would find themselves hard-pressed to match the artistry of this tattoo… but the choice of purple wings…”

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Hey, don’t think I didn’t catch that offhand remark about my hand, you pervert!

However, now wasn’t the time to burn bridges. Swallowing that bit of disgust in my mouth, I briskly brushed over that bit of indecency. “It’s a special tool of my world, an electronic implant. It has many features, so many that it would beggar belief.”

“Electronic… implant?”

“That’s right, an electronic implant. It’s an ubiquitous tool everyone in my world possesses. It serves as identification, a means of trade, entertainment, communication, and so on and so forth…”

I began rattling off about the multiple benefits of an electronic implant, all the while the king gave a wide-eyed look, similar to how a Gaian would react should he learn of the existence of magic.

Finally, when I had finished my impromptu lecture, the king slowly opened with this, “Lady Mo Na is from another world?”

“Yes, I’m from the planet of Gaia.” I admitted unabashedly. Technically, I wasn’t lying there.

Yet in comparison to my identity, the king was probably more concerned about this strange new civilisation he was learning of. “So Lady Mo Na’s homeworld has highly advanced magicks?”

“Not magic, but science.” I corrected him. “But you may consider science as a kind of special branch of alchemy.”

“I see, so Lady Mo Na hailed from a world where alchemy has advanced highly?” The king quickly caught on, the mental cogs in his whirling at a mad pace as he began forming his own understanding of the situation -as one would expect of a person who could serve as a monarch of a kingdom. “Then Lady Mo Na’s electronic… implant still retains some of its functions after arriving in our world?”

Just the fact that he had caught on to the crux of the situation so quickly made me reevaluate my view of this pervert. In all likelihood, my following answer was also going to prove whether or not I was actually a visitor from another world.

“Let me perform a quick demonstration,” I confidently declared. “This is one of our local specialities, the “movie”…”

“Your Majesty, your coffee… Lady Mo Na, your coffee.”

“Thank you.”

Misseger brought the newly poured cups before us, and upon returning my nod, quietly took her position behind Andassis the Seventh.

The two of them lined up before me, I could clearly see the anticipation in their eyes. Meaning… It was now time for my orator skills to shine… nay, for science to shine!

Savages of this magical world, watch and amazed. Bow before the sheer majesty of the movie theater!

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