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Chapter 776: A Father and Son Confrontation

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Not understanding the words was just one part of the problem. Having spent time on Earth and Gaia, reading wasn’t exactly my first choice of entertainment. A movie or animation were by far better choices.

Meaning… I couldn’t be bothered to read a book written in a foreign language, and I wasn’t about to use psychic magicks on Aivar to learn said language.

“No problem, this book was made to cater to both Human and Elvish.” Having said that, Aivar flipped open the first page, revealing two rows of starkly different words printed neatly above or below each other. Of the two, the bottom row was the familiar language of the Western Human Realms.

“Don’t you want to read it yourself?”

“I’ve read it many times, and this particular book was meant as a gift, even though I did not actually have someone in mind to gift this book to before Nana visited. Honestly, it has already been fifty years since I had this book, during which I never found a single person I felt deserved this book.”

Makes sense… why would she carry around a book with Human on it, obviously it was meant to be given to a human. Still, 50 years just to give out a book is definitely something… Elves being elves, I say!

“In that case, I’ll be sure to read through it carefully, thanks.”

In an entertainment-starved, medieval-like world, a book created solely for telling a story was definitely a luxury, let alone when this book was a product of the Nature Elves!

Throughout the entire realm, such books were basically the monopoly of the long-lived Nature Elves. After all, only they had the time required to expand on such unnecessary endeavors -even their weapons were intricately decorated with carvings… all of them!

Truly, they had too much time on their hands! But what would you expect from a race that could make their trees bear fruit just by feeding it mana? Completely different from Humans who had to walk that tightrope between life and death.

But returning back to this book, such gifts were a rarity, both for their ornate covers and just the sheer infrequency of elves actually gifting such books. On the black market, these could easily fetch hundreds of thousands of gold coins to the right buyer.

Just based on that fact, one could see how generous Aivar was. Or at the very least, she was willing to give away such a highly prized book to someone she had just met.

“Remember to come find me if there’s something you don’t know~~”

“Mhm, I will.”

“Remember to wear more clothes, the weather might still be amiable, but it would be better if you do not expose more skin than unnecessary, especially those from your neck and under…”


“Don’t look at me like that, you have no idea how perverted these humans can be… I bet you didn’t know that there are some who would even… react to your hand!”

I bet you wanted to say “get off”…

Aivar ended up prattling for a few minutes more before I finally left -what are you, my mom?

However, I was still grateful for her concern.

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Not long after I said my farewells to Aivar, I was in the midst of contemplating my next course of action, whether to return to my room, or just walk around. That was when I remembered I did not even know the way around the palace, and not just anybody could roam the palace.

Thankfully, rescue came just on time.

Dressed in her maidservant attire, blond hair flowing and parted, Doris popped into view just around the corner ahead.

Her breath was ragged from running, and her face slightly harried, though she swiftly collected herself when she spotted me.

“Greetings, Lady Mo Na, I’m here under His Highness’s orders to receive you.”

“Oh, Sersan told you to get me? How considerate.” I nodded to show my appreciation. “I’ll be sure to pass on my thanks when I next see him.”

Having just said that, another maidservant, roughly in her late twenties and decidedly more professional-looking popped into view. Her long blond hair was neatly tied up to give her a sense of mature beauty. Her body had just the right curves that were further accentuated with each step she took. Her bounteous chest screamed desire, cementing that impression of a beauty in her prime.

This was the king’s personal maidservant, and she seemed to be looking for me as well.

“Greetings, Lady Mo Na.” She sashayed seductively towards me, finally ending in a well-practised curtsy, a stark contrast to the harried Doris. “His Majesty, the King, sent me here to receive you. His Majesty has prepared a new room for you to use, please, follow me.”

Having said that, the mature maid threw a pointed look at Dories, who immediately lowered her head like a scared puppy.

Is this… a proxy war between the prince and his father?

In that case, who should I follow… Doris or this new maid? Which also begs the question: who holds the reins in this kingdom?

I turned to look at the younger maid who had been cowed into submission, searching for a possible answer to my question, though it seemed that answer was about to present itself anyway…

“Please inform His Highness, tell him that His Majesty has something to discuss with Lady Mo Na.” The mature maid practically ordered her junior before turning to look in my direction, as if judging me as well.

Finally, she lowered her head like her pointed gaze was nothing but a figment of my imagination. “If you would be so kind, Lady Mo Na.”

What a capricious older sister we have… I’ll have you know I’m the true winner in this battle between the prince and his father! In a certain sense…

I turned to look at the young maid who looked to be on the verge of tears and shrugged helplessly, after which I followed the other maid away.

“I’ve failed…” I faintly heard her say after we had departed quite a distance. She seemed to be beating herself for her weak showing.

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Well, fret not, young lady, once your master ascends to the throne, you can be like your mature senior over here.

Still, I wonder if she’s crying right now? And would that be my fault?

The mature maidservant continued leading the way ahead in silence. As we weaved through countless walkways that left my head spinning, we finally arrived before a small, three-storied apartment.

“This is the accommodation prepared by His Majesty, it has been tidied beforehand. Your own maidservant should arrive shortly to serve you.”

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