Chapter 771: A Conversation with Ferti’nier (2)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Wait… did Ferti’nier bring those mobile armors over from Gaia? No way, we share the same body, even if she did so stealthily, there’s no way I wouldn’t know… Or not… I guess if she really wants to do so without my knowledge, I couldn’t do much either…

Alright, no more beating about the bush -what are you planning, exactly?

“Well, since my little brother is being so direct, I guess I will have to respond in kind. Your big sis is actually planning to create her own mobile armors.”

Create? Isn’t that just magic armor then? Are you sure? When did you even become our resident scientist?

“In the words of a cultivation light novel, strength, regardless of its source, draws from the same roots. Science is strong in its own rights. Even Magic has its own limits, whether we are talking about its adaptability or accessibility. While not everyone can be a scientist, their inventions are made available to the race as a whole. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this.”

That’s true, both science and magic look to understand the mysteries of the world and its laws. The combination of these two forces would only be an enhancement, perhaps even multiplicatively. The two are equal branches of development.

“Honestly, your big sis learned quite a fair bit on Gaia. Like the knowledge Lixiang possesses has already been completely assimilated by your big sis. Whatever she knows, your big sis knows as well. In fact, your big sis has already come up with a rather interesting concept, combining both alchemy and mechanical engineering, to create a whole new breed of exosuits. Perhaps calling it an exosuit is no longer suitable, given that elemental magicks have been imbued into it. Calling it a “magitek” exosuit would be more appropriate.”

So you’re saying what Lixiang and her family have spent decades learning has already been assimilated and replicated by you?

“That’s right. Not hard, really. Do you want a copy as well? But take care not to overwork your tiny brain, or you will have hell to pay later.”

Are you calling me dumb? Actually, don’t answer that… And, you know what, I will take back what I said earlier.

“You mean the bit about magic and science being equal?”

That’s right.. The fact that you can replicate decades of hard work with just a simple spell is just… unfair…

“It’s actually not as bad as you make it out to be. The two branches are fundamentally different, but the same outcomes can be achieved. Memories can eventually be replicated, albeit with some additional steps. And immortality isn’t a dream, once healthcare has progressed to a certain point. The process would just take longer, that’s all.”

Just from those words alone, I could tell Ferti’nier had gained a fondness for science, and had even done well in it. Now that we were back in the Western Human Realms, it was time to show her results. Namely, by getting this kingdom to create some exosuits for us.

“Not exosuits. “Magitek” exosuits. The “magitek” is important since they combine both alchemy and science. You need to be more sensitive to the locality you’re in.”

As if a devil king like you needs to be sensitive. Enough sidetracking, why does it have to be done in this kingdom?

“Well. The materials required are many and varied, so your big sis plans to use the resources of a kingdom to overcome that problem. Besides…”

“This is your big sis’s first attempt at creating such a magitek exosuit. The chances of failure are high… There’s no heart pain if the materials aren’t ours to begin with.”

What a cheapskate.

“That’s only because you don’t know how truly difficult these materials are to obtain.”

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Start by telling me what they are.

“In order to have the best effect, I would first require the skeleton of a pure, Overlord-class dragon. Next, we need large quantities of mithril, three psychic meditation gemstones…”

Say no more… I approve of this plan… Just the first two alone are enough to bankrupt me… But why an entire set of dragon bones? Are you sure this won’t end up being mistaken for necromancy?

“Not at all, the bones of a creature is one of the basic ingredients of alchemy. Dark alchemy is only forbidden because it uses materials such as human bones and flesh. In other words, every other creature is fine.

So that’s why… I learnt something new today.

“For the time being, we have to be patient, at least till your big sis is done creating those magitek exosuits. At that point, we can just hand over the method of creating these weapons to the Kingdom of Andassis, along with every other human kingdom. Once the humans are able to mass-produce these weapons, the Apocalypse should roughly be upon us as well. See, Little Brother, your wish to protect the humans is going to be fulfilled as well.”

What you said… makes sense, but why does it feel like something is off?

“Not at all. Just get some rest first, you will need it when you turn your charms onto that king and prince. Only when they are obedient can we…”

Stop, right there! I don’t swing that way!

“Whatever. Just improvise.”

You can forget about me ever charming some guy! But I approve of this magitek exosuit plan, though, the details will have to be worked out tomorrow. I just hope they won’t say no.

“They won’t. Your big sis guarantees it.”

And that’s precisely why I’m worried.

Overall, my little chat with Ferti’nier was enlightening. In a massive war for the world, small fries like me barely had an impact at all. But since Ferti’nier was the one who personally came up with this plan, it was worth a shot. At the very least, increasing the overall strength of the humans would mean that they won’t get overrun by a tidal wave of devils…

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