Chapter 767: An Unknown Ceiling

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

An unknown ceiling…

An ornately decorated room, a bed lined with the softest of pillows, attended to by a beautiful maidservant…

I could feel the air brimming with pure magical energies…

I’m no longer in Gaia, I take it… After all, Gaia doesn’t have this sort of decor.

So, where am I then?

What happened after Karlston fired off his forbidden spell?

Even though I couldn’t be sure if this was the case, but I vaguely remembered Ferti’nier mentioning that she had a marker set in the Western Human Realms.

The Western Human Realms? But what about Karlston? He doesn’t seem to be the type of villain to just croak from a simple spell. Is he still in Southern Plains? Or has he returned to the Western Human Realms as well?

“Milady, you’ve awoken? I will inform His Highness, right away.” Just as I began mulling over the multitudes of questions I had, the maidservant before me greeted me with a jovial smile. “I’m sure His Highness would be delighted by the news of your awakening.”

Having said that, she left before I could even respond.

However, she did not leave for long before the sounds of an argument filled my ears from outside my door.

Said door wasn’t soundproof. An odd choice, but probably deliberate, given there was magic to set a room’s soundproofing from soundproof to non-soundproof.

Naturally, the twenty-odd year old maidservant was privy to that argument. She turned around and gave me a cheeky wink. “Don’t worry, it will be over soon.”

From the sound of things, such an occurrence wasn’t rare, and it often took place outside a door; she seemed more than accustomed to chuckling at the heated argument.

“Father, I’m already 25, I know what I’m doing! She is my future Queen! I know it!” A youthful voice shouted.

“I will never acknowledge some strange woman from god-knows-where!” A stern voice replied.

“She’s not some unknown woman, I’ve made sure to have her checked, I checked everything…”

“Oh? And what was the result?”

“She must be an angel!”

“My child, perhaps Bishop Rokla should have a look at you, have you been under a great deal of stress recently… Perhaps I’ve been too harsh on you…”

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“I’m fine, father! She is an angel, I saw her fall from the heavens!”

“I heard she fell from a tree.”

“She fell from the heavens first, then fell from a tree.”

That logic… you just can’t win…

“Fine, fine, your father doesn’t wish to argue with you on this matter. But you have to know, not every girl who falls from a tree is an angel.”

“But she’s so beautiful, and I’ve already used her likeness to search the entire realm, there’s nothing to suggest she even exists. Father, do you know what that means? She’s not of our kingdom, perhaps not even of our world! She is an angel, my angel…”

“Oh… my child, are you sure you’re alright? I think you’ve been a little under the weather recently.”

“No, I’m fine, father.”

“Regardless, I need to have a look at this girl, first… You’re my only heir, your candidate for Queen must never be chosen so haphazardly!”

“I know what you’re planning, father. But I do not want to marry the daughter of some prominent noble. They are just so fake, they give me goosebumps.”

“Barbara has the blood of the imperial family in her. Not only that, she is perfect in every other way, you should reconsider. Rather than devote your attention to some unknown woman. I don’t even know what she looks like. How do you know she’s not some spy from another country?”

“How could she be a spy?! She’s too beautiful for that! Father, you’re reading too much into this, I’m sure you will agree with me once you’ve seen her. I guarantee it!”

“I just hope so…”

Following those few minutes of heated debating, the door finally opened.
A group of three men and two women stepped through the doorway. Their elegant gait spoke of their long hours of practise, giving each an aura of nobility. The two men at the head were clearly influential, based on their exquisite finery. The older of the two was the very definition of authority.

The maidservant beside me bowed deeply, no longer frivolous as she was before.

However, the man’s aura did not bother me in the slightest. Absolutely not… I was just a little put off by having five people barge into the room all of a sudden. That’s why I wrapped myself in the blanket.

That was actually more of an instinct, on my part. Upon awakening, I immediately checked my being, and found that I was wearing a skirt… Still in shock from my appalling state, that bunch marched right in… Judging by that exchange just now, the middle-aged, well-dressed man was probably the “father”.

“You woke up! Great!” Seeing my confused state, the handsome blonde youth standing behind the middle-aged man quickly stepped forward to comfort me. “Be at ease, you’re safe here, I will protect you.”

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“Hold on a moment, Sersan, my dear son. I will have you step aside first, I need to have a few words with this lady.” The middle-aged but still handsome man eyed me for a second. His eyes narrowed and his face jumped a little, but he quickly hid that.

Still, that expression was all too familiar to me… and it left me with even more goosebumps than before…

All I have to say is: no thanks…

“Ahem.” The middle-aged man brought a hand up to cough before revealing a warm smile. “Greetings, fair lady, I’m the king of Andassis, King Andassis the Seventh. You’re in my palace right now, it was my beloved son, Sersan, who brought you here. It was said you were comatose when we brought you in. How about we start with some self-introductions? Oh, right, this is my son, Sersan.”

Having said that, he gestured towards the blonde youth beside him.

Prince Sersan immediately nodded in my direction. Of note was the undisguised affection he showed in his eyes as he stared at me. Honestly speaking, I was a little creeped out… Can I just get out of here already?

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