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Chapter 766: Epilogue (12)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Because Mo Ke thought that this would be his last fight with Karlston, he changed his usual format to a livestream instead.

When Mo Ke came riding on a majestic lioness of flames, millions went wild at the scene. The comments flying across the screen was more than enough to cover the screen thrice over.

The Goddess is pulling out her ultimate skills!

Why can’t the Goddess ride me instead?

Goddess Ke is the best!

Get rid of those awful skeletons!!

Great was their excitement. Had there not been a holographic screen separating them, they would have probably leapt into battle themselves.

Naturally, the cult of the Goddess Ke was hard at work, praising the majesty of their goddess to all who would listen. Righteousness, generosity, etc… there was no praise they did not heap on her.

Honestly, their efforts were redundant at this point. Footage of Mo Ke rescuing civilians over the past month had already spread throughout the net. His position in this new world was akin to a saint… or maybe, a saintess…

There was no one who did not know him, and everyone had nothing but praise for his work.

And even if there were any criticisms, they were swiftly buried in an avalanche of praise. But not fast enough that they weren’t noticed. After all, blasphemers like them had to be whipped to death.

Basically, only those with nefarious reasons had cause to hate him. This was one of the specialties of humans. Against a common, formidable foe, everyone was more than willing to rally together, especially when they had a focal point of worship. It didn’t hurt that this focal point was pleasant on the eyes and had a great personality.

At this point of the livestream, Mo Ke had already barged into the underground room, Karlston had just exiled Mo Ke to another world with his forbidden spell…

Everything was captured live on screen, and just like before, the viewers would have wanted nothing more than to rush in and help their goddess.

However, the impact of that forbidden magic was too great. A massive dimensional rift opened up beneath the skyscraper, and under their watchful but horrified eyes, the towering construct began sinking. Floor by painful floor, till nothing was left except for a giant pit half a kilometer in radius. Words failed them as they stared red-eyed at the screen before them…

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the first comment of “my goddess!” broke the silence, opening up the floodgates for a tidal wave of “return my goddess to me!” comments. Picture the scene of hundreds of millions of civilians yelling at the military through their screens to send in the troops. But it was all too late, even if they were to march in now, there was no Mo Ke to save -he was no longer in the same dimension.

At the same time that Mo Ke disappeared, Duanmu Xinqing, Duanmu Bitong, Lixiang, Qiaoqiao and her aunt all received a strange notification.

“Main Quest: activated. Objectives: expand the cult of Goddess Ke. Accumulate the power of faith.”

“Side Quest: refreshed. Combine the arcane arts and technology to create a new mobile armor. Relevant details can be purchased off the Marketplace…”

“Marketplace update: addition of tomes regarding arcane constructs… points can be spent to directly learn these tomes…”

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A string of instructions popped up in each of their heads. But to each of them, these instructions were more like pillars of support. Just a second ago, their grief-filled hearts were on the verge of ceasing… Now, there was actually a chance that Mo Ke would return!

There was no way the system would lie to them. The girls could attest to that. After all, the system itself was tied to Mo Ke.

It was fortunate then that the system’s notification was so timely, given that the girls were all happily watching Mo Ke live stream his last battle while munching on some snacks when tragedy struck. They nearly fainted on the spot, and would have, had it not been for that familiar ding.

A quick look around, and the girls realised that they had all the same expression; that was when they realised what had happened.

“This one can start work on the arcane armor, the Goddess of Hope. This one’s mortal ancestor was the Youqin Patriarch; there is nothing this one does not know about arcane construction.”

In layman’s terms, the Youqin family were versed in mobile armor research.

Duanmu Bitong looked at the girl briefly, then nodded in acknowledgement. “Leave the magical array to me.”

“Then Qiaoqiao will paint the talismans!” Qiaoqiao pumped her fist into the air. “Just you wait, big brother, Qiaoqiao is going to give you the biggest surprise of your life!”

Elsewhere, Duanmu Xinqing and Qiaoqiao’s aunt were in a video call with each other. Both of them weren’t aware that the other party had received the same message when they first started, but it did not take long before they came to an alliance about the following plan of action.

Duanmu Xinqing would handle the official channels, while Qiaoqiao’s aunt would provide the financial backing. The goal was to expand the cult as soon as possible.

It was then that the seeds sowed by Ferti’nier truly started to sprout.

—– Change of Scene—–

Western Human Realms: The Kingdom of Andassis, Outskirts of the Capital…

The twenty five year old prince of Andassis, and sole heir of the kingdom, Prince Sersan, was out partaking in his favourite pastime: hunting.

He was your typical noble youth, adventure-seeking, romantic and artsy. His greatest wish wasn’t to be king but rather to be wandering minstrel.

If we were being perfectly honest, that was the dream of every noble scion. After all, everything came to them on a silver spoon, thus they did not have to suffer for their wealth, merely wallowing in boredom as the days passed by uneventfully. An epic adventure was something they craved from the bottom of their hearts.

The only reason they thought that way was because no one was there to teach about the harsh realities of life.

In fact, Prince Sersan did not actually hunt at all, at least, not alone. Never was he ever in any danger, or placed in a survival situation. His hunts were always accompanied by a veritable army by his side. A carriage. A luxurious tent prepared and pitched on his behalf. In short, his hunting trips were the very definition of luxury. And there was no way someone like him would survive in the wild for more than a day!

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Naturally, all that exposition was not to wealth-shame the young prince, rather, it was to set a backdrop for the Prince’s newest obsession. A couple days back, he watched a stage play, one where the male and female leads met in an oft unheard of manner. The female lead was climbing a tree when she slipped on a branch, following which the male lead happened to be passing by at the right time to catch her. From that point on, a wonderful tale of young romance blossomed.

That was the Prince’s new obsession.

“Ahh… when can I enjoy such a beautiful romance as well? Gods above, please bless me with a girl that will leave breathless, I offer up…”

Just as he was about to make his wish, he was rudely interrupted… interrupted by a strangely dressed girl with purple hair who, just like in the play, fell from a nearby tree…

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