Chapter 763: Epilogue (9)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Yo~~ I see our little brother has finally remembered his big sister.”

It was that familiar voice, using that familiar tone, laced with that all-too-familiar gaiety… In other words, the so-called “System Lady” was just Ferti’nier having fun!

Or rather, who else could it be except her?

“Is that a compliment, little brother?”

If it will make you happier… but more importantly, what’s going on here?

“Haha, don’t you remember? You were stabbed by a pretty girl, so you ran like a coward into the depths of your mind. At least, you’ve learned to man up now, huzzah.”


“You mean “Big Sis”~~”

“If you’re asking for something, you have to be polite, else your Big Sis will just not answer.”

Fine, my ever-generous Big Sis… now can you tell me what’s going on?

“Since you were so sincere about it… For the sake of world peace, love…”

Hey! Don’t give me that nonsense, what’s a devil like you talking about peace and love for?!

Get to the point, already.

“Well, your Big Sis was getting to the point. She was protecting the peace of the world when she fell into this world.”

As if.

“Has our little brother already forgotten that he’s a devil himself? Weren’t you always going on about protecting the Western Human Realms?”

Well, she’s not wrong, I did say I wanted to protect the Western Human Realms. The plan hasn’t actually worked yet… I mean, it’s in process, even now!

“Ohoho~~ So you’ve realised? Yes, we’re sitting on a veritable treasure trove. As long as the undead are defeated, the treasure is all ours.”

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While I might not have the full story right now, she was right in saying we had to chase away the undead. Then, become the “god” of this world’s humanity, and with an abundance of faith stored up, fight my way back into the Western Human Realms!

Yes, this could work!

“Assuming, of course, the undead are chased away… Before that, your Big Sis feels it’s better if you know what happened after you fled…”

She began explaining the events after my stabbing while I listened with bated breath and a cold sweat running down my spine.

So isn’t Mo Na in danger then?

“Not to that extent. During the invasion, Karlston was very careful in restricting his power below a Demigod’s. Don’t you find that strange? There has to be some reason holding back, and that reason is most likely Lucifer. He must have left behind some backup plan, or mechanism, that would activate if a Demigod was detected.”

I guess that makes sense, the undead leaders probably know about this, so they dare not use the full extent of their abilities.

And I ended up in this world when Ferti’nier fought off Karlston and accidentally stepped into a dimensional rift.

In that case, those undead were probably invading Sable Radiance in search of this very same rift… it all makes sense..

That black-robed skeleton was probably Karlston. If even my nearly invincible Demon King Idol was destroyed during that dimensional transference… I can only imagine what it must have done to him. It’s a miracle he wasn’t obliterated. Guess he isn’t just a Demigod for no reason.

An Overlord would probably be dust…

“So what’s your plan now, little brother?”

My plans?

Can we go back to the Western Human Realms?

“We can, your Big Sis made sure to leave a marker in Sable Radiance. As long as the required materials have all been assembled, teleporting to a marked location is easy. While your Big Sis doesn’t recommend returning now, do you still wish to do it?”

No… not yet…

Even though my first thoughts were to return to the Western Human Realms when I first recovered my memories, I knew there were still loose ends to tie up here. First, I had to escort those survivors out of Southern Plains!

“All right, since our little brother has made his decision.”

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Following that exchange, I un-summoned my nether flame lioness and left for the inn.

As I approached the hot spring inns, Ouyang Huiren was the first to spot us, being on patrol duty. Tonight was one fraught with surprises and dangers. The unexpected incursion had left most sleepless. As a precaution, everyone had made preparations to flee at a moment’s notice. Thanks to that, and the appearance of that giant skeleton, the survivors were all a haggard mess.

Within the lobby of the inn itself, everyone was already gathered, and upon the announcement that I had successfully dispatched that skeletal giant, the survivors were all visibly stunned, but that soon turned to cheers of celebration.


“Big brother!”

“Your Highness!”

Seeing me safely returned, Duanmu Bitong was the first to come rushing towards me, though, Qiaoqiao and Lixiang weren’t that far behind as well.

Yet when I looked at the person I once called “Sis”, Bitong, I couldn’t help but feel a little strange. I wasn’t young anymore, not by any measure of the word, but the fact was that I had been treating her as my older sister while I still did not have my memories.

If I was still amnesiac, this wouldn’t have been an issue, but now it just felt weird.

“I’m back.” I nodded towards the girls, signalling for them to settle down with a gaze. After which, I turned to the survivors. “Everyone, get some rest. The danger has passed, and the patrols will still be on duty. However… Ouyang Huiren, Sima Junmo and Floater, I need you guys to follow me for a second. There’s something important I wish to discuss with everyone.”

With the survivors settled, I led the three soldiers, along with the girls, back to our room.

“Everyone, have a seat. What I’m about to say might shock you…”

Thanks to my memories returning, our previous plan was basically cancelled. This new plan of mine required swift action, namely, to leave!

We pulled up some chairs, the girls and the soldiers sitting neatly in rows as if this was a classroom, while I began to summarise my new plan.

“We can really leave?” Was their stunned response.

Ouyang Huiren and Sima Junmo weren’t as taken aback by this plan, seeing as they had never been to the outskirts of the city before. However, the girls had seen the mass of mobile armors and exosuits stationed there, scattered about as a testament to their defeat at the hands of those ghosts. Clearly, this scene still haunted them.

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