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Chapter 762: Epilogue (8)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Fer… what was it again? Why can’t I remember the name?

I thought to myself as I listened to that voice which sounded so familiar to me, like it was etched into my very soul.

And aren’t I able to control fire? Not just any old fire, too -a blackish-red flame that no one would ever mistake for anything other than ominous.

That’s right, that flame is called Nether Flame. A flame born from hell itself, a flame of the Apocalypse… my flame!

In the very next instant, that half-dissolved flame lioness suddenly exploded out of the sickly green fog enveloping it, concentrating into a reddish sphere. And from deep within that crackling ball of fire, a change started. A wave of blackish-red flame swiftly consumed the reddish flame, at which point a new lion began to take shape, one with a majestic coat of black and red and a tail alit with motes of fire.

That greenish fog was of a lower ranking than these nether flames, thus when my summon evolved into a nether flame lioness, that corrosive fog instantly burst into flames, turning to smoke a mere moment later.


The nether flame lioness leapt out of the fast-vanishing fog of green, diving into the skeletal giant like a mighty meteor from the heavens, blowing a gaping hole in the skeleton’s skull.

Because the giant was an undead creature stitched together out of multiple smaller ones, the nether flames went unhindered as they scorched a swathe before them. As the seconds ticked by, the giant’s skull steadily disappeared till over half of it was missing!

The black-robed figure launched itself out of the hellscape of black and red that was the giant’s skull. Yet no matter how fast it was, it still caught some of the blackish-red flames.

It landed atop one of the skyscrapers nearby, then with a swish of its sleeves, put out the flames, though those sleeves were still destroyed in the process.

It stared at me with disbelieving eyes, and what counted for a slack jaw in a skeleton. “How did you get so strong all of a sudden?!”

“Because I topped up.”


“I mean I remembered some stuff, stuff that ought to belong to me.”

As I finished saying that, the nether flame lioness switched targets and leapt at the black-robed skeleton.

The skeleton hastily retreated, throwing out all manner of undead magicks at the ascending lioness, in a bid to avoid touching its deadly flames directly. Whether it was a bone shield, a bone spear, or a bone cage, they were all tossed out to try and slow the fiery summon down.

Unfortunately for it, my nether flame lioness was a creature of pure destruction. There was no way it would ever fear such lowly threats. Head lowered and flames flaring in the air, it charged unabated, not even trying to avoid the projectiles.

Every bony implement that came into contact with its dancing tendrils of flame were summarily burnt to ashes. There was nothing to stop the rampaging lioness, not even that towering skyscraper.

A loud bang shook the air as the dozen or so storey-high building was reduced to rubble by its unstoppable charge.

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Even so, the black-robed skeleton managed to evade that attack by the skin of its robes. But try as it might, it couldn’t figure out the source of my sudden increase in strength.

In fact, I did not understand it as well.

“Wraith of Purgatory… you’ve recovered your Territory? No… that’s not a Territory! There’s no way you can possess such strength in your amnesiac state…”

“Heh, your guess is as good as mine.” I commanded my lioness to keep chasing the skeleton while I continued taunting it. “Stil, I finally understand what it means to swipe… No wonder they call it “pay-to-win”!”

That’s right, the genius that I was immediately thought of exchanging my points into SP the same instant I realised I could use Nether Flames…

Just based on a star ranking, the lioness was probably between an eight and a seven, but the special characteristics of Nether Flames allowed it to battle even those above it.

Perhaps it was because my words made no sense whatsoever, the black-robed skeleton was actually caught off-guard for a second, allowing my lioness to get a quick swipe in with its flames. The skeleton’s left arm was completely vaporised, but the black flames showed no signs of slowing down as it continued burning its way up its robes!

That robe it wore was clearly no ordinary black robes. The fact it survived so long against my flames was testament to that. But with how much flames were on it right now, it wouldn’t last much longer.

Ripping noises

The black-robed skeleton tore off the robes before the flames had a chance to burn its main body. Its bony white body shone particularly brightly in the light of the moon…

“Blast! You win this time, but you won’t be so fortunate next time!”

After leaving behind the classic villain farewell, that headless skeletal giant suddenly shook and collapsed right over where the unrobed skeleton was.

With how uncanny this timing was, there was no doubt in my mind that the unrobed skeleton had done this on purpose.

The nether flame lioness instinctively knew to duck away from the collapsing pile of bones. A thunderous bang later, the unrobed skeleton was enveloped in a shroud of dust and rubble…

By the time this dust cloud had dissipated, that skeleton was nowhere to be seen. There was only a large hole left in its wake, most likely dug out by some skeletal beast.

Crap, it actually managed to escape… but I guess this means I’ve found our mastermind at least… and I still have some important matters to take care of…

Like the fact that the so-called character I was playing, and so mercilessly made fun of, was actually me!

I’m Mo Ke, unmarried, age… That’s not important now, and not just because I don’t want to be a grand sage – I clearly have several fiancees now! But why am I still a virgin then?!

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Wait, wait, now’s not the time for that as well. Why am I even here? And isn’t this Nicole’s sword?

And unless my memory is still lying to me, I was stabbed by this very sword!

So what happened after that? Why am I in this futuristic world?

What happened after Nicole stabbed me? I must have lost my memory of that period, or maybe Ferti’nier was in control of my body….

When I opened my eyes, all I saw was Sis and… Hold on!

I’m already… I mean… I’m clearly older than Bitong, so why do I have to call her “Sis”?

Ferti’nier… you did this, didn’t you?!

Get out here, Ferti’nier! Get out here, right now!

Don’t try to play dumb with me! I know this so-called system lady is you!

Geez, all I did was lose my memory, and you took advantage of this opportunity to sell me my own stuff… I bet you’re all proud of yourself right now, making a killing off my stuff! You despicable merchant!

If you don’t come out this instant… Hmmm… I guess there’s nothing I can do to you… but I can ignore you too.

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I hate this novel.



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