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Chapter 742: Bloodline Awakening

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Chest still pounding from the pain, I gritted my teeth as I gazed up at the throne. There, I found two Yamabe Takumas, one with a sagging head, the other floating ominously in the air…

Wait! There’s only one Yamabe! To be precise, his body is dead, but it’s his soul that is floating above him right now. That’s how he managed to blow up my Shadow Guardian!

He is definitely dead, but for some reason, his soul hasn’t passed on…

“Surprised?” His ghostly eyes peered at me with visceral rage. “I’m surprised too, I thought I was invincible, but my Goddess still managed to kill me… Too bad you only managed to kill my body, but what you didn’t know was that I had already implanted a suggestion in myself before the battle started. The death of my physical body won’t stop me. In fact, death is but a new beginning for me.”

Because of how sudden this development was, I was still in shock when the two of us met eyes. By the time I realised my mistake, it was too late…

“Since you won’t be my woman… then be my slave!”

His hypnotic suggestion activated. A wave of energy enveloped me, penetrating into my mind as it slowly changed my very thoughts.

How… Why… Why is he starting to look a little handsome… no, extremely handsome…

I want him to whip me… No, no, no…what am I even saying? I’m not a ********* pig…

“Valued host, have you forgotten that you are a male?”

How is a boy any different from a girl if he can’t get it up?

“Of course, there’s a difference, it’s not like you don’t have something hanging down there.”

But why do I suddenly feel like changing my gender… Maybe becoming a girl isn’t so bad.

“Then what about your harem?”

Harem? A girl can have a harem too, can’t she?

“But if you give up now, then you will end up as that scumbag’s plaything, is that truly alright? Bitong, Lixiang, Qiaoqiao as well. Maybe even their moms… everyone will become his slave… is that truly alright?”

What’s wrong with that?

… No… that’s definitely wrong… why should someone have their way with my harem?! Never! Over-my-dead-body never!

The thought of the girls crying immediately broke my heart. A groundswell of resistance began to form from the depths of my torn heart, overwhelming my mind in an instant and even changing my body in the process.

My left side, from my face to my arms, started heating up as if I had a severe fever. Countless blue markings started crawling across my skin…

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I let forth a deafening howl, blasting away that hypnotic invader in my mind.

That word contained all my pent anger and resistance, and as it washed over the area like a tidal wave, it even staggered Yamabe, causing his wraith-like form to shimmer.

“I don’t know why, but I have this sudden urge to say this to you.” I gently rubbed the left half of my face which was now covered in magical markings that resembled a serpent’s scales. “You think you can control me with your powers? Boy, you’re still too young… but I will be generous and teach what true terror is.”

Still locking eyes with Yamabe, the magical markings on me started to emit an ethereal glow of blue and white. Instantly, Yamabe was caught in a dream by the glow.

“Ahhhh… Mother. Father. I did not mean to kill you all… I just couldn’t control myself… and you guys betrayed me first… you were the ones who treated me like a monster and locked me up…”

Yamabe reached out and clawed the empty air in front of him.

Based on his words, I could tell he was already on the verge of a breakdown. Killing his parents wasn’t a simple matter for him, after all. Perhaps there might have been people who were born evil in this world, he definitely wasn’t one of them.

The more his spirit struggled, the more apparent how much guilt he felt. At this point, he had completely forgotten that he could fly and was mindlessly walking forwards as he clawed the air. One step. Two steps. Then he dipped into the ground, or rather the mound of zombies beneath him. At the end of the day, he wasn’t actually walking on a mountain, but rather a floor of zombies.

As for why a spirit like him was acting like a living, physical being, who knew? But he had completely forgotten that he was just a soul at this point.

He furiously pulled himself out of the pile, but a couple of steps later, he fell into the mound once more… At this point, all he needed was one more push and his psyche would completely collapse.

While I pondered that last bit, he started clawing his own face instead, his delusions only growing worse by the second.

“Goddess… I beg of you, do not leave me… I love you… I really do… don’t leave me…”

What is he even looking at right now… for him to cry like that…

“Don’t marry those disgusting men… every man other than me are all scumbags… they will never be able to make you happy… “

“I curse you. I curse all your offspring to be born with small pee pees…”

“Goddess… why… why is the whole world always out to get me…”

“I’m the main character here…”

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“I will never forgive you, not even if I die!”

After a round of screaming, cursing, and crying, he finally fell to his knees atop the zombie hill. His form started to waver, like how those old CRT televisions used to shimmer when the signal wasn’t strong.

A few seconds later, his form finally scattered to the winds like ashes…

It’s over?

No fighting? No stage three?

The abruptness of the ending left me scratching my head… Wasn’t he supposed to be the last boss of this area?

And also, what’s this about me getting married to others? Why is that the same level as your parents getting murdered?

Bah, at least he’s well and truly dead now. The hypnosis on those survivors should release itself automatically.

I had the system release the webbing on the survivors, then walked up to Chiyo Hanataba and patted her cheeks, “Wake up, it’s time to wake up.”

I tried calling her several times to no avail, and just as I was about to pull out my final move, she suddenly stirred. Perhaps she had sensed the earful I was about to give her, or perhaps the hypnosis had just come undone at this precise moment, but regardless, I never got to yell in her ears…

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