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Chapter 743: I’ll Cover the Rear

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Mmm?” Chiyo Hanataba slowly opened her eyes to look at me. Her first reaction was of surprise, then confusion, before finally greeting me, “Lady Mo Ke?”

I quickly pulled back from her and pretended to scratch my head. “I was trying to wake you up. Yup, just waking you up.”


She eyed me suspiciously.

Geez, I was really just trying to wake you up. Honest… There’s no need to give me that look…

Following her example, the rest of the survivors began to awaken as well.

“I had a weird dream…”

“Me too… And why are we standing atop these trunks?”

“Did we all faint together?”

“My head hurts…”

“Lady Mo Ke, what happened?” Ouyang Huiren drove his exosuit up to us. “Where’s Yamabe Takuma?”

“Ouyang, a lot has happened since you were knocked out, I’ll briefly explain it to you.” I opened up with a sigh, and with a heavy voice, said, “Actually, you were all under the control of Yamabe’s ability, and almost became his accomplices. But everything is alright now, Yamabe is dead.”

“We were all hypnotised? Really?” Ouyang sounded incredulous as he said that.

“Why would I lie to you? I have video proof as well, here you go.”

Due to Aunty Xinqing’s insistence, I never stopped recording, so Yamabe’s betrayal was an indisputable fact. No amount of lawyering would change that. Assuming there was even a court left in Southern Plains.

Just as I sent the video to Ouyang Huiren, the shrill screams of the female survivors pierced the air… That sound… it’s practically a weapon of mass destruction.

“Those monsters are waking up!”

“There’s too many of them…”

“No… no… don’t come near me…”

The zombie hill started to stir without any warning. The sight was indescribably revolting. Imagine for a second, countless rotting corpses flailing about in a giant, putrid mosh pit, falling over each other as they climbed towards the survivors. The zombies above would fall over and roll down onto the zombies below them. This domino effect continued all the way down to the base level, resulting in the impression of the entire hill itself crawling towards us like a writhing mass of insects.

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“Everyone get ready, we’re leaving, immediately!” Due to the urgency of the situation, I held nothing back as I yelled at Ouyang Huiren, “Gather your men and protect those survivors. There are only ordinary zombies up the stairs, so you guys can just leave!”

“What about you?”

“I’m staying behind, of course.”

“Lady Mo Ke, are you serious? How can we let an unarmored girl like you cover our rear? That’s suicidal! I refuse!”

“Are you sure that’s suicidal?” Then without waiting for him to say a word, I pulled out Icy Inferno from my inventory and swung a mighty wave of fire and ice sword energy towards the zombie hill, splitting it in two, right there and then…

“Uwah…” Everyone was stupefied by the collapsing zombie hill and the sword which rend it asunder with just one swing. The look they gave me right now was one normally reserved for a monster…

“Do you still think it’s suicidal?”

I smiled at Ouyang, who was currently running through a myriad of emotions. Satisfied by his reaction, I gave myself a little pat on the back and a silent laugh.

However that one swing had used up my entire reserve of SP. I carefully pretended to be popping open a bottle of wine as I downed a recovery potion in secret, finally ending with a satisfied sigh.

I’ll admit: I’m just showboating at this point…

“In that case, we will leave the rear to lady Mo Ke, we will evacuate with the survivors and the goods first.”

Just like that, Ouyang and the rest of the soldiers cleared the way ahead for the female survivors. Unfortunately, they seemed to be heading the wrong way.

“Hey, aren’t you guys heading in the wrong direction? Aren’t the stairs over there?”

“There’s no need to worry, lady Mo Ke. We have several security staff with us so we can just take the service lift to the surface.” Ouyang immediately answered from the back of the group. “There should be less zombies in that area as well.”

Wait, then why do I even need to cover their rear?

I mean. For points, of course…

“In that case, you guys go ahead first. I’ll join you once I’m done clearing up the zombies.” With them out of my mind, I finally turned my entire attention towards the slowly advancing horde of zombies. Silently, I gathered my SP into my left palm.

“O Emissary of the Inferno, I command thee, burn all that stands before me to nothingness!”

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Because I only stowed away my three fire elementals when I met Yamabe, I did not have to spend any SP when I summoned them this time.

“To battle!”

The three fire elementals dove fearlessly into the horde at my command. However, due to the sheer number of zombies, their efficiency was a lot lower this time.

Maybe I should call out the Shadow Guardian? But just maintaining it would cost me a ton of SP, and I don’t want to keep popping those recovery potions.

“Being a kind and thoughtful system, your system has decided to unlock a new feature for our valued host. Any SP expenditure of your Shadow Guardian can be directly deducted from your points. As long as there are enough points, the Shadow Guardian can be maintained perpetually.”

Right… leave it to my system to always think of new ways to fleece me of points.

The feature sounds great, but can you tell me exactly how many points I need to spend? Per second.

“20 points every 60 seconds.”

That cheap? I want a go then!!

Which reminds me… don’t I have a summon called Inferno Lion? But that requires my SP pool to at least have a capacity of 500 before I can even attempt to summon one.

And I’m… 60. Long way to go then…

To be honest, 500 wasn’t as far of a goal as I would make it out to be. Thanks to the Martial Sage Arts of the Primordial Energies I learnt some time ago, it only took 10 points to increase my capacity by 1 by cultivating. However, ever since the zombie virus broke out, I did not have the time nor points to actually cultivate.

I really should increase my max capacity soon, otherwise summoning will always be a problem…

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