Chapter 736: Human Taming

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

So what to do first…

I gave it some thought, then slowly said to a wide-eyed Yamabe Takuma, “How about we start by waking up the soldiers you put to sleep. We still need them for protecting the survivors.”

This was a test of sorts for him. If he was really serious about working for me, he would follow my instructions without hesitation.

“Alright,” he replied before closing his eyes, as if he was focusing on somewhere else.

I did not dare interrupt him now, so I merely stayed silent at the side.

Perhaps he’s not all that familiar with his powers yet? Or maybe he just requires time to activate it… Either way, more observation is needed.

Ten seconds later, he suddenly opened his eyes. “Wake up!”

It wasn’t a loud yell, but his words seemed to have some mysterious force behind them.

“Done, they are awake now. I predict they will be here shortly.” He flashed me a confident smile. “Goddess, is there anything else I can do?”

“Restore the communications in the park, I need to report the situation down here to my superiors. And also the matter of you joining the Bureau.” As of right now, there was an unknown force enveloping the entirety of this theme park. It was this force that was interfering with communications, blocking me from contacting anyone outside.

Now that Yamabe Takuma had been successfully recruited, my mission down here was over and a mission report was the last thing I had to do.

Yamabe closed his eyes once more, muttering a string of words under his breath as he did so. A few seconds later, I could sense the strange energy field around me being lifted.

Well. He’s very obedient, isn’t he? I might have just found myself the best assistant ever!

I immediately rang up Aunty Xinqing, who picked up nearly instantly. The figure of her upper half appeared before me in holographic form.

“Ke, done already?” Looking at the clean surroundings around me, Aunty Xinqing was visibly surprised as she said, “Are you in the park?”

“I’m in a cafe on the fifth floor, I met an ability user by the name of Yamabe Takuma.” I turned around to motion at the boy, signalling for him to come forward and say hello. “This person is the head of the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users. I will give her more details about your situation later, but for now, you can temporarily serve under me. Is that okay?”

“No problem, whatever my Goddess says!” He practically beamed as he said that. The way he listened to my every request without question -and he was competent as well- was just refreshing.

“Aunty Xinqing, I will get you a report later, I’m about to wake up the slumbering soldiers, I’m sure they will…”

Before I could even finish, I heard the distinctive clang of an exosuit’s hefty metal feet outside.

“Seems like they are already up. Yamabe, how about you find one of the waitresses to receive them for me.” Because I was still on a holographic call with Aunty Xinqing, I decided to delegate this job to him.

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I would let Yamabe receive them, but he was the one who put them to sleep in the first place, so getting him to greet them might cause some unnecessary problems.

Those waitresses were an entirely different story. Their looks weren’t bad, disarming even. Having them do the job would be perfect. Or at the very least, those soldiers won’t open fire on them…

However, Yamabe did not seem to get my plan, or maybe he just didn’t think much of the soldiers to begin with.

“I can do it myself, there’s no need to trouble someone else.”

Just like that, he walked out of the front door, and had twenty odd guns pointed right at him.

“Everyone, calm down, don’t do anything rash!”

I yelled as I rushed out the door. But before I could even explain, Yamabe turned around and gave me a thumbs up. “Don’t worry, Goddess, this is just a misunderstanding, that’s all. I can take care of them.”

“Make sure you explain the situation to them then!”

Looking at his confident smile, I could only trust in his own abilities. Besides, I could still step in if it didn’t work out.

With that out of the way, I turned my attention back to Aunty Xinqing.

She winked and gave me a mischievous smile. “Oh my, look at our Ke, all grown up and bewitching ability users left and right. If only he had on a skirt, that would be even better!”

“Aunty… if you’re going to be like that, I’m going to ignore you!” I snapped back out of a mix of anger and embarrassment. “You know what your precious daughter did when she filled in my details!”

“Even without that, your aunty has always raised you like she would her own daughter.” Finally, before I lost my temper, she diverted the topic. “Right. Ke, didn’t you mention there was some problem with Yamabe? While we have the time, how about you tell me directly, no need for a report.”

“Yamabe, huh…” I turned to look at the boy, head pounding a little. I sighed. “His situation is… complicated. He killed a number of people…”

I briefly recounted what I learnt about the boy, after which Aunty Xinqing fell silent as well.

A while later, she finally asked, “How’s his condition now?”

“Should be fine. But those who were present seem to be very afraid of him… but at least he listens to me.”

“Oh? If a person who tames a beast is called a beast tamer, what do you call a person who can tame a misbehaving person?” Her grin grew even wider at that point. “Our little Ke is truly the most beautiful in this world. Even an unstable boy is no match for his charms.”

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It was then that Yamabe came in with the twenty or so soldiers.”

None of them stepped out of their exosuits, clearly on guard against the boy. After a round of explanations though, they at least seemed to be willing to give him a chance.

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