Chapter 737: Ouyang Huiren

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Greetings, mam, I heard you’re from the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users? But I haven’t heard of such a bureau within the Federation.” Unlike my past encounters, this soldier did not reveal his face on our first meeting. Based on his voice, he was probably around his mid-thirties, and probably your stereotypical stern soldier.

“Greetings, regarding my identity, I think it would be better if you confirm this fact with your superiors. Communications has been restored in the park.”

“There’s no need for that, I have General Rodenas by my side right now.” Aunty Xinqing stepped in with a smile. “General, sir, I think it would be better if you were the one to clarify the matter of Ke’s identity.”

“Definitely, a lady like lady Mo Ke should never have to come under suspicion.” The fierce, grizzled but balding figure of General Rodenas popped into view a second later. Even though he was famously known as the Raging Bear, he always seemed clumsy while addressing me. “Lady Mo Ke, it has been a while.”

“Didn’t we see each other yesterday?” What do you mean “it has been a while”? Stupid baldy. And why are you even so eager to meet with me again? Don’t you have some strategic meeting to hold with the Federation?

“General Rodenas, sir, if you would please clear up this misunderstanding as soon as possible, every second counts right now.”

Annoyed, I still did my best to control my impatience before pointing towards the soldiers in question.

Honestly, these soldiers weren’t very pleasant to be around at all. Having just broken free of their forced hibernation, their exosuits barely had any time out of that zombie pile before rushing over here. The smell around them was… pungent… Even so, I would much rather deal with that sour stench than to spend another second under that bald general’s gaze.

“Greetings, I am General Rodenas, the current representative of the military in charge of Southern Plains.”

“General, sir?!” The leading soldier obviously recognised the bald general.

“Seems like you know of me. As Lady Mo Ke has said, time is precious right now, so I’ll be quick. The Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users is a secret department tasked with handling matters regarding the supernatural. The girl standing before you is one of our most elite members. As of right now, all governmental resources within Southern Plains have been allocated to her control. Simply put, she’s the highest authority here and you all have to listen to her command. Got it?”

“Yes, sir!” The soldiers barked in unison, mostly anyway. Their grouping was made up of policemen, soldiers, and some of the private security of the theme park. Even so, it was an impressive response.

The private security of the theme park were, in fact, retired soldiers. In terms of fighting strength, they weren’t that far off from the current soldiers serving with the Federation.

Having said all that, General Rodenas turned around to face me. In the process, his stern countenance immediately cracked into a smile that would put the Smiling Buddha to shame. Or at least it would have, had it not been for him looking more like a horror film villain.

“Lady Mo Ke, I’ll leave them in your care.”

I smiled politely and exchanged a couple of pleasantries before turning off the comms channel.

Honestly, why does he even try? It just makes him look stupid.

Regardless, thanks to the General’s explanation, the soldiers were able to verify my identity, meaning we could finally proceed with my plans.

“Greetings, I’m the commanding officer of the Third Company of the Fourth Southern Plains Brigade, my name is Ouyang Huiren.”

The soldier leading them turned on his visual display of his reddish-black exosuit. Unlike his somewhat effeminate name, he was the very definition of a manly man. A squarish face with hard features. A black buzz cut with skin that was nearly tanned black. Shoulders as broad as his exosuit… you could tell he was manly right away.

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Alright… time for some world-class speech giving.

I cleared my throat softly, “Greetings, my brave soldiers. My name is Mo Ke, a member of the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users, currently awarded the rank of Major. For the time being, all the Federation’s resources in Southern Plains are under my control. Meaning, you guys will be under my command as well.”

“Understood. General Rodenas has already informed us of that. We are willing to obey your commands and execute them to the best of our abilities!” Ouyang Huiren nodded his head.

“Good.” I turned to face Yamabe Takuma. “Are there any other survivors?”

“None. They are all gathered here.”

“In that case, everyone, pack your bags, we will leave for the surface in two hours.”

“Not right now?” Yamabe asked, a little confused.

“Hmmm, now… I think the soldiers need some rest first, I’m sure they haven’t had much to eat since yesterday.” I swept my eyes across the significantly cramper cafe as I said that. My eyes came to a rest on Chiyo Hanataba, “I have to trouble you to prepare some food for everyone, and quickly.”

Chiyo turned to look at Yamabe first, and upon seeing that he did not object, she finally nodded her head. “Yes, I’ll get right on it. There’s quite a few of them, but with the other girls, I think everything should be ready in an hour or so.”

She then led the other female survivors to the kitchen. With its stocked up pantry, I was sure a hearty meal should be ready in no time at all.

“Right, let’s sort out the supplies in the park in the meantime. There aren’t many survivors left outside, but having more supplies never hurts.”

Given that we had nothing much to do while waiting for the food, scavenging for supplies seemed like a better use of our time than just lazing around.

“I know where the supplies in this area are kept. Food, medicine, daily necessities, I can lead you to them.” Yamabe spoke with a fire in his eyes. “Goddess, how about you rest, I can handle this myself.”

His enthusiasm was definitely a good thing, but I couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to move all the supplies by himself.

“By yourself?”

“I’ll have the zombies do the heavy lifting.” Yamabe promptly cleared up that question.

“Zombies…” A mental image of rotting zombies delivering goods immediately flashed across my mind, causing me to recoil in disgust. “I don’t want to touch something carried by a rotting corpse!!”

“You can leave this mission to us. We have 27 members in our team, and we are all armed with exosuits, perfect for moving heavy objects.” As he said that, Ouyang Huiren paused for a second. “But our suits are a little dirty right now, we might have to wash up first.”

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