Chapter 719: Are the Zombies Evolving?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Damn it… can we talk about something proper for once? Sorry, but I don’t care if you swear on your life… that’s just gross. No, thank you!

However, now wasn’t the time to argue with the man as I could sense danger creeping in on us. I whipped around to face the source of the impending danger. But just as I did so, Officer Sima called out to me. “Don’t go… I meant it when I said I will protect you with my life…”

Suddenly, the ground nearby shook with a deafening bang. The sheer shockwave from the impact sent even Sima Junmo stumbling a little, despite his exosuit nearly rooting him to the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of loud impacts happened in quick succession soon after the first. As the impacts reverberated throughout the floor, we could feel the entire building sway from the force.

“What’s going on?”

“An earthquake?”

“If only it was an earthquake… At this point, an earthquake is the least of our worries in Southern Plains.”

“A monster?”

“Enough talk, they are here.”

“Lady Mo Ke, do you know what’s going on?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I know there’s a strong foe beneath us.”

I definitely did not miss the usage of “lady” just then, but the situation did not allow for such talk.

Just endure it for now… there’s an enemy in front of us.

“Sir! What’s happening outside?” From behind the door, the last of Sima Junmo’s squad dashed out. Just as before, this newcomer was suited in a battered and bloodied exosuit. The pilot’s voice was clearly female. “The survivors are in a panic…”

“Well, they aren’t the only ones!” Sima Junmo snapped at the newcomer. “Go back to your post, and don’t come out without my orders, no matter what happens outside!”


The newcomer immediately left through the door. Her mission must have been to guard the survivors. Given the unpredictable nature of our enemies… definitely not an easy job.

A second after that female pilot left, another frightening collision shook the building.


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With that last impact, the ceiling rained down dust on our heads, and a gigantic hole cracked open from beneath the ground.


I did not even hesitate before tossing out a massive Fireball in the direction of the hole. Just as the projectile reached the hole, a monstrously huge zombie head emerged. The Fireball blasted it right away, but the damage seemed minimal at best. Rather than a sphere of concentrated heat, that Fireball might as well have been a pleasant breeze on a summer beach, gently caressing its ugly mug as it emerged from the sea of rubble beneath it.

Next came the zombie’s pillar-like arms which wrenched its upper body through the hole, widening it further in the process. I could tell it was a tight fit for its sheer size, what with how its putrid flesh seemed to almost spill at the seams of that cragged hole. There was no life to be found anywhere on its deathly green visage. Its head was completely barren like a desert, and its eyes shone like a pair of bloody rubies.

“Fire!” Sima Junmo gave the order to his remaining subordinates on standby near him. Immediately, ten beams of laser zipped towards the exposed zombie with frightening power. At the very least, I knew my current self had no way of standing up to such a concentrated beam of energy.

However, what happened next could only be described as shocking. Or perhaps, horrifying. The beams hit the zombie, as expected. But the zombie actually managed to raise its hand in time to guard its weak spot, avoiding a direct hit against its head. What was even more surprising was that even those laser beams were unable to penetrate the zombie’s hand. In fact, the burn marks seemed to be healing up right before our eyes…

Oh sh*t, you’re telling me they can regenerate now?! That’s a zombie evolution, right there!

“Keep firing!” Realising that his first volley had failed and the zombie was even clawing its way up further, Sima Junmo immediately commanded his soldiers to fire in a stern tone, tinged with a worrying hint of fear. “I don’t believe it can keep healing up forever!”

The laser volleys continued without rest. Yet none of their attacks seemed to have a lasting impact on the zombie who kept squeezing through the hole unabated.

“Officer Sima, sir, this isn’t working at all… let me have a go instead.” It was that pesky young policeman who volunteered to fight the monster in melee. However, such a course of action was nothing short of suicidal.

“No! Keep your distance and keep firing!” Sima Junmo answered without hesitation. “And even if it comes to that, it would be me who fights that monster!”

I know you’re all ready to sacrifice your life and all that… but that thing is still climbing up. Look. it’s shoulders are completely through… Crap, their lasers aren’t going to cut it at all.

It’s already two meters tall right now. In all likelihood, it’s entire body should reach up to five meters. This zombie was most likely designed with building destruction in mind…

“Everyone, stop. Let me handle this.”

I knew I couldn’t stand back and watch any further.

Having given that heads-up to Sima Junmo, I kicked off in a running jump, Icy Inferno pointed right at the zombie’s head.

The massive zombie that it was gave out an aura of stench that could only be described as death. I thoroughly despised this stench, thus I was already trying to scorch the smell away using Icy Inferno,even before I reached it.

A second later, the zombie’s head was cleanly split in half; Icy Inferno did not disappoint me, as always.

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Without its Soul Flame to animate it, the zombie lifelessly tumbled down to the nineteenth floor, slamming the ground with a force that shook the entire building.

“It’s… dead?” Sima Junmo gasped in disbelief.

“It should be.” At the very least, I did not think that a zombie would be able to survive with its head sliced up. If that wasn’t its weak point, it wouldn’t have instinctively tried to shield that area when Sima Junmo fired at him.

“That was amazing!” It was that youth who had argued with me prior who yelled first. “You’re just too amazing! You must be an angel sent down from the heavens to save us!”

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