Chapter 714: Rescue Mission(3)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

As the ground tore asunder, a gigantic hand of bones clawed out from the void, each of its fingers measuring up to an astonishing two meters in width!

Caught off-guard, I barely managed to block one of its fingers with Icy Inferno, hacking off a sizable chunk of its bones in the process. However, the monster was just too huge, and the gap between me and the tri-colored hoodlum only grew wider. Unless I could fully slice apart the hand, there was no way I was going to reach that hoodlum.

The bony hand grabbed down on me, paying no heed at all to the damage I did to it. Not daring to take on that frightful force, I could only beat a hasty retreat. Barely a second later, the hand came crashing down with a deafening boom and crunch.

Once more, the ground tore apart from the force. The creature beneath continued clawing its way upwards, revealing more of its unholy visage to the world. At this point, over half of its upper body had been revealed, coming in at a staggering twenty meters tall. Just like its hand, its body was composed of countless smaller bones, arranged in a way that only the deepest, darkest depths of hell could have produced!

Even now, I couldn’t tell whether this monster was made up of human bones or animal bones. But one thing was certain – he was blocking my way!

The appearance of such a massive creature instantly made the courtyard of the inn a lot cramper. Its size sent boulders flying all over as it cast an ominous shadow over the whole building. Had it been anyone else right now, they would have probably buckled from the sheer pressure it exuded.

“Uzel, capture her!”

The instant he gave that command, the gigantic bone monster swept his right hand across the courtyard with terrific force. Thanks to its sheer size, I was forced into the air by the lack of space. Yet the moment I did so, the skies above turned dark.

Another hand was closing down on me from above…


The bony palm slammed down onto a pavilion as I eked out a last minute dodge using Revolution Slice. As I swerved to the side, missing its bony exterior by mere inches, I counterattacked with a powerful slash.

Unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough to stop the massive titan that it was. In the grand scheme of things, the mere length of Icy Inferno’s blade wasn’t much when compared to a monstrously thick hand like that.

I ducked behind the giant in the meantime. My aim, to slay that hoodlum in one decisive strike. But the scumbag was nowhere to be seen… Crap, did he hide himself already?

“Hahahaha. You think you can harm me? My Uzel is invincible! ****, why aren’t you wearing a skirt?”

Beneath me!

I immediately thought to look down, yet the moment I did so, I felt a tingling sensation at the back of my neck. Something was wrong, my instincts told me.

Without wasting even a second further to look at him, I flew higher into the sky. Wings beating furiously, I ascended over a dozen meters in an explosive burst of speed.

A plume of dust blew up from beneath me. The hoodlum’s surefire three-strike combo had failed to defeat me, and that left the scumbag a little deflated as he called out, “Aren’t you quick at running away. I dare you to stay up there forever then!’

I continued hovering in the air as I gazed down at him. From this vantage point, I was even more awed by the sheer size of that hoodlum’s monster. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that I was amazed by his sheer luck.

Suddenly, the hoodlum walked up to the giant, and in a manner I definitely did not expect, he climbed up to the top of the creature’s skull. However, he did so by melding into its back as a parasite would, then wiggled his way up to its head…

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It’s almost as if they were one and the same…

“So, why have you come before me?” Having finished that strange ascent, the hoodlum craned his neck upwards as he asked, “Are you here to kill? But even if you are here to kill me, how did you know I would be here?”

I stared at the scumbag mutely. His abilities were a huge unknown factor facing me. I couldn’t figure out a plan of attack right away, so I decided to observe for the time being. Perhaps his words would reveal some information.

“Not going to answer?” The hoodlum smirked. “Well, how about we do a little thinking. Exactly what do I have that’s worth your attention? My life, perhaps. But you probably thought I was dead. Honestly, I can’t even believe I’m alive… In that case, the only logical answer would be those survivors.”


Crap. This guy is smarter than I thought -he actually figured that out in an instant.

Seeing me silent, the tri-colored hoodlum continued monologuing. “I remember you saying “so it is you” when you first saw me, correct? You must have gotten information about me from somewhere. And I bet your motive is to rescue those survivors. You are the kind to indulge in these sort of self-righteous games, after all. I could tell since the moment I first met you yesterday.”

“You’ve grown smarter.” I finally answered through gritted teeth.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I’ve always been smart.” The hoodlum smiled triumphantly. “I almost thought you were never going to speak. Since you’re finally in the mood for talking, how about we play a game?”

This time, I did not give him time to finish speaking before tossing a Fireball at him. Yet even when faced with a hurtling mass of fire, the hoodlum merely smiled. The giant lifted its left hand and smacked the skill away easily. The moment the fiery mass came into contact with the massive bony hand, it dissipated harmlessly.

“The game hasn’t started yet, don’t be so hasty.”

Having said that, the hoodlum shifted the same left hand of that giant over to the roof of one of the suites. Even with two stories, this detached suite looked almost like a doll’s house compared to the massive titan. But what was more astonishing was how he moved that giant’s hand. Rather than moving, it reformed itself above the suite.

That’s right. That hand is made up of countless bones to begin with. Even that hand shape is nothing but a facade. As long as he so desires, that scumbag can probably maneuver the entire giant in any direction he wants.

“What are you planning?!”

That *******… don’t tell me he’s actually mad enough to smash that suite… there could still be people living there…

“What am I planning?” The hoodlum laughed maniacally. “Hahaha… you should be asking what I plan to do with you!”


That degenerate… Does he plan on laying his hands on a guy as well?! I swear I’m going to stab him right in the heart!

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