Chapter 691: Crash Landing

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

According to our estimates, the amount of people who could have survived that hellish first day would… most likely be far and few between. In that case, the streets should be filled with zombies. However…

There was only quiet, at least it was a lot more quiet than I had initially expected.

I was fully expecting zombies packed like sardines blocking the streets, not this.

“What’s going on? Where did all the zombies go?” Something was clearly off here.

“Perhaps it’s because most of the dead died indoors.” Bitong calmly analyzed the possibilities. “I doubt those ghosts we encountered would bother dragging their victims out onto the streets. And even if the ghosts did kill people on the streets, there’s no guarantee that they would turn into zombies this way. I think it’s more likely that they all died indoors. Their bodies are still rotting somewhere while their souls are either consumed or converted.”

A sound deduction, and probably the only one we could go by for now.

“Thank goodness that we’re not afraid of those ghosts. In fact, Qiaoqiao is hoping more of them will show up! At 20 points a kill, that’s easy profit!” Qiaoqiao activated her internal projection as she said that, showing off the talismans she had stuck onto her clothes and hair in order to ward off evil. At this point, the only place lacking a talisman was her forehead…

Even though she looked a little comical, her own life was at stake here; she was merely doing the sensible thing.

These talismans were known as Purification Talismans, 10 points a piece, and belonged to the lower-tiered functional talismans. They belonged to the same tier as the Flame Talisman, but cost twice as much as one. In exchange, they had the added benefit of only harming evil lifeforms. Hence, the name ‘Purification’.

Because Qiaoqiao hadn’t strengthened her bloodlines yet, she was still a human. And humans definitely weren’t part of any evil race. Thanks to that, she could be sure that even if the ghosts were to get too close to her, she wouldn’t be hurt by the talisman.

Accordingly, she no longer had to worry about those ghosts sneaking into the cockpit to harm her. But should a large swarm of them attack at once, causing the talisman to expire before they were all dead, she would be in deep trouble…

Honestly, everyone, barring me, was a normal human being here. Even Lixiang. Without such external tools, fighting against those ghosts would be impossible.

I was the exception. I had my bloodline activated, and even had that cheat-like skill of the Shadow Demon Guardian; those ghosts weren’t a threat at all.

“Well, it’s daytime now. I doubt there will be a lot of those ghosts wandering around.”

Ghosts were, of course, famously known for being evil creatures. As such, they were deathly afraid of fire and the sun. The two were basically of the same element, and were polar opposites to the deathly attribute of a ghost.

Even so, a mass of ghosts could gather together in a cloud, massing their negative energies together to form a barrier that blocked the sun. The larger the cloud was, the more stable this effect would be. In fact, any undead could achieve this effect, not just the ghosts.

That was the green fog we saw yesterday. The fog acted as a sun barrier that allowed the ghosts beneath to act freely, though that would still be restricted within the range of the fog.

Only at night, would those ghosts be able to act completely unfettered. With their seemingly endless numbers and superior mobility, who knew how many they had slain by now…

Heavens… don’t tell me they’ve really massacred the entire city… No way. At the very least, we are still alive, and I don’t believe that four million humans would just die off like that! That’s four million humans, not four million morons!

To be honest, we could have easily bunkered down in that hotel, given our talismans. But none of us wanted to leave our fate up to fortune. At least by leaving, we could farm points and grow stronger. At least our fates were in our control!

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“Either way, be careful, everyone…” I wanted to say some more, but something interrupted me.

As of right now, we were still standing outside of the hotel, directly facing the main street as we discussed our upcoming plan of action. Suddenly, I was cut off by a massive explosion, followed up by a wave of gentle tremors.

A green beam of light fired upwards from a blindspot ahead, piercing the sky in an instant. Then barely a second later, a pure white exosuit took to the skies, armed with a two meter long sniper rifle that was firing downwards even now.

Due to our vantage point, we couldn’t see who the exosuit was firing at. But that problem soon fixed itself when a monster charged out from behind the buildings.

The sniper shot had failed to kill its target, only managing to clip one of its wings. Just like before, this monster was a skeletal beast, shaped like a serpent but with wings on its back that afforded it frightening speed as it sped towards the white exosuit.

Thanks to the recoil from the missed shot, the exosuit didn’t have time to dodge the frontal assault of the monster!

On one hand, the exosuit stood at an impressive three meters tall. On the other hand, that skeletal beast was over 10 meters long! Clearly, the former was going to lose out in a head-on collision.

A loud crash later, the white exosuit came tumbling down to the earth. And as if by some twisted sense of humor, it landed near our location. There wasn’t even time to think at this point. The 10 meter long monster dove towards the exosuit like a hawk, determined to finish off its prey.

“Crap! Run!”

I yelled those two words, not at the fallen exosuit in front of us, but rather for the girls behind me.

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