Chapter 682: Bathing and Sleeping, Both Very Serious Questions

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The moment the word ‘marriage’ popped up, Bitong immediately went red in the ears. With a mix of embarrassment and anger in her eyes, she glared at the little girl. “I think someone is due for another spanking!”

“Blehhh… Big sis is blushing!”

“That’s it…”

Yet just as Bitong started teaching Qiaoqiao a lesson, an unusually quiet Lixiang suddenly threw a curve ball my way.

Just like Bitong, she went a little red as she lowered her head. Thumbs twiddling, she mumbled, “Your Highness… this one wishes to… bath…”

“Bath… But this is a warehouse, I don’t think there are any bathing spots nearby…”

I grimaced a little at her difficult request, however Lixiang’s expression was a lot worse right now. “But… but if this one doesn’t bathe in a day… she will die…”

What the heck? What kind of setting is that? Why would you even die from that?!

In fact, I couldn’t help but blurt that out jokingly… “I’m sure you will be fine… I haven’t heard of anyone dying from not bathing yet…”

“Hmm. But for a girl to skip a day of bathing… I think she might really die.” Unexpectedly, it was Bitong, who had stopped fighting with Qiaoqiao for a second, who said that. “If it was me, I think I might die as well… Especially if…”

She stopped abruptly but continued looking at me.

Maybe it’s just me, but that last part seems to have something to do with me.

“Qiaoqiao wants to bathe as well! Bath. Bath!”

Riding on the bathing train, Qiaoqiao was the next to clamor for the mythical activity that would kill you if you didn’t perform it. She eyed me intently, as if waiting for the moment when I magically pulled out a bathtub from my inventory.

Naturally, that was impossible – my inventory clearly did not have such a ridiculous function as bathtub storage. And that was why when I shrugged my shoulders, Qiaoqiao pouted unhappily, “What?! Big brother actually did not pack a bathtub before leaving?”

Wait, how is that my fault? It’s not like a bathtub is a toy I can just stuff into my backpack. No matter how you cut it, you’re that one that’s being unreasonable here!

Even so, the girls were all waiting for an answer from me. Bathing honestly sounded like a good idea. Bathing together would relieve all the piled up stress too.

That’s right! A bath! Every man’s dream, but I can’t even get it up, so what the heck…

“Big brother, what’s wrong? Why is your face changing so quickly?”

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“Your Highness, is there some assassin performing a psychic attack on you right now? Those fiends, how dare they!”

“Ke, is there something wrong?”

“Ah… it’s nothing. I’ll go find a spot we can bathe. But before that, I need to do some shopping.”

I opened up the Marketplace, then spent a hundred points on a thumb-sized white sphere known as the Virus Detection Kit. According to the system, this item could detect the zombie virus.

“For detecting the virus?” Bitong suddenly pointed at the sphere in my hand and asked.

“That’s right.” I gave the sphere a light toss upwards. “We should be able to detect the zombie virus with this. I’m just not sure how this rock-like thing can do that.”

“Ooo… Qiaoqiao has seen that before, it was a hundred points to buy… so expensive.” Qiaoqiao walked up to the sphere then began playing around with it with her fingers. “Does it even work?”

“The system’s products usually work.”

The idea behind purchasing this before bathing was just in case we accidentally ingested the virus during our bath… that would truly be a silly ending.

“Sis, how about you find us a bathing spot with your map.” I said while playfully pinching Qiaoqiao’s cheeks. “Everyone’s tired, so let’s get this sorted out early, then we can all turn in for the night. We still have more fighting tomorrow.”

“I’ll have a look…” Bitong opened up her holographic map, and after a moment of searching, pointed at a ten-storey high building in the distance. “That’s a hotel, we should be able to take a bath there. There’s only two hundred meters between us. With our exosuits, we shouldn’t need to worry about much.”

“Alright. Let’s head over there then. I know we all haven’t slept in a tent before, but I’m sure a bed would be much better than a tent.”

Pity about that tent though… kind of a waste of effort.

“No way! Qiaoqiao wants to sleep in a tent! Qiaoqiao wants the tent! Qiaoqiao has never slept in one before and she wants to sleep in one!”

Bitong and I immediately grimaced, while Lixiang gave her a look as if she was looking at an idiot. However, Qiaoqiao was famously stubborn when she got like this, thus I immediately tried to persuade her.

“Actually, Qiaoqiao, even if you want to sleep in a tent, there’s no problem with going to a hotel at all. I can just open the tent there. Wouldn’t that work as well?”

“Really?” Qiaoqiao finally stopped throwing a tantrum and threw me a hopeful look. “Qiaoqiao can really sleep in a tent?”

“Yup, as long as Qiaoqiao is happy.”

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“Woohoo, big brother is the best!” Qiaoqiao did a little jump and kissed me on the cheeks. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she said, “Qiaoqiao wants to sleep with big brother as well!”


“Absolutely not!” Bitong finally stepped in and pulled her away from me. “If you want to sleep in a tent, you can sleep in it yourself.”

“Hmph. Qiaoqiao doesn’t dare to sleep alone!” Qiaoqiao immediately retorted as if she was actually giving a proper reason.

“Then just sleep with us on the bed.”

“But Qiaoqiao wants to sleep in a tent!”

“Big brother, big sister Bitong is bullying Qiaoqiao again!” Realising that she was about to lose, Qiaoqiao promptly jumped into my arms and began tearing up. As she rubbed her head about, she continued pleading coyly. “She wants Qiaoqiao to sleep alone, but Qiaoqiao is afraid of sleeping alone…”

Then why not sleep on the bed…

Finally, after quite a bit of pleading and Bitong flatly refusing her, Qiaoqiao finally gave up on her dream of sleeping in a tent.

The time now was ten minutes past eight. The zombies were usually more active in the night, and the outside seemed to have confirmed that.

A number of zombies had already started gathering around the warehouse, and from the sound of things, those numbers weren’t decreasing any time soon.

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