Chapter 681: Resting for the Night

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

So what is the worst-case scenario?

“The worst case would be the death of all life on Gaia… I’m sure our valued host can already tell by the devastation of Southern Plains… The clashing of two worlds isn’t as simple as a fusing. These are only the vanguard of a greater invasion force, more will come that will make what you see today mere child’s play… There is no choice but to resist!”

Vanguard of an invasion… and even that is enough to wipe out a city… Should their main force invade in earnest, then this planet is doomed.

Tell me. How should I protect Gaia?

“Kill the necromancer hiding out in this city -he’s the sole perpetrator of this tragedy. And this has to be done before the laws of this region are completely warped. His very existence is destroying the dimensional barriers between the two worlds. Every day he is alive, the barrier gets weaker. Once the dimensional barrier is gone, there is nothing that can stop the invasion.”

So you’re saying the destruction of this barrier is what’s causing the fusing of the two worlds? I understand fully now. But Bitong and the others… My wish is to at least send them out first… I don’t want them to risk their lives as well…

“Valued host, you need to wake up. Ever since they’ve signed that pact, they have become a part of your fighting force. In exchange for power, they have a greater burden to bear as well. If our valued host did not wish for them to participate in the fight, then he should not have used a name slot on them. Besides, none of them have the means to break through that blockade. The wiser move would still be to improve their abilities for now.”

The system was right. Regardless of whether or not I agreed with putting them in danger, it was a fact that they were now a part of the harem system, and had been given the opportunity to grow stronger. In exchange, sacrifices had to be made.

Even so, that was a weighty discussion I just had with the system. I had a feeling that I had just learnt a great deal that normally would not have been made known to a small fry like me… Honestly speaking, I did not put a lot of stock into me defeating that necromancer, who was able to control all the undead in an entire city.

But there was no really no choice at this point. The roads out were all sealed, so it was either an exceedingly difficult but technically traversable road, or just death.

Perhaps the Federation might arrive in time to save us, but that was a very big ‘perhaps’… I hate leaving my chances up to fate. It’s decided then, win or lose, at least I would have tried.

Having finished communicating with the system, I turned around to face the girls with a heavy heart.

When I was done relaying what I had just learnt, the girls all had their own opinions to express on this matter.

“So after countless reincarnations, countless disguises… they’ve finally found this one… No matter. As long as His Highness is here, this one has nothing to fear!” Lixiang’s eyes practically sparkled at that point, her brain whirling its cog to spin a new story for herself. “Come angels or devils, they matter not. This one will show them the power of a Primal Angel, born from the fusion of Light and Dark!”

Lixiang… you haven’t reincarnated, not even once…

“Wooo! Qiaoqiao wants to learn that Flame Incarnate skill as well! Qiaoqiao is going to be the bestest magical girl in the world!” Qiaoqiao clapped her hands with joy as she hopped on the spot. “Vanquishing evil, then saving the world -Qiaoqiao is going to be a hero! Battle Angels Squad, deploy!”

Qiaoqiao… can you not jump about while you’re on my back…

“Ke, what are your plans? Will Gaia really be destroyed if we do not participate?” Bitong, on the other hand, was more focused on the serious stuff. “You mentioned the destruction of the dimensional barriers are causing the laws of the world to warp. What happens once they are warped? Will the invaders get stronger?”

“About that, I have more to say.”

The moment I said that, no matter whether it was the delusional Lixiang, the hero-wannabe Qiaoqiao, or the more serious Bitong, they all stopped what they were doing and waited with bated breath for my words… Well, at least those two haven’t lost their brains yet.

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“All that talk about world invaders… they are still too far removed from our reality. For us, I think we should first focus on getting stronger…”

Simply put, from tomorrow onwards, we would double down on monster slaying, learning new skills, all in order to strengthen our combat abilities.

And after a long discussion as to how we were to do that, everyone was tired, so it was time for rest.

Before coming to Southern Plains, we had planned on going camping. Thanks to the inventory system, I was able to prepare a lot more than most, including a tent large enough to fit all four of us.

I took out a compressed-looking cube and laid it down on the ground. Upon pressing a button on the cube, the tent began to slowly enlarge itself, as if air was being pumped into it. Finally, we were left with a large, roofed blue tent.

The young girl that she was, Qiaoqiao’s eyes lit up with wonderment. “Ooo~ amazing!”

This was the first time using this tent, and being the most excited out of all of us here, Qiaoqiao immediately dove into the tent… only to stick her head out a mere second later.

“Why are there no pillows? Blankets? Horrible.” Qiaoqiao pouted. “Qiaoqiao can’t sleep without a pillow!”

“Don’t worry, the pillows are with me.” Once the rest of us were in the tent, I took out the supplies I had prepared in my inventory. “One set for everyone.”

“Nice! Big brother is the best!” Seeing that she did not have to sleep on the ground, Qiaoqiao happily jumped into my arms and kissed me on the cheeks.

“Get down here, right this instant! No hugging Ke!” Bitong immediately snapped. There was nothing more she hated than another girl taking advantage of her childhood friend. She stomped up to the little girl and tried to pry her off. “Behave yourself, now.”

“Hmph. Stingy. Big sister is so stingy.” Left with no choice, Qiaoqiao could only sulk to herself as she dismounted. “I don’t see what’s all the fuss about, it’s not like a kiss will get him pregnant!”

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