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Chapter 668: Searching for Survivors

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Our current location is the southern district of Southern Plains. If we travel in a straight line, it would take twenty kilometers travelling in a straight line to reach the suburbs of Southern Plains.” Bitong stated, electronic map opened up wide as she pointed at the districts. “If we’re lucky, we might bump into a military or police patrol -rescue might be possible then. However, even if that isn’t the case, these exosuits should theoretically keep us safe from their attacks. I just don’t know if they might evolve like in those zombie games…”

“Evolve?” Jiaojiao jerked her head towards Bitong, attention fully captured now, instead of flailing her arms about. “No way… this isn’t a game.”

“But reality shouldn’t have zombies either… at least there weren’t any in the past…” Lan Yue’er countered in a quivering voice. “I’ve only heard of failed experiments producing mutated animals in the past. Those were all beasts that were put down immediately. This virus has already taken over this entire city…”

“Hmph. With His Highness here, mere zombies are not a threat.” Lixiang confidently stated her faith in me. However, the words of a girl with middle school delusions weren’t exactly inspiring.

Seeing our morale deteriorate all of a sudden, I quickly stepped in to break the mood. “There’s no need to think that far for now. As long as we’re quick enough, we will be safe, whether it’s finding the army, the police, or just leaving ourselves.”

“Don’t forget, Southern Plains is a very famous tourist city. At every one moment, there are at least tens of thousands of tourists from each planet. If we were to all die in Southern Plains, even the Federation will have difficulty explaining this crisis off.”

Lan Zhi was right there. The death of all these aliens was no small matter, it might even lead to inter-planetary war. The Federation would definitely have taken some measures already. Like dispatching a huge army. The other planets would have sent aid as well.

“Well, time won’t wait for anyone, let’s move.” A good suggestion by Yang Fei, though there was still one matter to do before we left -we should search the entire building for survivors.

“Hold on. We should search Game City first. Given its size, there might be survivors scattered around. If there are, we can just bring them along…”

At the same time, we could do some points farming.

“All right. I will go to the other game rooms and unlock the exosuits. You guys can go search for survivors.” Unless it was about setting up a harem, I could always count on Bitong’s unconditional support, and guidance too.

Just like that, we quickly split up into two teams. The Lans were one team, while Jiaojiao, Lixiang and I were another. Bitong was naturally tasked with unlocking the exosuits.

First off, we searched the other game rooms since these were most likely to have occupants inside. As expected, we actually found three survivors in the first game room we searched. After a quick chat, they agreed with our plans and joined the search as well. Over time, the search time expanded to over twenty people, split into seven groups.

After another hour of searching, the total tally nearly came up to a hundred. During the search, we would gather up survivors till the number reached a threshold, at which point we would escort them downstairs.

On Bitong’s part, it didn’t take long before she unlocked the remaining exosuits. With that out of the way, she took up the duty of guarding the survivors we sent down.

Because we were now armed with exosuits, Jiaojiao was a lot more enthusiastic, seeing as there was no danger of attacks. The moment we bumped into a zombie, she would be the first one to charge ahead. In her own words, she was grinding mobs… Now, if only there was an experience bar somewhere where we could gauge our levels…

As if! Lixiang’s delusions are starting to spread now, I see!

By the time we brought down our last group of survivors, every other team had arrived as well. The number of survivors, not counting the initial survivors who joined us in searching, came up to 91. We had crossed the hundred mark, but thankfully, the amount of exosuits in Game City could accommodate everyone with three to spare.

The earlier survivors, whom we sent down, were already snacking on the rations we managed to scavenge in the building.

“Seems like we got quite a harvest.” Bitong cheerfully waved in our direction. Because Lan Zhi was there to take over the guarding, she had the opportunity to dismount from her exosuit and munch on bread.

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While everyone else might have confused the word harvest for the number of rescued survivors, only we knew that she meant the points. And she was right. This round of points farming went extremely well. Between the three of us, we managed to kill over three hundred zombies, smoothly and safely, just the way we liked it.

After an additional thirty minutes of resting, Bitong gathered up the hacked exosuits, at which point everyone boarded an exosuit of their own and left Game City.

During these thirty minutes, we also took the opportunity to do a quick census. Over half of the survivors were tourists, the remaining thirty or so were locals.

These thirty locals decided that they would rather search for their kin instead. Naturally, those who did not have any instead wanted to hide out in Game City. In their mind, this building was mostly cleared, and there should be some supplies left anyway. However, after some persuasion about how short sighted this was, they finally gave up on holing up in this building. After all, the exosuits couldn’t even be breached by the zombies in the first place.

As planned, the remaining eighty or so survivors would follow our lead in taking the shortest route out of the city.

I originally wanted to persuade those who wanted to stay behind to search for their kin, but upon seeing the grief on their faces, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

Finally, our eighty strong exosuit army marched out of Game City like an unstoppable mechanical horde. Any zombie who stood in our way was dealt swift mechanical justice!

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