Chapter 661: Burdened with Responsibilities

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Now… Lixiang might have had a point about the size of a man’s harem… but having Jiaojiao enter the harem… ahem… signing the Book of Oaths was… Wait. I think she just signed it…

Because of Lixiang and Bitong’s amusing exchange, by the time I realised what was going on, Jiaojiao had already inked her name onto the book. In fact, she was even firing off a flame arrow right now!

But that wasn’t the problem – who was it that said I only had two name slots? Was that all a lie?!

Yet just when I was about to ring System Lady and have a serious talk with her, she was already a step ahead of me…

“Ding! The system has detected an error in the Book of Oath’s usage limit… proceeding with punitive measures… a total of 2000 points will be deducted…”


That’s just not fair! Isn’t the third name slot just 1000? Couldn’t you just make me pay that instead, what’s with the extra 1000 on top of it?!

“In that case, would our valued host please return the 1000 points within the next minute, the system will cancel the fine accordingly.”


A day might have been possible, but one minute? There’s no way I can accumulate that much, even if I can kill zombies for points!

“Rest assured, this fine will not have a permanent effect on our valued host.”

What do you mean permanent?

“Permanent means death, naturally.”


Is it necessary to go that far?! Do you want to switch hosts that badly?!

“This system does not actually want to change hosts, but our valued host is quite stupid…”


“Anyway, for the time being while the 2000 points are being repaid, every two points our valued host brings in will have one deducted automatically from it. Thank you for your patronage.”

Thank you for your patronage… so I was scammed then! You didn’t even tell me that such a punishment existed beforehand. That’s not right. You can’t just levy a fine all willy nilly.

“So our valued host does not mind when someone takes their possessions without asking?”

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But isn’t the Book of Oaths mine in the first place? Everything inside should be mine as well!

“Ah, that was my mistake, the system has forgotten to inform our valued host about the change in his rights. Since activating the Magical Girl Harem Grooming System, whether it’s our valued host’s body or heart, they all belong to the system.”

So I’m your slave?

“If our valued host insists on tearing away the last shred of dignity the system has so generously afforded him…”


“In that case, the system wishes our valued host a happy time clearing this Raid-sized Instance. Farewell.”

Fudge! Don’t use that customer service tone on me! I will sue you for copyright infringement!

I swear! Everytime I talk to the system, I just end up getting mad!

As I angrily cut off communications with the system, a soft bundle of joy dove right into my arms…

“Big brother, look, Jiaojiao can do magic now! Look, look!” She gleefully stated while pointing at a hole in the wall. “That’s the hole Jiaojiao made!”

Yes… that’s a hole… a hole that costs me 2000 points… I need to kill two thousand zombies just to pay for that shortfall… What am I to even do with her? Adorable as she may be.

Forgive her, of course!

“Wonderful! Our Jiaojiao is just the best!” I had no defenses against a soft, adorable little girl like her. And certainly no mind to scold her.

I reached out and patted her on her head. She closed her eyes like a purring kitten and leaned in closer. It was only when I felt two distinctively murderous glares on me that I came back to my senses. Now was clearly not the best time to foster a closer relationship to Jiaojiao.

I quickly pushed her away, then cleared my throat. “Ahem. I’ll start by explaining the Magical Girl System. Operating the system is quite simple. You merely will it, and the system will react to it. Initially, the system won’t have too many features as it’s newly activated. Mostly, the Marketplace and the status menu. Perhaps there might be more features in the future. The status menu is self-explanatory, but the Marketplace’s user interface is more special. You need to be near me to open it up. From now on, every zombie we kill will give at least one point. These points can be spent on actual goods that often cannot be found in the real world. Like MP potions, Skill Cards, and even magical gear…”

I briefly ran them through the system without pause; questions would have to wait till later.

Even though I had made sure to stab most of the corpses around us, the stairway up to the pavilion was a long one; there was no way to cover all of the corpses, and these corpses were beginning to rise…

“Flame Arrow!” Lixiang was the first person to notice a zombie climbing up from below. She raised her hand and fired a flame arrow right into its brain.

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A split second later, the arrow penetrated its skull and exploded in a blinding red flash of light! Brain matter and flesh abound, the now headless zombie tumbled harmlessly down the stairways.

“This one’s done it! This one is the best magical girl in the world!” Lixiang exclaimed fearlessly. In fact, she seemed almost excited as she waved the doll version of herself.

“Big sister Lixiang is the best!” Jiaojiao clapped her hands.

I could even see the anticipation in her eyes at this point, something which I found incredulous. “Aren’t you guys afraid?”

While Lixiang might have been as outwardly terrified as Jiaojiao, she definitely wasn’t brave either. Who would have thought that simply gaining power would bring about such a change.

“Afraid? This one is an all-powerful magical girl!” She thrust her doll high up into the air, then did a victory pose. “Before this one’s awakened powers, all monsters are nothing! Let all who hear me tremble before the might of my powers!!”

“Okay, okay. Just cut back on the daydreaming, alright?” Even if there was no one else nearby, this was still a little embarrassing…

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