Chapter 660: Sign the Contract, Magical Girls!

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The size of a man’s harem directly correlates to his power

— You Qin Lixiang


Crap. I forgot to cover it up…

Had the floor been a little cleaner, I would have already feigned unconsciousness…

“Hmph, no one is forcing you to sign the pact.” Lixiang harrumphed dismissively. Even as Bitong was still doubting my innocence, she was already drawing blood with her finger and signing the pact.

With that done, her name on the Book of Oaths started to glow in pink. Finally, the light coalesced into a beam that fired into the area between her eyebrows.

Once that strange phenomenon subsided, I found, to my surprise, that there was no visible change on her forehead; I had honestly thought that some kind of mark would have been left behind at least…

“Why the heck did you sign it?! Do you even know what it is? Do you not understand the meaning of that pact?”

Bitong bombarded her with three questions at once, but Lixiang seemed unfazed. In fact, she seemed to be sniggling.

Lixiang did not immediately answer her question. Instead, she shoved her pearly white finger right in front of Bitong. Understandably, Bitong did not understand what she was trying to prove by doing that, but a second later, her eyes went wide.

That finger she was showing us… that was the same one she bit to draw blood. It was now pearly white, and clearly devoid of any injury.

In fact, even a baby might not have a smoother finger than her.

“Self-healing?” Bitong exclaimed.

There was no doubt at all. After signing the pact, her wound had healed itself, and in an instant, no less.

“Flame Arrow!”

As if to strike while the iron was hot, Lixiang fired off a wedge-shaped bolt of flame down the passageway without even giving Bitong any time to react.


“Wait. So big sister Lixiang isn’t delusional?”

“After signing the pact, this one has begun to regain some of her lost memories…” Lixiang claimed to the shock of both Jiaojiao and Bitong. “As more time passes, this one will only regain more of her memories, returning to her former glory as a magical girl that once stood toe to toe with the gods themselves… That’s right, this one isn’t a Primal Angel of the Apocalypse at all…”

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Looking at that smug look on her face, I almost wanted to smack her right in the head there and then.

What the heck was all that nonsense about being a magical girl? I get it now… Because a Primal Angel used light and dark magic, while she clearly was using fire magic back then, her brain automatically filled in the gaps by creating all that nonsense about being a magical girl…

Should I even be surprised at this point?

The human mind is a fearsome thing…

Yet even in spite of her shock, Bitong was still the same collected Bitong she always was. “But signing it…” She asked the same question as before.

“This one understands ;there’s no need for a reminder. Southern Plains has already fallen, and regardless of whether or not the government can reclaim the city in the short term, the fact is that we are now in a situation where self-protection is a necessity…”

Bitong fell silent at that point.

Lixiang was right. Southern Plains was basically a real-life zombie simulator. It was a race against time to clean up the city, and even if this clean up happened fast, there was no harm in being able to protect oneself.

Even normal human beings were a threat now, let alone the wandering zombies. Like those hoodlums we had locked up in the elevator, they were the perfect example…

“I understand. And you’re right, now’s not the time to be fussy about such minor details.” Bitong bit down on her finger, then decisively signed her name on the Book of Oaths. “But no matter what, I’m not letting anyone else have Ke!”

Just like that, Lixiang actually succeeded in persuading Bitong! Shocking, I know!

Like Lixiang before her, Bitong’s name began to glow a bright pink. The glow coalesced into a beam of light that embedded itself between her brows…

“Flame Arrow!”

Bitong raised her hand and fired off an arrow of fire at the wall, blasting a sizable chunk of it…

Having done that, she looked Lixiang squarely in the eye… was this some kind of silent throwdown?

Speaking of which, did signing the pact come with a complementary Flame Arrow spell?

“Uwah! Jiaojiao wants to do that too! Big brother, let Jiaojiao into your harem as well!”

“…” I could immediately feel myself being stabbed by a pair of piercing eyes.

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Don’t look at me like that… I’m not planning to do anything to her… I know she’s still a kid… Besides, I don’t have fetish for little girls, she just so happens to be young, that’s all!

Unlike Bitong’s killing stare, Lixiang was a lot more nonchalant. In fact, she seemed even pensive. “Your Highness should indeed widen his harem. After all, the size of a harem is an indicator of Your Highness’s strength.”

“In what world?!” Bitong immediately glared daggers at Lixiang.

“All of them.”

In other words, Gaia and whatever fantasy world Lixiang was living in.

Honestly, she wasn’t wrong in some sense. The ancient emperors of the past always had a huge harem. It was one of the ways to measure a man’s power in the past.

As the saying went, a poor man might be able to marry the girl of his dreams, but could a poor man marry all the girls of his dreams?

Clearly not, because he was poor.

To do what others could not -that was the path to true strength!

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