Chapter 659: This is a Proper Contract

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Even though my fire wall had completely burned away the zombies on the surface, we did not immediately leave the passageway, because the ground was still scorching hot from the flames. At the very least, we had to wait till the ground was suitable for walking before leaving.

In the meantime, I bought another Small SP Recovery Potion and gulped it down. I could feel my empty SP pool rapidly fill up again. Now, it was time to consider a very serious question: my harem…

Only because that’s how the system refers to it! This is a very important distinction, I am not calling it a harem for any other reason…

Honestly, this question wasn’t even a question for me at all. I simply opened up the Marketplace and purchased a name slot from it. Because this was my first time purchasing it, the name slot was only 100 points. Adding on the Small SP Recovery Potion, I was now down to a measly 7 points…

As I stared at my depleted account, my heart sank like that elevator descending into the shelter. For some reason, it felt like I had never once won ever since getting this system. Each time I spent my points, it felt more like a scam than anything else.

Regardless, I now had two name slots, one given and one bought. The next one would cost me 1000 points, or perhaps another mission, whenever that appeared… most likely never.

Since this crisis started, I had been observing Jiaojiao, and found that she was still immature. Her will wasn’t strong enough, so my decision was to exclude her for the time being. The best choice would be to give Lixiang and Bitong the name slots for the Book of Oaths… or rather the Magical Girl System.

Ahem, I mean the Mahou Shoujo System!

Since my fire wall had taken care of the zombies outside, there wasn’t much to worry about on that front. I turned around and began stabbing the corpses near us, lest they suddenly got up to jump us. As I did that, I began telling them about the Book of Oaths.

Naturally, that also included the harem system and what not… I definitely did not avert my eyes when I thought about that… it was all the system’s fault to begin with… I would never think about setting up such a shameless thing… not at all!

All that denying does make me seem suspicious though…

“Bitong, Lixiang, there’s something we need to discuss.”


“Your Highness?”

“Hmph… nothing for Jiaojiao then…”

“So… I need you guys to sign something…” I took out the Book of Oaths from my inventory, carefully blocking out the words harem on its cover.

Under their watchful eyes, a decidedly fantasy-esque leather scroll suddenly appeared in my hands.

“Book of Oaths?” Bitong read out the title, minus the word harem which I blocked out.

“Your Highness wishes to enter into a pact with this one?” Lixiang asked with sparkling eyes.

“Big brother, there’s some words behind your hands.” Suddenly, I felt Jiaojiao’s little fingers prying away as she cheekily said, “Let us see what’s underneath.”

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“Hey. Now’s not the time to be naughty.” I quickly shut her down. “The book loses its effect if my hand leaves it.”

“What. Don’t be so stingy! Jiaojiao was just a little curious, that’s all. I hate you, big brother!”

Eh? Did I go too far there… Even so, I’m not letting go even if it kills me. If that word were to ever see the light of day… everything will be ruined…

“Your Highness, this one is a little curious as well.”

“Ke, your big sis wants to see it too.”

A cold sweat immediately ran down my back. I tried to play it cool with a dry smile. “Oh, that? That’s nothing important at all… just subtext.”

“What is it, then?” Jiaojiao wrapped herself around my arm, then deliberately tried to pull it away again. Unfortunately, she failed once more. “Come on, let Jiaojiao have a look.”

“There’s really nothing to look at.” I tried to shoo away the girl, but my strange behavior did not escape Bitong’s eyes.

“Ke, your big sis wants to have a look.” She said with furrowed brows.

“This one is very curious as well. It’s not some slave pact, is it?”

“No… no way… you guys are overthinking this…” I smiled as brightly as I could. “The pact is known as the Magical Girl Pact. I only have two slots presently. As long as you put your name on it, you will be registered with the Magical Girl System… I’m just blocking the magical girl part.” I rattled off as much as I could, hopefully that would work…

“So it’s really just the words magical girl?” Lixiang swept her eyes over me like a scanner. Then from her adorable lips, I heard the most devastating words ever. “But the area you’re covering could also contain the words slave, soul, gender-swap, bleep, and bleep…”

What do you mean bleep, bleep?! I might not be the smartest cookie, but those words shouldn’t even fit under my fingers!

And a girl shouldn’t be using such language! What kind of books are you even reading?!

“Ke, care to explain what bleep and bleep means?” Bitong’s face immediately blackened. Her lips curved into a sinister smile. “Well, Ke?”

Oh crap… it’s Black Bitong… at this rate, we’re all going to be sliced up like those zombies…

With no time to lose, I took my hands off the title. “Look. It just says Book of Oaths. There’s no way it has anything to do with the nonsense Lixiang mentioned…”

“Hahaha, I’m sure it’s a very proper book.” With nothing else to block off the subtext, she saw the full front page for the first time, and her black mist immediately thickened. “Harem, huh…”

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