Chapter 657: Game City

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Don’t even try to get me to turn around like that. All I want to do right now is enjoy every inch of your lovely face. I wouldn’t even blink if I had the choice.” The hoodlum leader flashed me a leering smile before ending off as such. “A beauty like you will be more than enough fun to last me a lifetime!”

“…” How I desperately wanted to cut those eyes out right now. At the same time, I felt strangely exhausted by his idiocy as well. His two lackeys were still clutching their throats behind him in an awfully rigid manner. There was no doubt that zombification was upon them, and soon these newly minted zombies would leap upon the closest target to them: that hoodlum leader.

All I could hope for was that this idiot wouldn’t shoot me by mistake in a fit of panic…

“Woo… they are going to awaken soon…” Jiaojiao sneaked a peek from behind Bitong’s back. “They are going to turn into zombies…”

“Step back.” I herded the girls back a few steps.

Seeing that, the hoodlum leader mistook that as a sign that we were afraid. Jiaojiao’s whimpering had clearly fallen on deaf ears as he proudly waved his gun about, lips curled into a disgusting smirk.

Yet just as he was about to open his rotten mouth, he felt something grab his shoulders. Unlike the other time however, both his shoulders were grabbed…

“Hey! What are you two trying to do? Scare me or something? Don’t push your luck or I might shoot you two as well!”

It was only when his shoulders were grabbed that Jiaojiao’s words came back to him. However, he merely shrugged it off as his two lackeys pulling a prank on him.

They were definitely the culprits here… but they were also zombies now, and they had just taken a chomp out of him…


There was no way in heck I was wasting another second on a scumbag who had a gun trained on me just seconds ago. While those two zombified lackeys were keeping him busy, I grabbed the girls and ran. Even if the outside of the elevator was still unbearably hot, now wasn’t time for hesitation anymore.

“****… get back here this instant and save me…”

As I zipped past the hoodlum leader, I had, for the briefest of moments, considered slicing off that gun-wielding hand of his. While I might have had no problem killing a zombie, doing the same to a human being just felt wrong. Even if he was ultimately going to become a zombie, he wasn’t one yet, which was why I merely thought about slicing off his hand.

“Damn it… my gun…”

By now, the hoodlum leader was so preoccupied with the pain that he dropped his gun out accidentally… Well. That saved me some time.

As for the gun he dropped, I had never once considered picking up something so dirty…

Now that we were safely out of the elevator, Bitong did not waste any time at all in shutting the door behind us remotely. She then sprinted for a good distance without turning back, until she finally began panting a little.

Normally, a ten meter sprint like that would have been manageable even for an unathletic girl like herself, but with Jiaojiao on her back, the task was a lot harder, despite Jiaojiao not being that heavy.

“Big sis… Jiaojiao is fine to walk on her own now…” Realising as well how tired Bitong was, she offered to get off like the good child that she was.

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“But…” Bitong hesitated a little. She was worried Jiaojiao would get frightened again, and that would make things even worse than if she had just stayed on her back.

“Let her walk by herself. With the situation being what it is, it’s good that she learns to toughen up too.”

As I said that, I reached into my inventory, took out a small, blue bottle, then gulped it all down.

This bottle was the same bottle of mana recovery potion that I received from the Newcomer’s Gift Box. Since the system updated, the name of this potion had changed to Small SP Recovery Potion.

Barely five seconds later, I could feel my SP(spiritual energy) rapidly recovering by 50. Because my maximum SP was just 60, a potion like that was able to recover a fair amount for just 10 points, the price of the potion on the Marketplace -not a bad deal, at all.

The weakness I felt from depleting my SP so rapidly had disappeared as well. Considering the price of this potion was just killing ten normal zombies, it was a really economic consumable.

For the most part, we encountered scattered zombies after leaving the elevator, because the larger packs had already been gathered up and burnt to a crisp before.

At long last, our weary party had some time for rest.

“Your Highness, what’s our plan next?” Lixiang asked right after we stopped. Bitong and Jiaojiao both looked expectantly at me, having clearly handed over the decision making.

Blessed with such trust, I couldn’t help but feel a little happy, but also pressured by the responsibility at the same time. Just as a precaution however, I decided to seek a second opinion first.

“Sis, any ideas?”

“I still think we should focus on arming ourselves.” Bitong answered without even considering. “Times are dangerous now, it would be best if we had some means of protection.”

She was right on that front. The underground shelter wasn’t safe anymore, or perhaps there was nowhere that was safe.

Even without the sudden threat of someone next to you turning into a zombie, normal humans might turn traitor at the drop of a hat. Those three hoodlums were the best examples of this.

“It’s just too bad about that gun just now…” Hearing that, I immediately realised how foolish I was to abandon a weapon just because of some misplaced sense of hygiene…

“Other than Ke, all of us are ordinary folk, we need some way to defend ourselves.”

Lixiang, however, seemed to take umbrage with that categorization. “This one is a Primal Angel of the Apocalypse, not some puny mortal!”

“…” Bitong threw a red-eared Lixiang an exasperated look before ignoring her to continue on. “That’s why our next stop should be Game City!”

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“Game City?!”
“Game City?!”
“Game City?!”

“Has the mortal girl gone daft?” Lixiang looked questioningly at Bitong. “Does the mortal girl really think now is the time for playing games?!”

As always, Bitong calmly ignored the girl. “There should be some exosuits there. They might be for entertainment purposes, but they can at least serve as some protection.”

Hearing that, my eyes immediately lit up.

Those zombies might be very aggressive, but their actual attacks weren’t even that strong… This suggestion was very plausible.


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