Chapter 656: My Dad Is…

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

The stalling by the two lackeys nearly made the hoodlum leader explode on the spot. “If I knew you two were so useless to begin, I would not have wasted all that money buying those serums for you all to drink! I should have drunk them myself!”

“Don’t be like that, boss. The serum really did improve our bodies, even my girlfriend was begging for mercy last night…”

“And isn’t the money stolen from your dad anyway? What’s so hard about just taking?”

“You… “ The hoodlum leader glared at the two then finally sighed. “Don’t play dumb with me. I know what the two of you are thinking, but we’ve already offended her. If we don’t take it while she’s out for the count, we will just suffer in the future!”

The two lackeys turned to look at each other. “Together?”

“Alright, let’s…”

“Wait!” I suddenly interrupted them.

The hoodlum leader turned to me in surprise. “Girlie, your big brother doesn’t want to be rough either. If you just hand over the weapon, you can save yourself a world of pain. I know you’re out of gas right now, so don’t even try to struggle. As for your friends… if I get the weapon, I promise I won’t touch them.”

“I just wanted to ask: is it true all three of you drank that serum?”

“Of course, we did.” The hoodlum leader smirked. “What’s the matter? Scared? That serum is a miracle drug, ever since I drank it, I feel like I can take on a superhuman.”

“And when did you drink it?”

“Yesterday.” The hoodlum leader impatiently answered. “That’s enough questions. You have exactly one minute to decide, otherwise I will decide for you.”

However, I wasn’t listening to him at all. Instead, I was busy mulling over his answers…

That couple at the inn took about two days to zombify. If these two morons drank it yesterday, so that means tomorrow then? But does the serum react differently to each person?

Does it matter, though? Now that they’ve drunk it, they are done for. It’s only a matter of when.

With that, I looked at the three hoodlums as if I was looking at a piece of dead meat, “You’re not afraid I will kill you right now?”

“Girl, that sword of yours is just a medieval weapon. And judging by your face, you can’t cast another of that fire wall. Even if you did, there’s only five meters between us, you will end up hurting yourselves too. More importantly…” He reached behind himself, pulled out a pistol, then smiled triumphantly. “I have this. I liberated this off Officer Liao just now. I happen to know how to use such a weapon, so unless you’re not afraid of dying, I don’t suggest you resist. I doubt you can kill me faster than my trigger finger fires this gun.”

For the first time ever, I had a gun pointing right at me. I could feel the hair on my back raise from the cold stare of death it gave me.

Even Lixiang was trembling slightly beside me -seems like her middle school delusions did not extend to guns… there’s still hope yet…

Yet just as I was thinking how I was going to protect myself and the girls, Bitong leaned in and whispered, “Ke, weapons carried by the police all require authorization to fire, the kind only the police possess.”

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Hearing that, I immediately asked with barely contained excitement, “So you’re saying it can’t fire?”

Bitong nodded confidently. “That’s right. Absolutely not!”

And yet…


A tilt to the side later, the hoodlum leader’s gun fired a laser right at the corpse beside my foot…

Because it was a laser, I had no time to react at all. Furthermore, it was powerful enough to blast a gaping hole in the corpse.

A bout of cold sweat broke out. “I thought you said it couldn’t fire?”

“That…” Bitong flashed a crooked smile. “Unless he’s a hacker, or maybe has some relation to the police…”

“There’s no need to keep guessing… My dad is one of the heads of the enforcement division, and I am technically a hacker as well. He never gave me rights to fire a gun, but nicking that isn’t hard compared to nicking his money.”

Looking at that smug expression on his face, I finally understood that just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it most definitely could…

What a scumbag… and the fact that this obvious highschool dropout was actually technically proficient enough to be a hacker, and to be the son of a policeman was just…

The feeling was basically like finding out that the beggar down the street whom you accidentally kicked could actually call in a hit squad of police officers to get you arrested… and then break into your phone and steal your information – World changing, to say the least.

However, that begged the question of why didn’t his father arrest this obvious scumbag?

Having a gun pointed at me was unpleasant, made worse by the fact that it was this moron who was doing it… Oh, how I wanted to slice him up right now.

Honestly, there were five meters separating us right now. Even a superhuman couldn’t travel at a speed faster than a laser.

Thankfully, this predicament soon solved itself thirty seconds later. Still hiding behind Bitong’s back and crying, Jiaojiao suddenly pointed a shaking finger behind the hoodlum leader’s back. “Big brother… they are changing…”

Changing? I muttered silently to myself with a pause. The moment I realised what change could possibly mean, my eyes darted to the side where those two lackeys were.

Both of them were currently grasping at their throat with a strange expression on their faces, as if they were trying to say something but couldn’t. In fact, it seemed like they couldn’t move either. They were frozen in that posture like in a mime show.

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A few seconds later, they collapsed to the floor.

“Time’s up. Now what’s your decision?” A minute had gone by like that. The endless abyss of that gun had never once left my eyes, and that hoodlum leader was immensely proud of that. “Hand the sword over to me, or should I help myself to it?”

To that, I merely smiled wryly and said, “Maybe you should look behind you instead…”


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