Chapter 655: Fire Wall

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Oh, and how do you plan on making us answer to you?” I cast a cold glance over the three hoodlums, fingering Icy Inferno as I did so. A reddish-white haze began to spread outwards from its blade, turning the elevator icy cold one moment and blazing hot the next.

Threatened by a sword, the hoodlums backed away a step in near unison. The leader of the bunch warily eyed the strange glowing sword in my hands, then turned to look at the severed arm at the side, a hint of greed flashing past his eyes in an instant.

“Let’s be civil here… a lady doesn’t resort to violence…”

“That’s right. Civil.”

“Don’t get angry so easily, I was just trying to lighten the mood, that’s all… I’m sure we can come to an agreement about the door…”

“Sis, just open the door.” I told Bitong right away.

Being a hacker, she was able to access the shelter’s elevator system remotely with her AI. Remotely controlling such systems was usually only reserved for the administration of the building.

“Got it.” She gently set aside Jiaojiao then began work on the door.

The moment it opened, countless zombies swarmed towards the elevator. Because the door did not open completely right away, the first few zombies found themselves pressed against a gap in the doors like a pile of sardines.

Finally, the first zombie was let through the doors.

“You crazy b!tches… you’re going to get us all killed…” The hoodlum leader immediately shrunk backwards, and would have already ran behind me… had I not waved my sword in his direction. Nowhere else to go, the three hoodlums huddled together in a corner of the elevator.

At the same time as I brandished my sword, I started to cast my skill.

A second later, a roaring wall of flames appeared in front of the elevator, completely blocking off its doors. Any zombie still foolish enough to try and enter the elevator was summarily burnt to a crisp.

“Phew… I think I went a little overboard there…”

Because this skill varied in cost depending on the distance and magnitude of each cast, I ended up using up all my spiritual energy in casting Fire Wall. Normally, such a skill would require five units of spiritual energy, but given that I wasn’t familiar with how strong five units actually was, I ended up scaling the wall to its highest magnitude – a full sixty units…

Even from a few meters away, we could feel the searing heat of its flames licking our skins. Our breathing began to hurt as the heat started to parch our throats.

Thirty seconds later, the fire wall disappeared. Outside, the floor was a scorched mess of flesh melted into stone…

“Magic! You know magic?! Are you some kind of evolved human? A new species of human? Someone with supernatural abilities? You must be!”

“To be able bring forth such powerful magic even in a sealed state, I expected nothing less from Your Highness!” Lixiang declared with a fervent look on her face, her ruby red eyes glowing with an alluring shine. “Hail Your Highness, the omnipotent successor of the Demon King of Pride. O noble purple wings…”

“Lixiang…” Worried that her middle school delusions were getting the better of her once more, I hurriedly cut her off. “Come help me up…”

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“I hear and obey, my beloved Highness.” Thanks to the fire wall, Lixiang was no longer as afraid of those zombies as before. She happily scampered up to me like a loyal puppy then came close for my weakened self to lean on.

“I think I used up too much spiritual energy just now… my legs feel a little weak..” Just in case Bitong got the wrong idea, I quickly explained my condition. “But at least that fire wall should have burnt the surrounding zombies…”

Having said that, I peeked at my status menu, and found that my points had increased from 13 to 86. In other words, I just killed 73 zombies.

“You seem a little tired?” The hoodlum leader asked seemingly out of concern. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his hand shoot towards Icy Inferno. Unfortunately for him, I was already raising it once more in his direction.

Even if my condition wasn’t the best right now, I could still give off enough murderous intent to keep such rabble at bay. “And what do you think you’re doing?”

Sometimes, you encountered such people in the world: scumbags who did not learn a lesson unless you pounded it into their heads the hard way.

“That sword of yours seems rather special. If I’m not mistaken, your magic had something to do with that sword.” The hoodlum leader turned around and signalled at his lackeys. “Get her, I want that sword!”

“You’re sure about this?” I coldly eyed the hoodlums.

Too bad for them, that brain-dead leader of theirs was wrong again. I was able to cast Fire Wall not because of my sword, but because of the system!

Even though I did not say much, the aftermath of my fire wall was still fresh in their minds. The corpses behind them were still radiating heat that warmed the entire elevator. Such a supernatural phenomenon was more than enough to scare off a few hoodlums, even if I was deathly pale right now.

Scared off by my glare, the two hoodlums shrank back a little. “Boss, maybe we shouldn’t…”

“Yea, boss, we should look at this from the long term…”

“You morons! How stupid can you two get?! She’s just a little girl! Useless!”

“But she’s armed…”

“And she can conjure up flames… she’s not weak at all… maybe we should reconsider this…”


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