Chapter 649: Underground Shelter

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

4511 put on an impressive showing right there. Or rather, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that his exosuit was much stronger than the zombies he faced, judging by how he managed to mow them all down from a good distance away.

Now that the zombies were taken care of, 4511 suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at the sword in my hands. “Miss Ke, I know now might not be the best time to say this, but I should at least remind you that carrying a long bladed weapon like that is against the law…”

“What’s that, 4511? You have a problem with our Goddess?!” Before I could even answer him, 3007 had already jumped out to defend me. “Just look around you! There’s zombies everywhere, if it wasn’t for my timely arrival, my Goddess would have… if it wasn’t for that weapon, and if I hadn’t arrived on time… do you expect my Goddess to take on those disgusting monsters empty-handed?”

Ahem. Wasn’t it your colleague, 4511, who found us first, though…

Naturally, neither of them had no way of hearing that. With regards to his colleague’s almost incendiary response, 4511 patiently tried to explain to her, “But it’s not like Miss Ke knew that Southern Plains would meet with a disaster before this, right?”

“Who’s to say she didn’t pick that up in the inn?”

“As if she could just randomly pick up such a pristine weapon… it’s not like we are in the ancient times… In fact, I doubt they even had weapons as sharp as that sword she’s holding right now…”

“That’s because our Goddess is lucky! Haven’t you heard of luck?!”

“Have you been reading too many novels again?!”

“Bah! Stop being such a whiny b*tch already!” 3007 irately interrupted him once more. “The city isn’t even safe anymore, what’s wrong with my Goddess carrying a weapon now?! If it wasn’t for regulations forbidding me, I would have already taken off this exosuit and given it to her. And how can you expect her to protect those lovely ladies accompanying her without a weapon? I don’t care what law you think she’s broken, but you had better forget that sword even exists!”


I can’t see his face right now, but I’m sure it’s amazing. Also… is this the power of a fan on a mission? Takes blind support to a whole new level, doesn’t it…

At the same time, Bitong, Lixiang all gave me a look. Jiaojiao even quietly pointed at her head before sighing. Finally, all of them turned to look at 3007… seems like everyone agreed that she had a screw loose…

Under 4511’s leadership, our party did not take long to reach our destination.

The so-called shelter was a pavilion structure deliberately made to resemble ancient architecture. It was squarish and roughly measured twelve meters long.

The building was guarded by five fully armed policemen. Unlike 4511, they were decked out in black riot gear, complete with a face shield, and pistols at the ready for the slightest hint of danger.

Should any zombie try to even take a step towards the shelter, a bullet would be ready and waiting.

Around the pavilion itself was a sea of zombie corpses strewn around. Every one of them had a bullet hole in their head. In all likelihood, they had been drawn here by the scent of meat. Too bad they never got to even get a glimpse of said meat before dying.

We so happened to stumble upon a few zombie stragglers assaulting the pavilion upon our arrival. One of the policemen calmly took aim and easily finished off the approaching zombies.

In this day and age, even mechanical guns were equipped with aiming systems. Given that these zombies were mindless, and that there was a system aiding them, every bullet basically hit the head of one zombie.

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“We’re here.” 4511 strode up to the front of the pavilion, and without paying the dead zombies a single glance, began talking to the guards on duty.

In the meantime, 3007 took this opportunity to chat with me until 4511 finally dragged her away with him.

Honestly, ever since 3007 appeared, 4511 was a lot more normal. At the very least, he wasn’t trying to be flirty like before. In fact, he seemed almost a little wary of me? But it wasn’t hostility either…

Does 4511 like 3007? But she doesn’t seem to harbor any such feelings towards him.

Well. That’s not my problem. Survival is our priority now.

Even though I could farm those zombies for points right now, if I could simply skip over this whole disaster by hiding out somewhere, I wasn’t going to stick out my neck either.

Besides, I could still earn points by absorbing faith. It was a lengthier process, but a much safer one. Plus, Bitong and the girls weren’t able to fight right now -I did not want them to suffer. And even if they were okay with it, 4511 and 3007 would have probably dragged me here anyway…

End of the day, why risk your life when you did not have to?

“Goddess, I’m sad to say that I can’t stay by your side and protect you because of my duty. Before I go, promise me that you will look after yourself… If anyone dares to bully you, just tell them you know me. My name is… Blast… I’m forbidden from telling you as well. Never mind, we can exchange contact information instead…”

Finally, after much nagging, she left, though not without promising that she would come find us once she was free.

At the side, 4511 tried to remind her that they were still on patrol but he was quickly met with a death glare from her.

On the argument front, this female cop definitely had him beat!

Thankfully, 3007 was sensible enough to rein herself in after glaring at her partner. She realised that we were still outside the safety of the shelter so she didn’t try to hold us here any further.

As I looked at their rapidly disappearing silhouette, I could only pray for them silently.

Farewells finally taken care of, I turned my attention back to the shelter.

The entrance area of the shelter was in the dead center of the pavilion. There weren’t tables or chairs as you would expect. Instead, there was a giant stairway that led underground.

Thanks to the lights at the side, the stairs were decently lit up.

Upon descending, we found three pathways laid out before us. The center was a set of stairs to be climbed down manually. The other two were marked with the sign of an elevator.

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“Jiaojiao’s tired! Let’s take the elevator instead!” Realising that there was an elevator to take instead, Jiaojiao finally regained some of her usual childishness now that we were safe once more. “Big brother, let’s take the elevator instead. Jiaojiao’s feet are tired…”

“Mhm. Let’s do that.” There really wasn’t much argument there. Who would choose the stairs when there was a perfectly fine elevator right there? Since no one disagreed, we quickly picked one of the elevators.

The elevator itself was quite wide, and from the looks of things, could probably fit a hundred at once.

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