Chapter 648: A Fan… Girl?

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

If we ever make it out of Southern Plains, I promise I will bring you to the best hospitals, to see the best doctors, and to eat the best medicines!

—-Mo Ke

“I’m sorry but I don’t drink. Also, I’m a guy!”

I made sure to emphasize that last part, though judging from his expression, he probably did not believe me.

During the time we were arguing over my gender, his partner, armed in an exosuit as well, arrived and called out, “4511, I’m here.”

“In that case, let’s start escorting these beautiful ladies out of this warzone.”

Just like 4511, 3007 was immediately taken aback by the pile of corpses in the restaurant. “4511, was there some kind of battle just now?”

“Not at all. These zombies had already been taken care of by this beautiful lady over here by the time I arrived.” 4511 pointed in my direction. “Not only is she beautiful, but she’s strong as well… perfection at its finest…”

“Ke… No way… it’s Goddess Ke!!!” As if it was even possible, 3007 was more surprised by my presence than even 4511. “What is the Goddess doing in Southern Plains? It’s dangerous…”

Wait… she’s a fan of mine?

“You know me?” I stared blankly at the imposing exosuit. Because of the armoring, I couldn’t see her face… but now I could.

3007 quickly turned on the holographic projection on her helmet, allowing me to get a glimpse inside. She was a beautiful girl, young and probably below the age of twenty.

Honestly, she could be the belle of the police department with looks like that.

“If it wasn’t for that urgent mission last week preventing me from taking leave, I would have already been in Phoenix City, taking part in the War for the Goddess!” 3007 excitedly prattled on about herself. “I even prepared a million fan points for that. If it wasn’t for the team leader dragging me off to catch some smuggler… blasted team leader… and curse that smuggler too… Of all the times he could get caught, he had to choose then…”

So she’s not just a fangirl, she’s a rich fangirl as well.

Seeing her so bothered, I gingerly asked, “So… did you catch him then? The smuggler.”

“I did. I made sure to knock his teeth out as well!” She continued on to explain the exhilarating details of her chase, finally ending as such, “Even so, I can’t believe that guy had the nerve to cause me to miss the War for the Goddess. Of course I had to teach him a lesson!”

Really? That violently, though. Maybe I shouldn’t point that out to a violent cop girl… I bet her family has issues!

“And because of your brashness, you almost injured some innocent civilians. Your unrepentant attitude afterwards even got you an offense…” Judging by how 4511 was more than happy to tease 3007, the two were probably quite close. “Also, you’re not supposed to reveal your face during a mission. That’s against the rules.”

“Tsk. Mind your own business!”

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“I am. I’m just reminding you not to commit another offense.”

Watching the two police officers bicker with each other without a care, or at the very least they had forgotten about our current situation, I was both a little annoyed and amused at the same time. “I say, shouldn’t we be leaving this area first? You two are all nice and comfy in your exosuits, but we don’t have an air filtration system on us… and it stinks here!”

I was extra careful to emphasize that last point, at which point both of them finally realised as well.

3007 anxiously apologized. “My bad, Goddess Ke, I’ll get right to it.”

Having said that, she slowly extended a mechanical arm to me.

“What are you doing?” Startled, I stepped back a few steps out of reflex, eyes sharp as a hawk.

“A princess hug, of course.” 3007 explained.

My face immediately soured upon hearing that strange explanation.

However, 3007 didn’t seem to notice that at all as proceeded on to say, “It’s only common sense to use a princess hug when escorting the Goddess.”

… An idiot. This girl is definitely an idiot!

If we ever make it out of Southern Plains, I promise I will bring 3007 to the best hospitals, to see the best doctors, and to eat the best medicines!

Naturally, I did not need any princess hug -not even Jiaojiao needed them.

After forcefully rejecting her princess hug and ignoring her look of disappointment, I turned my attention to 4511.

Even if 4511 didn’t come off as a particularly reliable person at the start, he seemed a lot more serious than his partner.

“The chief has already given the order, we are to bring all civilians to the shelter. We will escort you there now, it should be safe.”

“Alright, let’s head off now.”

Just like that, it was decided we would head to the nearest shelter. 4511 in the front and 3007 at the back, us four civilians bumped into a lone zombie immediately upon leaving the inn.

Swinging his exosuit sword, 4511 quickly beheaded the suit-wearing zombie, then stepped forward. “Make sure to guard them well, 3007, I’ll take point. Given our distance to the shelter, this shouldn’t require more than five minutes of walking.

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Five minutes? Before the disaster happened, probably.

It didn’t take long before we bumped into more zombies. Men, women, old, young, you name it. As if drawn to us like flies to a light, they immediately picked up on our presence and began swarming us.

Yet even when faced with nearly a dozen hobbling zombies charging at us, 4511 maintained a calm, collected demeanour. He pulled out the machine gun secured behind his waist and let loose a barrage of fire in a cone.

A split second later, a veritable light show of blue lasers blasted at the zombie swarm. Accurate, these lasers basically hit a head seventy to eighty percent of the time. As for the other twenty to thirty percent, they ended up hitting a zombie’s limbs or body instead.

In just a few seconds, the zombies were all mowed down without ever coming close to us.

“Woah! That was good shooting!” I couldn’t help but marvel at his efficiency.

“Heheh, no big deal.” 4511 happily agreed.

“Hmph. That’s just his system helping him to aim. Even I can do that…” Hearing her colleague being praised, 3007 couldn’t help but get a little jealous in the process.

But 4511 was quick to rebut. “If the person isn’t good with a gun, even the system can’t help her achieve a perfect accuracy rate.”

“What did you say?!”

I honestly thought they were going to have a go at each other then. However, 4511 did not pay her little tantrum too much attention. He kept quiet and instead focused on leading the way.

Seeing him so reticent, 3007 had no choice but to swallow her temper as well, stewing in her own juices as she covered our back.

I guess we do have a little princess on our hands…

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