Chapter 645: Zombie Restaurant

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

No fighting! I’ll have whoever fights on a plate if they do…

-Mo Ke

Upon confirming that the zombie apocalypse was indeed upon us, our first thought was to scavenge some food in the inn. However, we entered the restaurant only to find a mess of overturned plates, vegetables and furniture.

Nearly twenty zombies were lumbering around the restaurant mindlessly. Of them, there were a mix of both genders, mostly tourists, though some were dressed in the typical white garb of a chef or waiter.

Judging by the time all this happened, it should have been lunch time right as the zombies started appearing. This level of chaos was only to be expected. A number of the zombies had bite marks on them as well. Most likely, they were zombified after death.

Not too long ago, the system had given out my first zombie-related mission. Its reward was a name slot for the Book of Oaths. Using the name slot on one of the girls would allow them to access part of my system as well, turning them into a veritable magical girl.

“Sis, look after Jiaojiao for me. Lixiang, just stay here and be quiet. I’ll go handle these zombies.” Then without waiting for Lixiang to even agree, I gripped down on Icy Inferno and charged into the restaurant.

Even though I might not have my memories, according to Sister Bitong who found me afterwards, I was as strong as the strongest superhuman! And even without actual combat experience, I had more than faced my fair share of monsters in those VR games. If that counted, I was more than a seasoned veteran.

My feet never once slowing down, I smoothly unsheathed Icy Inferno, lopping off a zombie’s head…

While Icy Inferno might still be in its sealed state, that didn’t change the fact that it was an epic-grade weapon with a sharpness to match. Even steel was like butter before my Icy Inferno!

To begin with, my superhuman abilities made me faster and stronger than a normal human. With Uncle Yuexiong’s Martial Sage Arts of Primordial Chaos, my speed was further raised to a new level by my incorporation of spiritual energy.

“Ding! System mission: complete. Reward: name slot for the Book of Oaths.”

In just the span of a couple minutes, over a dozen zombies were all dead to my sword!

However, now wasn’t the time for me to check my rewards. After taking care of the zombies, I promptly returned to the area where the girls were hiding.

“It’s all clear now. Come out.”

Of that I was certain. The zombies’ weakness was their heads. Unless their heads were destroyed, they would always be a threat, even if their mouths were the only part whole…

“Uwah… big brother… that was so scary…” Jiaojiao stepped out from Bitong’s shadow and leapt into my arms with tears in her eyes.

“There, there. It’s alright now.” I gently hugged the little girl, her fragrant scent washing over me in an instant, somewhat blocking out the nauseating smell of zombie blood on me.

Naturally, that was just an innocent hug. Absolutely innocent hug…

According to what we knew so far, this zombie outbreak was caused by some genetic serum, and it was said to be extremely popular as well. In other words, the city was probably crawling with these zombies right now. And based on what we saw in our room, this zombification wasn’t instant and could lay dormant, undetected.

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While I was comforting Jiaojiao, Bitong and Lixiang took the opportunity to come over, slightly shaken by the idea of real combat. Even though everyone here had faced a zombie apocalypse in the VR world, actually facing it in real life was different. There was no revive button here.

“Let’s get something to eat for now. We can also scavenge some food at the same time.” Sword still in hand, I held Jiaojiao’s shivering hand tightly then led everyone towards the kitchen.

With every step we took, Jiaojiao would press in tight, feet trembling and eyes glued to every zombie corpse we passed by, as if afraid one of them might just suddenly jump up and bite her.

Even now, the girl was still terrified. I could only grip her hands tighter to reassure her quickly. “Don’t be scared. This area is safe now. Everything is going to be fine with your big brother here.”

By now, we had reached the door of the kitchen, and could peer clearly into the insides.

There were no zombies at all. The room itself seemed clean even.

In all likelihood, the kitchen staff had rushed out when they heard the commotion in the restaurant… Then things went to hell.

“Other than the Gene Enhancement Serum, the rest of the food should be safe.” I said as I picked up a nearby plate of pancakes and gave them a sniff. Because of the time that had passed, there wasn’t that freshly fried scent as one would expect.

“Ke! Maybe we shouldn’t eat them yet, how about testing them first?” Bitong quickly stepped in when she saw me put the plate up to my nose. Worried, she activated her electronic implant and scanned the plate itself.

The results were inconclusive…

To begin with, the zombie virus was probably magical in nature, else the electronic implants on everyone else would have picked it up already, and the whole outbreak could have been prevented.

Lixiang seemed to agree as well.

“Hmph, as if some fancy gadget could ever hope to pierce the veil of the arcane so easily…” Ever ready to throw Bitong under the bus, she swiftly grabbed at this opportunity to make fun of Bitong’s attempts.

“Well then. Since you’re some sort of magical girl, how about you tell us how to check the food?”

“A method… I … Of course I have one.” Unwilling to back down in front of her rival, she finally said that after rubbing her neck a little. Yet that bravado did not last long. “It’s just… I still have a seal placed on me…”

“So you can’t then?” Bitong sneered.

“Hmph! Who says I can’t do it?” Livid and face completely red, she shot back. “Just not right now. In the future… Once I get my seal unlocked, I will show you what’s what!”

“No need for that, we can do it now.”

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“All right. That’s enough out of you two! No more fighting, you hear me?” I quickly stepped in when I saw that their argument was only growing more heated by the second.

Because of our situation, my words were a little harsher than usual. Even I was a little surprised and apprehensive about what I just did. I wasn’t afraid of Lixiang or anything, I was just scared that Bitong might just lose her temper…

Thankfully, the two girls stopped arguing when they saw the look on my face.

Sigh…why can’t they just be a little more united? I don’t care if they argue, but won’t they look at the situation first? The world is ending, for crying out loud!

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