Chapter 644: End of Days – Southern Plains(7)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

My long sword, it can’t take any more…

—–Mo Ke

“General, sir. We’ve finished developing a testing device, and are ready for mass production. Another half a day and we can have the first batch sent to Southern Plains…”

While the zombie virus came as a shock to everyone, the department was still able to rush out a device, albeit with some late nights, because the machine itself worked on similar principles.

However, because the device required specialised reagents in the testing process, only a hundred such devices were produced due to a lack of materials.

For the time being, Southern Plains would still have to deal with a shortage of testing devices.

“General, sir. Perhaps now’s a good time to seek the opinion of the research department as well.” Rodenas’s second-in-command suddenly had an idea upon seeing the lab coat-clad Duanmu Xinqing. “We’re at an impasse right now because we can’t be sure Heavensrail will be able to wipe out all the undead… Perhaps the researchers at R&D might have a different view on these incorporeal enemies of ours.”

Rodenas seemed to agree with this idea as well. After all, coming up with new solutions was precisely what researchers did.

“Dr. Duanmu, good timing. I think we have a problem that R&D can help us out with right now…”

Rodenas proceeded to summarise the situation till now, as well as handing over any footage they had gathered so far.

“That’s all we know of them. Those incorporeal monsters are afraid of energy weapons, but are mostly immune to physical attacks. We are hoping R&D can come up with a method of dealing with these monsters ASAP.”

Quickly glancing over the files, Duanmu Xinqing curtly asked, “General, have you procured any live specimens?”

The Raging Bear looked at the solemn yet beautiful lady then shook his head in regret. “Not for now…”

“Without a live specimen, it will be difficult for us to test out any theories.”

“Do your best, that’s all we can ask for now.” Rodenas answered calmly, not at all like his usual temperamental self.

————Research Lab———–

With the outbreak of a zombie virus, Southern Plains had fallen into utter chaos. When Duanmu Xinqing learnt how the city itself was a ghost city, she nearly fainted on the spot.

Her daughter, niece and adopted son were all there right now. If anything were to happen to them…

Just thinking about that possibility was enough to send her into tears.

It was in the midst of this overwhelming despair when her superior, the research head of the lab, received orders to begin developing a method of detecting the zombie virus. In all honesty, they would much rather spend time researching a cure, but that wasn’t a project that could be completed in the short term. It would be wiser for the research lab to comply first, and ensure that the uninfected of Southern Plains could evacuate.

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As a specialist in the field of biology, Duanmu Xinqing was a natural pick for the research team.

This sudden mission did wonders in distracting her from her anxieties. As she toiled away in the lab, she would constantly encourage herself. Mo Ke and the others would be alright, she would say to herself, then dive back down into work.

The device they developed would only require four hours to produce a result, a miracle in the industry. A miracle which would not have been possible had it not been for the serum sample Life Unbound had sent over a month ago, which was later fed to a willing subject…

Karlston had already taken into account the outbreak of his first batch of serum which was set at two months later. That was why he had the serum activate earlier in the later batches.

Today was the very day that the willing subject would be zombified, but that was a story for later…

Yet Karlston had severely underestimated the efforts of the R&D department. While they might not be able to come up with a countermeasure for the wraiths without a live specimen, developing a device to detect the virus quickly was still possible.

Even so, this small success would hardly affect his plans much. At the very most, they would be able to save a sliver of the city’s population by the time those devices were deployed.

Other than Duanmu Xinqing, there were at least ten other researchers on the team. She had handed over the footage given to her by Rodenas to them, then briefly recounted the situation as well. Everyone huddled down near the screen, backs hunched and eyes narrowed in. Hopefully, they would be able to spot a clue as to how to deal with these wraiths.

Still, the raw footage sent over was massive enough that the team had to be split up to view different portions of the footage. However, they all knew better than anyone else that a mere holographic footage wasn’t enough to get a breakthrough.

Yet for one researcher in particular, there was a surprise she did not expect.

“Xinqing, look there, isn’t that your family’s Ke you keep talking about?” One of the female researchers who had a good relation with Duanmu Xinqing pointed at her holographic screen and beckoned for Xinqing to come have a look.

Xinqing was particularly fond of this adopted son of hers. Ever since his return, she had often bragged about him to her colleagues. How he was so cute, so perfect, just like a doll…

At this point, anyone who was even remotely friendly with her would have seen his photo already.

It helped a lot that Mo Ke’s appearance was rather unique as well. Purple flowing hair really wasn’t a common sight on this planet. Especially not when the owner of said hair was chopping up zombies like cabbages…

Although he was dressed in menswear, there was still no denying the feminine quality his figure seemed to cut.

Duanmu Xinqing immediately turned around, took a look, then burst into tears…

“Ke… My Ke is still okay… perhaps Bitong… Jiaojiao… and Lixiang too… they might just be fine as well…”

——–Mo Ke——–

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My name is Mo Ke, sixteen, not married.

Right now, I’m with my hare— friends, eking out a meager existence in this apocalyptic hell hole of a city.

We were originally here for a relaxing spa trip. Yet barely two days in, a zombie outbreak happened, trapping everyone here in a vortex of despair and chaos.

It was around noon when the zombie virus came knocking on our door in the form of a serving lady. I was bitten then, but I was thankfully protected by my system.

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