Chapter 641: End of Days – Southern Plains (4)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Verni used to be my assistant, now she’s my proudest creation. She is the first seven-star wraith created by my hands in this world.

In order to raise her, I expanded an inordinate amount of effort and resources. It’s about time she pays me back.

—– From Karlston’s Diaries

Federation War Room:

“General! A horde of strange beasts have been sighted in Southern Plains. The tallest amongst them is estimated to be around twenty meters…”

“I can see for myself.”

Rodenas curtly interrupted the messenger’s report. Even through the holographic, that messenger could already sense the simmering anger in this superior of his, famously known as the Raging Bear of the Federation..

Not too long ago, Rodenas had seen for himself the footage of a skeletal legless newt burrowing its way into the police headquarters of Southern Plains. In just a couple of minutes, that towering skyscraper was reduced to rubble.

Even the surrounding buildings were caught in the aftershock…

“Send out the order. I want Nalan to devote all his forces into suppressing that monster. I want the city cleaned out right away. As for Life Unbound… hmph… I doubt those idiots are alive at this point… have Nalan send out a squad of commandos to investigate the situation there. Send the word to the commanders of the nearby cities as well. I want each of them to dispatch two brigades of soldiers to guard the exits of Southern Plains. Without my orders, I do not want even a fly to leave that city!”

Primal beasts are the overlords of the planet, Primal. The planet was named Primal precisely because of these beasts.

If human beings are the evolution of intellect, then these Primal beasts are the evolution of the body, taken to the extreme.

Within the Primal beasts, there exists a strict hierarchy. Those of a higher class could easily dominate those of a lower class.

These classes from lowest to highest are as follows: Larvae-class, coming in at roughly the size of a bull. Beast-class, coming in at roughly the size of a hover car. Mammoth-class, coming in at more than four meters tall. Calamity-class, coming in at more than ten meters tall. Disaster-class, coming in at more than fifteen meters tall. Ancient-class, coming in between twenty and thirty meters, thirty being the largest Primal beast found to date.

The last categorization is the Primordial-class, a category that only exists in theory and does not have a size range attached to it yet.

Primal beasts are known for their immense physical prowess. For humans to even take on Disaster-class beasts, or even Ancient-class beasts, they would have to bring to bear their greatest weapon to date: the Mobile Armor.

Against such power, mechanised exosuits are no longer sufficient.

——- From Primal Beasts: An Introduction

——-Nalan Youzhen——

In the army organization of Gaia, a brigade numbered around two thousand or so soldiers. Of those two thousand, the main fighting force consisted of twenty mobile armors, forming a mobile armor company, and a five hundred strong mechanised exosuit battalion.

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Both mobile armor companies and mechanised exosuit battalions organised themselves around the basic unit of a mechanised squad, consisting of five members.

The most current model of mobile armors on Planet Gaia was the ‘Assault Vanguard’ model.

This model of mobile armor was created in the image of a medieval plated knight. Measuring in at 21 meters, its abilities were designed to be balanced, and its armor was painted red as a standard. Its main weapon was detachable and could be swapped out by a mobile armor engineer. The cockpit was located in the forehead of the machine.

Five brigades made up one division, of which the majority of its members would be support crew for the 100 mobile armors and 2500 mechanised exosuits.

In actuality, a full division was more than enough to protect a city during peacetime. However, the crisis was so bad now that not only could they not cope with their enemies, Colonel Nalan Youzhen did not even know who his true enemy was.

Even so, he saw the value in investigating Life Unbound. Being the source of the serum, they would most likely find some clues there.

Strapped into his own personal mobile armor, the Champion of Gaia, Nalan couldn’t help but get the sensation of being back on Planet Primal.

The battlefield truly was his home away from home! A slightly excited Nalan thought to himself.

The cockpit of a mobile armor was a spherical construct measuring several meters in diameter.

The moment he stepped into the spherical cockpit, his body suddenly floated in the center of the sphere as if in a zero-gravity environment. His electronic implant in the image of a golden eagle lit up at the same time, signalling the connection between his AI assistant and the computer of the Champion of Gaia, and the start of the verification process.

A second later, the Champion of Gaia’s eyes lit up with a golden light!

Piloting a mobile armor was actually a rather simple task. The moment a pilot verified his identity, his psyche would link up with the machine. On a mental level, the limbs of the pilot were the same as the limbs of the machine. Completely different from the more ancient models where a pilot had to operate the machine via complex actions. Naturally, the agility afforded by such a change was drastic. It was like the difference between moving a puppet and just moving your own limbs.

“Valiant soldiers of Southern Plains.” Nalan addressed the troops gathered before him. “Our city has reached a crisis point, life or death is about to be decided, but I’m sure you already know that. I would like to say more, but time is not our side. Fifth Brigade, I want you all to stay behind. First and Third, come with me. May victory smile on our city today!”

“Victory!!!” The troops responded with a deafening bellow.

Because the Second and Fourth Brigade had already been deployed to handle the crisis, Nalan only had the First and Third Brigade to rely on now.

In other words, Nalan now had in his command 80(?) mobile armors and 1000 mechanized exosuits.

If this was still an era of bullets and guns, such a force could have easily wiped out an entire planet. Too bad they were dealing with enemies that exceeded their wildest expectations…

At this point, the city had been thoroughly ransacked by the skeletal beasts. Their numbers, including those from the Larvae-class to Disaster-class, was over three thousand!

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Unfortunately, the police in charge of protecting the city did not possess powerful weapons such as mobile armors. However, that wasn’t an oversight, but rather by design. These were actual weapons of war that normally required special clearance in order to bring into a city.

And now that the giant sirenidae destroyed their headquarters, the police forces were also lacking command. Like a headless snake, they stumbled about in their isolated battles before finally being torn apart by the skeletal Primal beasts.

By the time Nalan arrived with his troops, the police forces and the Second and Fourth Brigade were completely overrun.

Other than that giant sirenidae, there were two other Disaster-class beasts running amok in the city, along with more Mammoth-class beasts, and even Calamity-class beasts.

These reanimated beasts were stronger in death than they were in life. They did not tire. They did not fear. And they did not feel. They were born only to kill.

However, the first sight these new arrivals were treated to wasn’t that of a gigantic skeleton but rather something else entirely. Something unusual.

An incorporeal-looking lady, dressed in what was undoubtedly a secretary uniform, stood atop a thirty meter tall building, arrogantly looking down on the incoming troops, all the while glowing with an unearthly greyish-white light.

Above her was an equally incorporeal-looking umbrella that sheltered her from the sunlight while a skeletal scorpid laid next to her, wagging its tail like a dog…

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